Why We Don’t Vote

This is about why we need to avoid the sham of electoralism and take whatever steps we can, collectively and individually, to run our own lives and communities. This is quite a long but very useful read as it gets a lot of the basic principles of anarchism out there in a reasonably accessible way.

The right to vote is seen as a necessary prerequisite for freedom across the world. People have fought and died for the right to vote in elections. Women across the world fought bitter battles for the right to vote. So why are the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (AWSM) questioning this as a right worth having?

The entire electoral show is designed to encourage us to believe that not only does our vote matter, but that it’s the most important decision we could possibly make. Indeed voting is held so sacred by many that the mere…

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Direct Action

Liverpool Anarchist

Featured in Issue 1 – October 2019

DIRECT ACTION “means that the working class, in constant rebellion against the existing state of affairs, expects nothing from outside people, powers or forces, but rather creates its own conditions of struggle and looks to itself for its means of action.” ~ Emile Pouget

Simply, direct action involves taking action for ourselves, tackling a problem directly without appealing to any authority to act on our behalf. It involves finding solutions and bringing about desired changes through our own self-organised activity. “Direct action gets the goods”, the saying goes. It’s effective because it cannot so easily be controlled, recuperated, or ignored. Being independent of any bureaucratic procedures or regulations, direct action can remain responsive to the needs and desires of those involved, adaptive to specific situations, and flexible to varying conditions. It is guided by our first-hand knowledge and not confined by orders from…

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Statement of Solidarity with Stop Bzdurom

London Anarchist Federation

The Anarchist Federation would like to express solidarity with Polish collective Stop Bzdurom (“Stop Bullshit”). Stop Bzdurom is a radical, feminist queer collective based in Polish capital Warsaw. They are on the forefront of the fight for queer rights in Poland: a country which took a sharp turn towards anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments. The collective is known for organising a number of direct actions in the fight for queer rights and are now facing repressions, persecution and possible prison sentences. You can find more info about it by following @stopbzdurom on twitter. Freedom News also reported on it.

The AF believes Stop Bzdurom needs international solidarity and material support in this difficult situation. At present, the most pressing issue is to help them to raise funds for legal defence. As such, the AF will be donating £250 to their fundraiser and are urging those who are able to donate as…

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Early August round-up: Minnesota, Ferguson, Lebanon, Iran and more

Cautiously pessimistic

A quick round-up of some UK and international developments:

In Bristol, the local IWW branch have been active in supporting a strike by Romanian agricultural workers. There doesn’t seem to be a full write-up of the situation anywhere yet, but on social media they’ve reported:

“The summer of resistance continues. We have just had confirmation that 21 Romanian land workers being supported by the IWW have gone on strike today! More details to follow this evening.

The Romanian workers are striking because of terrible conditions and abuse by their employer. One of the main complaints is the accommodation provided by the company with 6-7 people in every room and new workers moved in without any covid testing before living together.

The company charges these workers £57 a day for the accomodation taken out of their wages. Along with charging for travel costs also charged by the company this leaves…

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A permanent state of emergency.

Darkness Outside

Some reflections from a town under curfew, as further authoritarian measures are imposed.

Today The Guardian – which has taken an unapologetic deep-dive into asserting liberal obedience as its M.O. – runs a headline that ‘Tighter restrictions bring relief to Melbourne locals’ , with the tagline that “the sense of structure provided by the new lockdown plan has comforted many”. A comforting sense of structure!? Who are these people? I guess i’m not that surprised, liberals have always been the likeliest bootlickers, the ones preparing the confetti at the sound of imminently approaching goose-steps.

Down here there’s a strange Stepford Wives-esque, idyllic suburban calm hiding the darker scenes. An implicit consent to creeping authoritarianism. An attempt to flatten social contradictions as the comfortable, but always anxious and fearful meditate on their mantra of “we’re all in this together”. Ohm.

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Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners Mônica & Francisco in Brazil

Words of Mónica Caballero from the San Miguel Prison, Santiago. Chile

Compañerxs, friends, and family:

I’m writing to you again from a cell. I am being held in the San Miguel prison, for 14 days I will remain isolated under the protocol for prevention of contagion from COVID-19, later I will be classified and taken to a definitive module.

It’s been almost 10 years since I first set foot in the prison as a defendant. During these years my life has always been linked in one way or another to prisons, although the control systems may change, but their structure essentially does not, punishment and repentance are still sought.

Almost 10 years ago when I entered prison, I was fully convinced that a set of anti-authoritarian ideas and practices were fundamental keys to face domination, in all this time there has not been a single day in which I have thought otherwise. I stand in this prison with my head held high, proud of the road I have traveled.

Solidarity with all anti-capitalist struggles Newen Peñis, Mapuche Political Prisoners Subversive prisoners and prisoners of the revolt To the street!

Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda Anarchist prisoner.

July 2o2o.

Porto Alegre. Burning barricade and banners at dawn in solidarity with Mônica and Francisco. In front of the enemy: Indomitable!!!

Since last Friday, July 24th, we have felt the imprisonment of two anarchists Mônica Caballero and Francisco Solar, known enemies of the State and of domination. They spent years arrested first in Chile for the Bombs Case, and then in Spain, more than 4 years kidnapped, accused of attacking a basilica, a Catholic church. And today, they are kidnapped again by the Chilean state accused of sending two explosive packages, one against a police station famous for leading repression and the other against former Interior Minister Rodrigo Hinzpeter, an old repressor and boss of sending the bullets from his office, what some would call the intellectual author of the crimes of the Chilean state. They are also accused of being responsible for two explosive devices left in the building of a luxury real estate company, Tánica.

Far from the punitive logic, this is not a call for the innocence of these compas, they are neither innocent nor guilty. They are part of those on the other side of the machine of domination and of the society that sustains it, they are part of those who have demonstrated that they do not negotiate with repression when it knocks on their doors, of those who shout death to the state and long live anarchy in the very face of the judges. The power of democracy and its networks of domination over the actions of the compas and over the supposedly “criminal” character of the actions for which they are accused is not recognized. This call is for the propagation of hostility as an action of solidarity with all those who fight and through action, for the solidarity that propagates the action that offends the imposed normality, because these acts of solidarity also expand anarchic sedition against domination.

It is nothing new that the state kills and tortures not only using death policies, but above all the armed wing of the forces of law and order, that is, all its police forces which are always despicable.

The role of the church in this miserable life is fundamental, the church is the spiritual producer of blameless and resigned dominators. The Church, whichever one it may be, is one of the greatest accomplices in the maintenance of the unhealthy order of democracy and the exploitation of labor, causing in people the disease of inferiority and the surrender of life and decisions in the hands of a non-existent fetish. But not many seem to worry about the millions of people who lost their freedom to act and think, dominated by some pastor or priest.

On this side of the ridge, the scenery is not much different. We know even more about the murderous and mutilating police, the life condemned to misery, and the role of the many churches in the multiplication of the resigned and blameless dominated.

Some of us have chosen to keep our anger against all this burning, aware that passivity only strengthens those who dominate, aware that for the dominator to triumph, the complicity of all is fundamental. In times when much is said against fascism and phrases such as “with fascism you don’t argue, you fight” are repeated, we choose to speak with actions, and this is worth more that hundreds of words enclosed in the normality of social networks, the new corral of freedom of expression.

That’s why we chose the day when the tyrant who imposes on us was walking in the region so as to not to collaborate with the image of submissive cattle that they want to present to him.

Expect this domination to end in the exhaustion of tyrants? Expect a new leader to change something? We must take our lives in our hands and for that it is essential to bite our tormentor. In the end every violent action is valid and justified by centuries of domination.

Every small act, as simple as putting some tires together, lighting them up with a little gasoline, changing the normality of any day, provoking others who don’t agree, and collaborating with combative solidarity.

May these flames warm up and bring courage to the anarchists who in Italy, Russia, Spain, France, Belarus, Chile… face the cold repressive winds.

May the fires from the barricades warm the cold of dawn.

On one of the banners could be read: “In front of the enemy: Indomitable! Strength to Mônica and Francisco” and on the other: “Against all authority! Long live anarchy!”

From: Anarchists Worldwide

Hearts of Oak – threat or a joke?

while rome burns

Saturday saw the public debut of a new attempt to “unite the right”. A new organisation called “Hearts of Oak” held its inaugural demo in Parliament Square. The backers of this new organisation makes it look like an attempt to reboot the coalition that emerged around the “Day for Freedom” in May 2018, which saw a coming together of the Tommy Robinson/EDL/DFLA crowd, less thuggish but no less racist UKIP supporters and a newer force of alt-right fans of YouTube provocateurs like Milo Yiannopoulos and Sargon of Akkad. At the time this demo drew around 5000 people and looked like a really dangerous new coming together of the far-right.

Saturday’s demo, on the contrary, had the big screen and some of the same ‘big name’ speakers, but drew a mere 100-150 people. This is certainly a relief, as anti-fascists had been expecting worse. Tommy Robinson had backed the demo…

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Red and Black Telly roundup.


This was first published on the Say NO to High Rise Hell in Basildon Town Centre Facebook page

Who should we listen to? The likes of Councillors Aidan McGurran and David Burton-Sampson? A couple of PR manipulators slithering their way up the greasy political pole?

Do we listen to Gavin Callaghan? Again, politics, PR and the political climb seem to be his main experience and ultimate aim. Of course! He started early and is still a very young ambitious man. There’s nothing wrong with ambition in your chosen field is there?

And they may well be experts in their chosen fields.

However, isn’t it better to listen to the experts when we want to know what the research and findings are, regarding the social impact of high rise living?

Gavin Callaghan and Co actually do consult with experts. They spent something like £1 million over the last year on consultants…

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The Durruti Column 1936