Anti-fascist callout, Swindon 9th February 2019

A fascist infestation is anticipated this saturday in Swindon.

The event is being promoted by Martin Costello and Luke Nash Jones, who got chucked out of UKIP last year for abusing staff in a socialist bookshop while wearing Donald Trump masks.

The weirdoes will now put on yellow vests in imitation of French anarchists to express their disdain for foreigners and their enthusiasm for WTO rules.

Swindon Trade Union Council are inviting humans to gather at the cenotaph, regent circus, at 13:00 hrs to oppose them. facebook event

Durham Neo-Nazi and National Action attendee Mark Pearson recites ’14 words’ & ‘down with the left’.

Bloody wetherspoons again!

Spoons strike solid.

From Bristol SolFed on twitter

Spread the Spoons Strike – new bulletin out now!

Cautiously pessimistic

Ahead of the Wetherspoons strike on October 4th, a new bulletin for Wetherspoons workers is being published. You can contact the authors at Meanwhile, people in London can also pick up leaflets about the IWW call for a couriers’ strike from Freedom bookshop and Housmans, or use this image to print your own off if you have access to a printer. A strike fund has also been set up here.

Below is the main article from the new bulletin:

It can be hard to live on the money we make. We spend most of our wages on renting damp flats, we have to walk to work when we can’t afford the bus, and we have to choose between dinner and a haircut. We’re forced to work as fast as we can for long shifts with barely any breaks, even when we’re sick or injured…

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Weatherspoons workers to go on strike

Okay, this is not local but it’s worth paying attention to as we feel this needs to spread as far and fast as possible. Workers at a couple of Weatherspoons pubs in Brighton, fed up with low pay and shite working conditions, are taking a stand and have voted for strike action on October 4th. You can read all about it in this first issue of a strike bulletin published by Notes From Below,Spoons Striker 1.

At the foot of Spoons Striker 1, there’s a link to a downloadable PDF of the strike bulletin. A simple act of solidarity is running off as many as you can and leaving them in your local Weatherspoons for the workers there to see. Hopefully, they will be inspired to take action as well, swelling the action and putting more pressure on the owner of Weatherspoons, Tim Martin who’s worth £322 million, to…

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Ubereats riders react to pay cut with wildcat strike, and Wetherspoons/TGI Fridays/McDonald’s strike set for early October

Cautiously pessimistic

Ubereats couriers in London have now been on strike for two days in a row after their rates were slashed from £4.26 to £3.50 per delivery. I’ve not been able to find a full report from movement sources anywhere, but you can follow the ubereatsstrike hashtag, and check out Notes from Below, the IWGB and the IWW couriers network, who are all involved in supporting/covering the strike. Notes from Below also have a detailed report from the Glasgow couriers’ strike last week, and a new interview with an autonomous collective of delivery riders based in Paris. The IWW couriers’ network and the UVW also recently got Deliveroo to overturn a policy barring deliveries to sex workers, while leaving in place a clause saying you can’t deliver food to cops, which is a good rule no-one objects to.

Further ahead, the IWGB are calling…

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