A Life for Anarchy: A Stuart Christie Reader.

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Now available for preorder from AK Press

“Without freedom there would be no equality and without equality no freedom, and without struggle there would be neither”

— Stuart Christie

Stuart Christie (1946–2020) is best known for his involvement in the anarchist resistance to the Franco dictatorship in Spain. He also co-founded the Anarchist Black Cross, Black Flag and Cienfuegos Press – among many other publishing ventures.

This collection of articles has been put together as a tribute to his life by the Kate Sharpley Library collective. It contains some of his short political writings from the anarchist, radical and mainstream press; and some of his tributes to his friends and comrades. The final section contains a selection of tributes friends and comrades paid to him.

This book is not meant to be a crash course in modern anarchist history but simply a tribute to our friend who dedicated his life…

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Wessex stall at Increase The Peace Community Festival, Sunday 29th August.

Wessex Solidarity will have a literature stall at Increase The Peace Community Festival in Bournemouth this Sunday. Our first outing for a while with lots of new pamphlets. Freedom Press are there also.

At Oakmedian club house, Meyric Park, Bournemouth BH2 6LJ

Free Entry from 1 p.m. till midnight, with Live music, food and other attractions.

Supporting International Care Network and Hope For Food.

facebook event



Anarchism In North East England 1882-1992. Tyneside Anarchist Archive. Published by Active Distribution May 2021

“I’ve just finished reading what I think is as important and remarkable a work of working class and anarchist history as any I’ve read. It deserves a place in the literary canon of anarchist and working class struggle. It gives us an example; a template, that comrades in every city and region would do well to emulate.

Firstly it’s important to acknowledge that this is not an exhaustive generalised account of popular working class struggle, rebellion, organization, radicalism in the North East of England. You can find those elsewhere. And they are still being written. Anarchism in North East England has a more specific purpose. It sets out to provide a meticulous and thoroughly researched history of the activity of anarchists in the region over a period of 110 years. As such the book…

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Red and Black Telly roundup.

Workplace and legal/repression news for early August

Cautiously pessimistic

Another quick listing of upcoming events and recent news:

UCU members at the University of Liverpool are out on strike from now until Saturday 14th against compulsory redundancies. They’ve already managed to negotiate their employer down from 47 job losses to 2, but refuse to suspend their action until all jobs are secure.


On Thursday August 5th, grassroots cleaners’ union CAIWU will be holding protests at the headquarters of both the BMA and Facebook. About the facebook campaign, they’ve written:

“On July 21st, several dozen cleaners at Facebook’s 10 Brock Street offices took to the streets. The purpose: to tell their employer, Churchill Cleaning, that enough is enough.

They cannot work harder just because Churchill has added five new floors to the area they have to clean.

They cannot work harder to make up for Churchill’s failure to replace cleaners who have left.

They can’t work…

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We are proud of those who fought back against the police

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross - Prisoner Support

A statement by Bristol Anarchist Black Cross and Bristol Defendant Solidarity

On Friday 30th July, five people were sentenced to over 14 years between them. Four people were given sentences of over three years for riot.

These five people are the first to receive custodial sentences for the confrontation with the police outside Bridewell Police Station at the Kill the Bill demonstration on 21st March. However, over 75 people have been arrested, 28 of them have now been charged. Two people are currently on remand in Horfield prison.

The sentences are:

  • BL 3 years 11 months
  • KA 3 years 6 months
  • SQ 3 years 3 months
  • KS 3 years 6 months
  • YS 5 months

Click here to donate to our crowdfunder to support those who are in prison

What happened on 21st March was an outpouring of rage against the violence of the police. The crowd fought back after police…

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