Call for international solidarity with the inmates of Sofia prison, Bulgaria

Cautiously pessimistic

A call from the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association:

Immediate call for international solidarity!

In a similar statement circulated amongst prisoners in Sofia Prison, we outline the problems we have faced in the last year with the appointment of the Director Peter Krestev in April 2017. Prisoners in Bulgaria call for actions of solidarity in the early months of 2018 in solidarity with our symbolic protest actions. Bulgaria will have the European Presidency and so we call on supporters of human right to organise protests and other agitations at Bulgarian Embassies and also at the offices of the European Commission wherever they find them across Europe and Embassies internationally. The state of Bulgaria must know that the world will not tolerate its fake civilization while it tortures it’s prisoners with corrupt prison Directors.

There has never been such a protest in Bulgarian prisons (albeit symbolic) in memorable history, many of us…

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Focus E15 campaign meetings: finding ways to educate and organise

Focus E15 Campaign

Every month Focus E15 campaign holds a public meeting at Sylvia’s Corner in Stratford. Public meetings are where Focus E15 campaigners network with other groups, share information and meet local residents engaged in fighting for secure housing. The campaign is always trying to find ways to bring  housing issues out into the public domain and challenge the local power structures in Newham by exposing the council’s appalling record of social cleansing and finding opportunities to take direct action.

It is always such a pleasure to welcome outside guests to these meetings. At the last meeting of the year in December 2017 the campaign was fortunate to have a presentation from Taisa Sanches who gave a talk about the housing situation in Brazil  and the large squatters movement in Rio de Janeiro as she shared her PhD research. We thought followers of this blog would appreciate reading about what we learnt…

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Support independent revolutionary media: keep the Bay View in print!

Cautiously pessimistic

The San Francisco Bay View is a newspaper that’s played a uniquely important role in the recent waves of prison struggle in the US, helping to provide a platform where prison rebels can share their perspectives with both the outside world and inmates in other institutions. Like many paper publications, it’s struggling to keep going, and is currently going through a financial crisis that threatens its ability to stay in print, and so to stay accessible to people who don’t have internet access. If you can, please donate to their fundraiser here.

In their words:

“All of us who have internet access can read the San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper ( online, but for tens of thousands of our readers, the monthly print edition is essential. The core of the Bay View’s readership lives in the hood or in prison.

Just today a prisoner…

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The Occupy sanctuary in Bournemouth. 04.00, Saturday 30th December 2017.

All is calm, all is bright. More than 30 people have a place to put their home tonight thanks to all the love & hard graft freely given to those people without a flat or a house to put their homes in.

This fire has been burning continuously now for more than a week come rain or shine, we shall defend this land.

The Occupy sanctuary in Bournemouth. 04.00, Saturday 30th December 2017.

From Facebook.

New Year honours scrapes bottom of barrel.

‘Chopper’ Chope

If you’ve got a knighthood you’re probably a cunt anyway, but Ringo Starr might be embarrassed to know he’s about to keep company with this despicable piece of shit. I was well up for doing a hatchet job on ‘Chopper’ Chope, but his Wikipedia entry is indictment enough, Chope has whiled away his career as a paid advocate for every conceivable form of venality and exploitation.

I’d tell her maj to shove it if I were you.

From our archives:
You can still be evicted for reporting a leaking roof – and politicians are still taking the piss.

– Jo Gonmush

Getting rich on other people’s sweated labour

Surely you’re not still using amazon! Shut ’em down!

The South Essex Stirrer - Archive

With the news that the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, is now the world’s richest person: Thanks to Thanksgiving shoppers, Jeff Bezos is now the world’s only living $100-billion man – we think it’s time to reflect on how he acquired that wealth – off the sweated labour of those who work in places such as the recently opened Amazon facility at Tilbury.

Are Amazon digging a hole for themselves at Tilbury?
Dark, Satanic warehouses…

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Leaflet for Amazon workers – December 2017

Angry Workers of the World

original-4501-1402615262-11Amazon workers in Hemel Hempstead and Amazon Flex workers in West London: Let‘s learn from the struggles of our colleagues in Italy, Germany and Poland!

Click here for PDF version: AmazonBW

It‘s peak season and work sucks the life out of us. The media presents us as victims, losing the competition with Amazon‘s robots. That sucks too. We can show them that we are no victims.

In Hemel Hempstead we have many problems:

* The picking target of 120 is too high, and it‘s raining verbal and written warnings. Management makes temp workers hit higher targets for the season, and then makes the regulars reach those targets throughout the whole year. ‘Power Hour’?! – No, thanks!

* PMP and Adecco pay low. They advertise £10 an hour, but you have to kill yourself with overtime to get it. Some guys work 60 hours plus. The more hours we work per…

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