Öcalan’s ideas are methods, not dogma

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Originally published in German.

Interview by Nick Brauns, from German Newspaper Junge Welt:

New academy aims to make concepts of the Kurdish movement accessible to those on the European left. A conversation with Anselm Schindler.

This Friday marks the announcement of the founding of the Academy of Democratic Modernity (ADM). What is behind this name?

The academy has emerged as an association of people concerned with the ideas of the Kurdish freedom movement. In this country, too, as a result of solidarity with the struggle for freedom in Kurdistan and northeastern Syria, there is a lot of interest in the theoretical and practical concepts behind the movement. ADM is an attempt to make these ideas accessible to a wider audience. However, this is not an end in itself for us: we see from the multiple crises we are in that humanity very urgently needs to change. Millions of…

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Save The Date – Anti-Authoritarian Assembly On The Cost Of Living

London Anarchist Federation

Most details are still to be confirmed, but we are currently planning to hold an open assembly to jump start an anarchist/libertarian socialist response to the cost of living crunch we are all facing.

The planned date is currently 16th of April. More details to follow.

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Red and Black Telly roundup.

Last-minute demos for Friday 18th March: P&O sackings, cops out of schools, unpaid cleaners

Cautiously pessimistic

A very last-minute plug for a few short-notice events happening on Friday 18th:

The RMT have called urgent demos in Dover, Liverpool and Hull against the mass sacking of workers on P&O ferries:

The UK has today seen one of the most vicious examples of despotic employer behaviour and one of the most shameful episodes in its recent industrial history.

800 workers were sacked immediately, with no notice so they can be replaced by cheaper labour.

There are reports of the use of security guards boarding ships with handcuffs to remove crew so they can be replaced.

If this happens at P&O it can happen anywhere and we are calling for mass trade union and wider public mobilisation and protest against the company and support these workers.

Please support the following demonstrations

Dover: 12.00 midday – meet Maritime House Snargate Street, Dover CT17 9BZ

Liverpool: 1.00pm Main Liverpool Port…

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Albums Against the Invasion from Anarchist Black Cross Musical Solidarity Group

Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info

Shortly after the first bombs started falling on Ukrainian cities in the invasion by Russian forces, anti-authoritarian musicians around the world began collaborating with members of Anarchist Black Cross collectives to respond. Now, two compilation albums have been released to raise money for anarchists fighting the invasion on the front lines in Ukraine, and behind the lines in Russia.


The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military requires Putin to direct violence on both sides of the battle lines. As his bombers and artillery shell Ukrainian cities, and his tanks roll over Ukrainian fields and wallow in the springtime mud, the Russian state maintains the discipline of war at home. The OMON and FSB target anti-war protestors. The media shut down under threat of prison for speaking the truth about the war. When conscripts refuse to participate in this imperialist war, they face threats and punishments from their officers.

In Kyiv and other cities, the Ukrainian anarchist movement- which includes many exiled Russian and Belarusian comrades- has taken up arms. They are fighting to defend their communities, their comrades, and a liberatory vision of the future of Ukraine, separate from the aspirations of the Right or of the state. Meanwhile, across Russia, our comrades take to the street whether by day in mass marches, or by night to spread the truth about the war through creative means, or to take more direct actions. One draft office has already been burned near Moscow. In the words of that heroic arsonist, “Let [the oligarchs] know that their own people hate them and we will extinguish them. Soon the earth will start to burn under their feet. Hell awaits at home”.

By supporting the fight against the invasion at both the front and behind the lines, we hope to nurture the seeds of the movement that can turn this war between nations into a revolution against the ruling class- a new spring of autonomy and solidarity sweeping across the steppe.

The first album, “The Deserter“, is fund-raising for the Anarchist Black Cross in Moscow. It will support the legal defense and general protection of those within the Russian Federation who are resisting the war and fighting back against the clampdown by the Russian state. Featuring a black poppy and the crossed-out “Z” of the anti-war movement on its cover, the album features songs about political prisoners, inflation, soldiers’ mothers, barricades, and of course, desertion.

The second album, “Mother Anarchy“, is raising money for he Anarchist Black Cross Dresden, to be directed towards their ongoing support work for the Committee of Resistance, an anarchist unit within the Territorial Defense forces, formed by anti-authoritarian activists in Ukraine. Beginning with the song “Mother Anarchy” written by Nestor Makhno, by album takes us on a journey through South African hip hop, lo-fi, German punk, ska, and Makhnovist rewrites of Cossack ballads.

The artist lineup includes such acts as Soundz of the South, Darryl Cherney, the Window Smashing Job Creators, Maske, Soho, and a folk collective formed for this project going by the pseudonym Tachanka.

The albums are being sold at the ABC Musical Solidarity Bandcamp for at least $8 each, with the option to pay more to support the cause.

Mid-March round-up: Bristol repression, strikes, Ukraine solidarity

Cautiously pessimistic

A few very quick notes:

In repression news, there’s been more developments in the Bristol Kill the Bill trials, with two more defendants receiving prison sentences recently. Mariella Gedge-Rogers was given five and a half years for riot, while Jasmine York got nine months on an arson charge. This brings the total number of Kill the Bill prisoners currently requesting public support to twelve:

Bristol ABC also have a recent letter from Ryan Roberts, the prisoner serving the longest sentence, and a call to action in support of Toby Shone, an anarchist prisoner from a separate case facing harsh repression and censorship at HMP Bristol. More on that situation here.

In industrial news, there’s a lot going on, but just to quickly mention that Bolton trades council are organising a “spring party” on…

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Red and Black Telly roundup.

KJK: Let’s build up World Democratic Women’s Confederalism!

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Original source: ANF

The Kurdistan Women’s Communities (KJK) Committee for Democratic Relations and Alliances released a statement marking March 8, International Women’s Day.

Revolution is not a certain date marked in the calendar but a constantly continuing process which has already started. Therefore, we need to liberate our relations, partnerships, friendships, and families, and fill our living spaces with a culture based on freedom, communalism, democracy and ecology.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we commemorate all women that lost their lives in the struggle for freedom and equality. The memory of women like Sakine Cansız, Rosa Luxemburg, Meena Kewshwar, Berta Caceres, Shadia Abu Ghazaleh, Maita Gomez, Emily Davison and many, many more continues to light our path of resistance. On March 8, 2022, as the Kurdistan Women’s Movement, we send our revolutionary greetings to all freedom-seeking women and recommit to transforming our century into the age of women’s…

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Spring Is Coming: Take to the Streets against the War

Avtonom. Translated by CrimethInc.

The Russian army has invaded Ukraine. Putin has lost his senses and his army is bombing cities, shooting civilians, and killing children. More than one million people have fled the country in order to escape from Putin’s “liberators.”

We refuse to submit to Russian military censorship. We say openly and clearly: this is war. This is a war of conquest and the Russian army is running it. With weapons in their hands, Ukrainians are successfully defending themselves from the invaders, but we, who are inside Russia, cannot stand aside from these events. We must show each other and the world that we are against this war, that only Putin and his gang need it. To be against the war is genuine anti-fascism right now.

March 6, this coming Sunday, is the general day of anti-war actions in Russia. Take the central square of your city! One of the meeting points in Moscow is the Square of the train stations at 15:00. There are also meetings at 19:00 and other times. Decide and organize for yourselves, team up with your friends. The main thing is to get out on the streets.

The Russian authorities are panicking now. They have realized that they are losing this war. That is why they hysterically threaten anti-war protesters—with expulsion, or with dismissal, or with immediate conscription into the army, or with jail. Don’t be afraid of them. Ukrainians in their cities go out into the streets with bare hands to protest against the invaders. They are standing against solders with rifles, against tanks. How can one be afraid of the rusty machinery of the Russian police?

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THERE WILL BE NO LANDSCAPE AFTER THE BATTLE (On the invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine).

Enlace Zapatista. Translated by Taller Ahuehuete.

Illustration by taller ahuehuete.

To those who signed the Declaration for Life:

To the national and international Sexta:

Comrades and Sisters:

We give you our words and thoughts on what is currently happening in the geography they call Europe:

FIRST.- There is an aggressive force, the Russian army. There are interests of big capital at stake, on both sides. Those who are suffering now because of the delusions of some and the crafty economic calculations of others are the peoples of Russia and Ukraine (and, perhaps soon, those of other geographies near and far away).

As Zapatistas we do not support one State or the other, but those who fight for life against the system.

With the multinational invasion of Iraq — almost 19 years ago — led by the US army, there were mobilizations all over the world against that war. No one in their right mind thought that to oppose the invasion was to side with Saddam Hussein. Now the situation seems similar, though not the same. Neither Zelenskyy nor Putin. Stop the war.

SECOND.- Different governments have sided with one faction or the other, and have done so on the basis of economic calculations. There is no appeal to humanity in them. For these governments and their ideologues, there are good and bad interventions-invasions-destructions.

The good ones are those carried out by their supporters, and the bad ones are those perpetrated by their opponents. The applause for Putin’s criminal argument to justify the military invasion of Ukraine will turn into a lament when, by the same words, the invasion of other peoples whose processes do not please big capital will be justified.

They will invade other geographies to save them from “the neo-Nazi tyranny” or they will claim it is all to put an end to neighboring “narco-states”. They will then repeat the same words muttered by Putin: “we are going to denazify” (or its equivalent); from there a vast amount of “rationalization” regarding “the danger posed by the people in such territories”.

And then, as our comrades in Russia tell us: “Russian bombs, rockets, bullets – they all fly towards Ukrainian citizens, and these weapons do not ask them about their political ideology, or the language they speak”, but the “nationality” of one or the other will change.

THIRD.- Big capital and its “Western” regimes sat back and watched — and even encouraged — the situation as it deteriorated. Then, once the invasion had begun, they waited to see if Ukraine would resist, calculating what they could get out of one result or the other. As Ukraine persisted, then they began to issue “aid” invoices to be charged later. Putin is not the only one surprised by the Ukrainian resistance.

Those who win in this war are the big weapon-manufacturing consortiums, and the big capitals that see this opportunity to conquer: to destroy-reconstruct territories, that is to say, to create new markets of commodities and consumers, of human lives.

FOURTH.- Instead of turning to what the media and the social networks of the respective sides disseminate — and which both present as “news” — or to the “analyses” in the sudden proliferation of alleged experts in geopolitics, sudden fanatics of the Warsaw Pact and NATO – instead, we decided to seek out and ask those who, like us, are engaged in the struggle for life in Ukraine and Russia.

After several attempts, the Sixth Zapatista Commission1 managed to make contact with our family-in-resistance-and-rebellion in the geographies they call Russia and Ukraine.

FIFTH.- In summary, these, our relatives, who also raise the flag of the libertarian-@, remain firm in resistance: those who are in Donbass, in Ukraine; and in rebellion, those who work and walk the streets and fields of Russia. Those arrested and beaten in Russia for protesting against the war. Those killed in Ukraine by the Russian army.

They are united with each other, and with us, not only in their rejection of the war, but in their repudiation with the idea of “aligning” themselves with governments that oppress their people.

Amidst the confusion and chaos on both sides, they stand firm in their convictions: their struggle for autonomy, their repudiation of borders and their nation-states, and the respective oppression that only changes its flags.

Our duty is to support them to the best of our ability. A word, an image, a tune, a dance, a fist raised, an embrace — even from distant geographies — are also a form of support that will encourage their hearts.

To resist is to persist and to prevail. Let us support our relatives in their resistance, that is, in their struggle for life. We owe them this, and we owe it to ourselves.

SIXTH.- Therefore, we call upon [people in struggle], those members of the national and international Sexta who yet have not done so to manifest themselves — according to their calendars, geographies ways and possibilities — against the war, and in support of the Ukrainians and Russians who struggle in their geographies for a world with freedom.

We also appeal to unify and aid through financial support for the resistance in the territory known as Ukraine, in the accounts that will be indicated to us in due course.

As for the Sixth Commission of the EZLN, it is doing as it must, sending the small amount of help it can to those in Russia and Ukraine who are fighting against the war. Contacts have also been initiated with our relatives in SLUMIL K’AJXEMK’OP to create a common economic fund to support those in resistance.

Without bending, defiantly, we shout and call to clamor, demanding: Russian Army out of Ukraine!

The war must be stopped now. If it continues and, as expected, escalates, then perhaps there will be no one to account for the landscape after the battle.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés. SupGaleano.

Sixth Commission of the EZLN. March 2022.