British YPG fighter Oliver Hall (Canşêr Zagros) dies in a land mine blast in Raqqa

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Oliver Hall - Canşêr Zagros

Source: ANF

Oliver Hall, nom de guerre Canşêr Zagros, was killed in a blast during mine clearing operations in Raqqa on November 25.

“On November 25th, 2017, Canşêr Zagros (Oliver Hall), who was involved in mine clearance work, martyred as he was trying to defuse a booby-trap” YPG said in a statement.

“Comrade Canşêr Zagros, who joined the ranks of YPG from the United Kingdom during the Raqqa Campaign, actively took part in various fields. Like many other internationalist comrades who made ultimate sacrifice, Comrade Canşêr had been trying to fulfill his duties and responsibilities for months and did a great work” YPG statement read.

Oliver Hall (24), from the Portsmouth area, was fighting against ISIS since August 2017. He is the fourth British fighter to have been killed in Raqqa since July.

A statement from the Kurdish Solidarity Campaign in the UK said: “Our deepest sympathies are with the…

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Benefit Gig for Bournemouth’s Homeless 9th December 2017

We intend to raise money to provide direct practical help to homeless people in Bournemouth this winter. Clothing, rucksacks, sleeping bags, female sanitation, such essentials as they may request

No charities, no mailshots, no directors with six figure salaries, comfy chairs, lunch accounts or company cars.

Four great local punk bands and reggae D.J. are doing what they do for free. Entry by donation.
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Protest against the development (desecration) of the cliffs

The South Essex Stirrer - Archive

We’ve shared posts from other groups in Southend opposed to the hubris of Southend Borough Council in persisting with their ill considered proposal for a museum on the clifftop near Prittlewell Square Gardens: Wasting millions again The campaign against this desecration is being stepped up a gear with a protest called by the South East Essex Green Party on Sunday 17th December.

Details of how building for the protest is going can be found on this Facebook events page:

Although, this has been called by the Green Party, the event is obviously open to all who are fed up with the arrogance of Southend Borough Council in continuing to push this proposal through in the face of increasing public opposition. We’ll be along to support it… Hopefully, people power will eventually prevail and this proposal will be consigned to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

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New Deliveroo wildcat in Brighton, and other workplace stories for late November

Amazon workers are fighting back

The South Essex Stirrer - Archive

Amazon workers blocking the street in Berlin on Black Friday

Striking Amazon workers outside a distribution facility in Leipzig

Our previous post: Dark, Satanic warehouses… looked at the appalling working conditions staff at the Amazon distribution facility in Tilbury have to endure. The question is, do they have to suffer these conditions or can they fight back? On Black Friday, in Germany and Italy, workers at Amazon distribution facilities took strike action against the company as part of their fight for better pay and conditions: Amazon German, Italian workers protest on Black Friday, dubbed ‘Strike Friday’

Unlike the UK, it would seem that the unions in continental Europe still have a reasonable understanding of what their function is, namely fighting for the interests of their workers. The problem about the mainstream unions here in the UK is that they don’t want to rock the boat as…

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G20 trial updates: Fabio is free (for now), Peike remains imprisoned

Dark, Satanic warehouses…

Where’s Captain Swing!

The South Essex Stirrer - Archive

Original image shot by Crusty Streets

If you go anywhere near Tilbury, you can’t help but notice the massive, recently opened Amazon warehouse that stretches along the north west edge of the town. From the outside, it looks to be a state of the art facility offering halfway decent employment opportunities. The reality is very different as Alan Selby writes in the Mirror: Timed toilet breaks, impossible targets and workers falling asleep on feet: Brutal life working in Amazon warehouse

Selby’s report deserves to be read closely as it shows that when it comes to workers rights, we’re heading backwards. To be honest, his report comes as no real surprise… This is the brutal reality of employment in 21st century Britain – short term contracts, little or no job security, the constant threat of the sack if you don’t meet increasingly demanding and harder to fulfil targets. With…

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Bristol Kurdish Solidarity Network event: Talk and film night on the Revolution in Rojava 5th December

Dear Friends,

Please share details of the following event in Bristol on Tuesday 5th December 2017:

Venue: Brunswick Club, 15-16 Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8NX 19:00-21:30

Members of Plan C, who have just returned from volunteering on civil projects in Rojava (the Democratic Confederation of Northern Syria) will be reporting back on Rojava and the wider Kurdish movement. The revolution is based on direct democracy, gender equality and ecology, and seeks to create a solidarity economy.

How can we in the West learn from what is happening and offer our solidarity? Followed by question and answer session.

We will also be screening some short films in tribute to Mehmet Aksoy, the London-based Kurdish film maker who tragically lost his life in Raqqa in September.

Suggested donations £3-£10 to cover speakers’ and BKSN costs but no one turned away through lack of funds.

facebook event

Bristol Kurdish Solidarity Network.

Waiting for a response…

The South Essex Stirrer - Archive

From the Save Basildon NHS Facebook page:

On Monday, local trade unionists sent this letter to the NHS success regime and local media – they are now waiting for a response.

From: Basildon and Thurrock trades Union Council

To: Clare Panniker, CEO Mid and South Essex Hospitals Trust, Mid and South Essex Success Regime

Dear Ms Panniker

I am writing to ask that the Mid and South Essex “success regime” takes urgent steps to organise an open-to all public meeting in Basildon, to begin a period of consultation with local people about the enormous shortfall in funding that the NHS is facing.

We are very concerned that the “Success Regime” in mid and south Essex seems to be committed to substantial cuts in funding. We are concerned that the size of the cuts that are planned is unclear – ranging from a global figure of £150m on the SR’s…

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Revolving Doors

Surrey and Hampshire Anarchist Federation

Southwark Council’s links to the development industry

A report by journalist Anna Minton has found that “20 per cent of Southwark’s 63 councillors work as lobbyists” for developers in the planning industry and that a significant number of Councillors and Council officers are making use of a ‘well-oiled revolving door’ to the industry. Here we have documented a few of the most striking examples:

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