Back in the news: Neil Patterson, the god-bothering hunt.

As reported by our contributor Kate Bradley, hunting god-botherer Neil Patterson has been splashed all over the tabloids this weekend – no we’re not giving you links to the right-wing press, here’s another picture of the cunt on a hunt – wonder what he’s eating?

Rev. Neil Patterson, "bashing the fox"

Rev. Neil Patterson, ‘bashing the fox’

Neil Patterson is a member of the General Synod of the Church of England, director of vocations and ordinance for the diocese and a former rectum of St Lawrence’s Parish Church in Weston-under-Penyard, Herefordshire.


The campaigners’ attempts to embarrass the church into sacking Patterson have so far proved fruitless. Annie Holden, director of communications at the Hereford diocese, said: “He has not done anything illegal or anything wrong. He is entitled to go hunting – it is legal.”

Patterson’s hunt, the South Herefordshire, has been filmed throwing live fox cubs into their hound kennels then sticking the dead bodies in the bin – which isn’t legal.

The god-botherers are not bothered, after all they can justify warfare, prisons and pretty much anything else the bourgeois state does. As the archdeacon Paddy Benson pointed out, their main business is property management.

You can sign Kate’s petition here.

Hunt Saboteur’s Association


3pm (A song for the Queen’s Birthday) – Muddy Summers & the Dirty Field Whores

Class War Frontline: Eviction of Yorkley Court Community Farm, please share widely.

Video footage of the eviction and destruction of the farm in the Forest of Dean by a small-town villain Brian Bennett. It clearly shows the role of Gloucestershire police, who have acquired a reputation of being for hire to the highest bidder. As Bennet is trying to suppress this footage, we ask our comrades and WordPress followers to share it as widely as possible. The expropriation of land and the myth of property is the origin of the class antagonism under capitalism. It is our battlefield. Land and Freedom!

More info: Yorkley Court Community Farm blog

Mark Harper

Mark Harper MP

Yorkley court map for resistors.

yorkleyThe resistance to eviction at Yorkley Court Community farm goes on. Here’s a map for those coming to help, supplied by Forest of Dean Anarchists.

Here's a map with footpath routes in... don't try and park on the Yorkley-Lydney road beyond the village as there won't be anywhere, nor on Yorkley Wood Road.

Here’s a map with footpath routes in… don’t try and park on the Yorkley-Lydney road beyond the village as there won’t be anywhere, nor on Yorkley Wood Road.

Urgent solidarity callout 12th March Yorkley court community farm Gloucestershire.

Please share with your networks: there is a public callout: to resist eviction at Yorkley court community farm on Thursday 12th March (tomorrow)


Community Before Profit

Yorkley Court Community Farm

towerbuildingsmallMany questions remain around the ownership of Yorkley Court, and the processes which led to Brian Bennett “buying” the farm. Nonetheless,the judge’s order giving Benett posession of the whole farm will come into effect this Thursday 12th March at noon. This means that he will legally have the right to evict us from that point onwards.

We remain committed to our belief that sustainable farming for the benefit of the local community is more important than greedy developers seeking profit with little regard for local people, and we ask anybody that agrees with us for support.

There is very limited parking at the farm gate now, so unless you really need to park at the gate, please park in the village and walk down – either along the road, or along the second public footpath on Yorkley Wood Road that runs through the farm.

As always, we welcome and appreciate…

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