AUTUMN 2014 RESISTANCE #157 is out.

Paper of the Anarchist Federation. We don’t always get round to sharing but back issues can be had Here.

ANGRY WOMEN WIN, SPECIAL ISSUE: Ireland and Spain abortion struggles, Legal battles, Gender and Factory Resistance in China, Women & LGBTQIA in Ukraine, Free Women of Spain – Mujeres Libres 1930s. Sexual harassment at work, Transgender tipping point, Angry Women of Liverpool, Single mothers fight social cleansing in East London. 12 pages. Download RESISTANCE bulletin issue #157 Autumn 2014

Former Ukip regional chairman Peter Entwistle jailed for grooming children

Another one bites the dust

Yorkley court community farm benefit gig, Stokes Croft 6th December.


Farcebook event with more details, map etc

“Flood the Embassy – Justice for Michael Brown – Darren Wilson is GUILTY” London Black Revs 26th November 2014


IWW Convention Statement on Solidarity with Ferguson

This motion was passed at the Industrial Workers of the World’s 2014 General Convention in Chicago

September 1, 2014

Motion for Solidarity with Ferguson

Whereas the IWW has historically operated in opposition to white supremacy and its relationship to capital, class, exploitation of fellow workers,

And whereas the residents of Ferguson, Missouri are openly defying white supremacy,

And whereas capitalism and white supremacy have conspired to construct a social reality which values private property above the lives of Black people,

And whereas these systems operate in a fashion which seeks to dehumanize rather than empower our fellow workers through tactics of economic, physical, psychological violence,

And whereas the residents of Ferguson have a longstanding history of oppression, disenfranchisement, marginalization due to intersecting mechanisms of economic and racial
control, And whereas the economic and social structures which simultaneously exploit and oppress all fellow workers also finance the technological advancement and surplus of military equipment deployed against the people of Ferguson,

Be it resolved that the Industrial Workers of the World stand in solidarity with the oppressed and exploited residents of Ferguson currently enduring a militarized denial of
basic human dignity,

Be it further resolved that the IWW supports industrial action to combat oppression and spread the struggle, such as taken by UPS workers in Minneapolis, and commits to support and organize similar action in the future.


Congratulations to London Class War, delegates of Wessex Solidarity and Dorset I.W.W. have also participated in this campaign. Let’s spread the message that only direct action can get us results.

Ian Bone


The new owners of No 1 Commercial Street in Aldgate East, London have agreed to hold talks over ending the use of segregated entrances at its tower block of flats.

It comes after 19 weeks of noisy and good humoured protests by the working class action group Class War.

The move by the under-pressure owners could herald the end of separate rich and poor doors in housing developments across the capital and UK.

It follows an historic first meeting between Class War and Taylor McWilliams, the executive director of Hondo Enterprises.

Previous owners Redrow quit the development after Class War’s weekly campaign against this class apartheid in East London.

On Monday (24 November) six campaigners from Class War – which is standing candidates across London and the UK in next May’s General Election – emerged from hours of talks with McWilliams…

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Tesco and Poundland Pickets Follow Bulky Bob Workfare Victory

Localise the resistance, create militant communities where the corporate oligopoly – and ultimately the state, cannot operate. Liverpool shows the way forward.

Liverpool IWW

yourimageYesterday was to have been the day of our big demo against furniture recyclers Bulky Bob’s, demanding that the Liverpool council contractor got rid of workfare. But then of course, the fact that we’d exposed them and were threatening a demo had been enough to force a statement that the company would no longer take part in any work programmes.

So instead we held a much more low key demonstration, outside a major Tesco store in the city centre, and outside a Poundland, where we’ve got a really good reception from the general public in recent weeks.

This particular Tesco store is at a busy intersection, and on Saturday lunchtimes there are hundreds of people passing every minute. Our leaflets went extremely quickly, but perhaps not quick enough for the store manager. He came out a few times to move us an inch or two, and then just as we…

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IWW campaign at Sheffield restaurant Greedy Greek improves conditions and ends unpaid work