Documentary Of Rojava Revolution “ROZA – THE COUNTRY OF TWO RİVERS”

Stolen lives: public meeting about immigration detention in Dorchester 10th March.


Verne Visitors Group are holding a public meeting about immigration detention at Dorchester Corn Exchange on Friday 10th March at 7:30 p.m. free admission, all welcome.

If you can, please come to make the point that detention is not wrong for all the bad effects it has (which are frequently listed – mental health, physical health, loneliness, despair etc), although it certainly does have these effects.

It is inherently wrong to lock people up just because they don’t have the right nationality papers

For information: EMAIL

Message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch.

Dear All
Thank you for your interest in Justice for Palestine. As a local Palestine solidarity group we aim to run weekly stalls in Southampton. These stalls are partly information stalls but also they are to raise awareness about Palestine and about the BDS Campaign, BDS is Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions. BDS is an important strategy in the campaign for Justice for Palestine. We ask people basically not to buy goods from Israel because of its brutal Occupation of the West Bank and it’s siege of Gaza . We are currently highlighting two campaigns on the stalls:

  • The Campaign to Boycott Hewlett Packard who provide the bio-metric technology which enables the State of Israel to maintain checkpoints throughout the West Bank. This enables the Israeli authorities to closely monitor movement of Palestinians at they seek to go about their ordinary lives.
  • The Campaign against illegal settlements in the West Bank. Settlement building creates facts on the ground and is a  huge barrier to peace. The building of settlements on Palestinian land leads to the loss of water resources for Palestinians and to the increase in house demolitions by the Israeli army.

I would also remind you that we are a friendly and open  group. Please get in touch if you would like to be more involved. We welcome all supporters from any background and from any faith or none.

My main purpose in this email is to ask people to volunteer on the stalls. There is now a new rota for March and April, which I attach. If you have not volunteered before and would like further information please email me at Please can I encourage people to respond to this request. Regular street stalls are an extremely important way of raising awareness of the injustices faced on a daily basis by Palestinians.

Also engaging with people on the streets while at times it can be challenging, is also rewarding and exciting! Please get involved, experienced members will give new volunteers lots of help, encouragement and information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards
Cathryn Spiller (Branch Secretary, Southampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign)




It’s raining women in Rojava; Bread and Roses TV

Message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch.

Dear All

On the 9th Feb the UK parliament will get the chance to debate UK policy towards Israeli settlements . Israeli settlements are illegal under international law and considered so by the EU. However because there is inadequate enforcement of labelling and because Israel considers the West Bank its own territory the produce usually enters the UK and benefits from tariff reduction under EU trade agreements.

Please write to your MP asking him/ her to attend the debate and to speak in favour of ending all trade with settlements. Remember settlers have no roots to the land, they often come from eastern Europe and have connections to their country of origin but to live in settlements they displace Palestinians whose families have often owned the land for generations.

I visited Palestine myself last year and saw the impact of settlements first hand.  In al-Halil  (Hebron), the main market has been closed to Palestinians, the old city is an enclave of about 400 people who struggle to make a living and live surrounded by hostile settlers who often attack them with stones.

I have attached a link for you to use or a pro forma letter you could adapt. Please add the name of your MP,  and your name and address.
Here is the link:

And  I would also encourage to  read “Trading away Peace” A report on the issue which is on the National PSC website

Many thanks

Cathryn Spiller (Branch Secretary) – Southampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign




Mind, the MPs round here are all total bastards so good luck with that – ed.