UVW union launches solidarity letter in defiance of continued threats from bosses and cops

Cautiously pessimistic

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A short announcement from the United Voices of the World union:

ATTN: Unions / CLPs / Community Organizations / Individuals: St. George’s University still refuses to negotiate with our striking workers. They have, yet again, threatened to call the police on our peaceful and lawful picket line.

If you are worried about the implications of these sort of strike breaking tactics, and believe that police have no place intimidating and arresting peaceful striking workers and their supporters, then we are asking you to sign this letter of solidarity condemning SGUL and the Metropolitan Police’s actions. If you would like to sign the letter – as a group or individual – simply message us or comment your confirmation. Solidarity!

If you want to contact them to add your support, you can do so on fb, twitter, or email Or probably on insta as well, if you prefer.

Angry Workers / Ugh! / T-Bitch Friday 3rd April Bournemouth.

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Socialist realism – wait till you see T-Bitch!

Friday 3rd April 7 pm Presentation and discussion by West London’s Angry WorkersCollective on their experiences of organising chiefly migrant workers in the warehouse/retail/food sector over the last 6 years.

Followed by: From 9 pm a benefit gig for the bookfair featuring Ugh! and T-Bitch Theatrical, anarchic comedy punk you will never forget! Bar until 2 am.

The Four Horsemen Pub 77-79 Commercial Rd Bournemouth Dorset BH2 5RT. Suggested donation £4 on the door

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People power gets a result

Image from Gaz de Vere

This is from the Save Southend NHS Facebook page

SOME GREAT NEWS from Southend Council Special Scrutiny Committee. Thanks to the petition and our community campaigning highlighting the downgrade of Shoebury Ambulance station, due to be implemented without consultation, for now this has been HALTED. The East of England Ambulance chiefs will now do a second round of re-modelling analysis on statistics and response times and then return to present this to the council before a period of public consultation before any further changes.

The transfer of those vehicles currently based at Shoebury would have gone ahead unchallenged if we, the local community hadn’t shouted loudly raising the issue. Thank you all for your support thus far.

#PeoplePowerWorks #CutsHaveConsequences

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In defence of working class existence as choice

Angry Workers of the World


We read and reviewed David Ranney’s “Living and dying on the factory floor”, which was about his decision to put his academic career on hold and his subsequent experiences as a factory worker. [1] The following thoughts relate to this decision, which used to be widespread within the left. Today taking on working class jobs for political reasons is either ridiculed as an artefact of political militancy or criticised as a potentially manipulative act of privileged and educated middle-class politicos who try to convert the workers.

I want to look at my own decision to remain a low-paid manual worker from various angles. The text is not strictly biographical, but looking at the subjective side of the decision is personal. It is not an account of experiences in five dozen or so jobs, although it contains descriptions. The text is not a ‘salting’ or organising manual, it looks more broadly…

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Stop the New Deal for Nature!

Our natural world is facing the most serious threats she has ever known. At the forefront is the accelerating loss of biodiversity, upon which all life depends.

Worse still, this very real threat is being marketed and exploited in order to reboot the global economy.

The so-called “The New Deal For Nature” (NDFN) is being drawn up by the world’s most powerful corporations, financial institutions, and NGOs complicit in human rights abuses.

Also at the helm of the NDFN is the World Economic Forum which entered into partnership with the United Nations on June 13, 2019.

The NDFN is due to be finalized at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) conference in Beijing in October 2020.

This is the corporate coup of the commons. It represents the monetization of all nature on a global scale.

Under the guise of environmental protection, the NDFN amounts to the privatization, commodification and objectification…

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