God save the pig!


It’s not pig and it’s not clever! – Cameron’s pork sword.

One of Cameron's constituents in defiant mood yesterday.

One of Cameron’s constituents in defiant mood yesterday.

“You can tell a man what boozes,
by the company he chooses,
– at that, the pig got up and walked away…”


More Cameron pig-related jollity.

We must point out for legal reasons that the next item is a porkie, Hameron has made no such denial at time of going to press.


Welcome to the Pig Society!

Should the tabloids or the beeb attempt to link Corby romantically with a vegetable marrow, we will of course smell a rat.

Support the Anti-Fascist 3 Fundraiser, Oxford 24th October.

Three Anti-Fascists with stories to tell about their experiences confronting fascists in Oxford, London, and Brighton. Two arrests and one set of smashed teeth Facebook event.

Help us raise funds for the fight against fascism – medical fees and court costs! Taking place on Turl Street (if raining, alternate venue).

To break out of the conventional academic format that often replicates the alienation and boredom students feel in classrooms, our edu-art performance will take place on the public streets.

** For legal reasons, we have been advised to be intentionally vague about the fundraising as the aim of the court’s fining system is to cause hardship and the courts have had a history of fining higher if they know fundraising has occurred. Please come to the event to find out more ** Continue reading