Special Strike Issue No 1

Zero for Conduct

The University and College Union (UCU) announced strikes for 24th, 25th and 30th November which have involved 70,000 workers in 150 universities, in addition to the national demonstration in London on 30th November. The strikes are over pensions, pay, workloads, casualisation and inequalities. UCU members were joined in some universities by striking Unite and Unison members.
The result of the strike ballots initiated by the UCU was announced on October 24th. 81.1 % voted to strike on a turnout of 57.8% for the pay and conditions ballot. For the pension’sballot, support for strike action was higher at 84.9% on a turnout of 60.2%.
After the first two days of strike action union members reported strong turnout at picket lines. The tactical decision of UCU to ballot at a national level, has not only allowed more workers to take strike action but has led to an improved morale compared to last…

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Strike!  If they want war let’s give them the Class War

AnarCom Network

Government has two key jobs to deliver on, ‘bread and circuses. Keeping people fed and distracted is essential to its survival. We know it is in crisis when the circus takes place in the seat of power and the bakery shuts. Hunger and chaos are the death knells of dictatorship.

With the end of preoccupation caused by the demise of Queen Liz and Prime Minister Liz, the government is turning all guns blazing on us. If it can’t deliver, it has to crush.

This will present us as workers with the greatest challenge of the current wave of strikes. As union leaders pause momentum, calling truces for dead monarchs and promises of talks, the government is not preparing to pull its punches. Instead they are training the army to strike-break while escalating legislation to sack and even criminalise strikers.

The government has already got away with criminalising environmental direct action…

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Consent for importing radioactive waste for disposal at Brockham


Angus Energy has come a step closer to disposing of radioactive liquids at its oil production site at Brockham in Surrey.

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A political and personal statement as well as a review of our solidarity work around the war in #Ukraine so far

Anarchist Black Cross Dresden.

Long English Version

Since the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have been working with friends on the ground as well as comrades from Belarus, Russia and Poland. This has been made possible by thousands of donations from people around the world who have understood the importance of international solidarity at this critical moment. And for this we would like to thank all those who responded to the calls and provided help, not only with money, but also with direct actions, logistics and media work.

We are partly from these places and partly we are just very connected personally and politically with the region, the political events, the people and their struggles. We see ourselves as anarchists.

In almost nine months of organizing, we have had many different challenges that have shaped our work with fellow anarchists in Ukraine, and we would like to share some of these challenges with you as an important critical assessment of what has been achieved by the international anarchist solidarity movement during this time.

More, and other languages.

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Indigenous Mazatec Political Prisoners from Oaxaca Demand Freedom!

Voices in Movement

Communiqué from the Mazatec Political Prisoners, November 2022.

To our families and residents of our hometown, Eloxochitlán de Flores Magón, Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico:

To our sisters and brothers in the struggle in Mexico and the world:

People of the world:

To the media:

We are Mazatec prisoners Jaime Betanzos, Herminio Monfil, Fernando Gavito, Alfredo Bolaños, Omar Hugo Morales, Isaías Gallardo and Francisco Durán. Five of us have been imprisoned for eight years without trial or sentence, and two of us for four years in the same circumstances. Some of us were released in March 2019, but at the door of the prison we were arrested again based on false accusations. We did not enjoy a single minute of freedom. 15 more comrades have been forcibly displacement because arrest warrants were issued on the same false accusations, among them, Miguel Peralta Betanzos.

We are still locked up, even though it has been proven that the crimes are based on fabricated evidence. As Mazatecos wanting self-determination for our people, we do not understand why the government of Oaxaca wants to keep us locked up. We have had more than 13 favorable rulings in court and more than 20 decisions ordering the release of other comrades. Since December 2018, the federal government has recognized we are unjustly imprisoned people and political prisoners. Women, mothers, comrades, daughters, sisters and people in solidarity have tirelessly demanded our freedom, but have faced discrimination and racism.

For this reason, we want to strengthen our demands. We have agreed to continue organizing as a collective, because enough is enough! It has been too long!! We should be free by now! Our freedom, and that of every person, is precious.  We will always defend freedom and would not trade it even for all the gold in the world. We have decided to name our struggle: “Tjí’nde-najin Kjoabijnandií-najin”, a Mazatec expression that means: “We have the right to freedom”.

As a collective, we have agreed to join the struggle for freedom with the “International Coordinating Committee for Solidarity and for the Freedom of Revolutionary Political Prisoners of The World, Oaxaca”, because we are not alone. In has been 100 years since our brother, Mazatec anarchist Ricardo Flores Magón, was assassinated in prison and we say: Enough! No one should be in prison for thinking differently! No one should die in prison! Down with the prisons walls!”

We are once again calling for worldwide solidarity, and to those who have already offered it to us, it would be an honor to have your continued support. We invite you to join us in our demands. If we are standing, it is because you have supported us in solidarity from the outside. We thank you for your faith and your sensitivity in recognizing that we are innocent.

Sincerely, from the prisons Villa de Etla, Taniveth and Cuicatlán, in Oaxaca, Mexico:

Collective: “Tjí’nde-najin Kjoabijnandií-najin” “We have the right to freedom”.

Jaime Betanzos,Fernando Gavito, Alfredo Bolaños, Omar Hugo Morales, Herminio Monfil, Isaías Gallardo, Francisco Durán

Important: We invite you to share and spread the word about this communiqué, as well as to translate it into all the languages you know.

Going for Broke

AnarCom Network

In Gordon Brown’s last budget just before the 2008 financial crash, he declared that the state had effectively resolved the instability of capitalism promising “we will never return to the old boom and bust”.

Since then we have seen a banking collapse, 10 years of austerity, a flight from Europe, a pandemic, a war, a government inflicted fiscal catastrophe, a return to austerity and the promise of the longest recession in our history. All against the backdrop of mounting climate emergency.

Far from being resolved, capitalist crisis and the depth of their cycles are intensifying. The government tells the truth on one thing, it’s not just Britain. Capitalism’s crisis is global and it’s war against us all intensifies in equal measure.

The latest emergency budget presents a bill of £50 billion in cuts and tax hikes to workers and the poor already facing a 10% real term cut in living…

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Artist view of tiny homes

Focus E15 Campaign

Victoria Street – no place for children

In May 2022, Labour Mayor of Newham, Rokhsana Fiaz, under pressure from Focus E15 campaign, was forced to say that all families with children will be moved out of Brimstone House, Victoria Street by May 2023.

Victoria Street is a building designed for single young people and now those same rooms/flats are being used by Newham Labour council to house families with children in emergency and temporary accommodation.

Those living in Victoria Street with children are struggling. Those families who have been moved out are also experiencing the appalling conditions of the private rented sector, the poorly-maintained council sector and the ongoing issues of temporary accommodation with insecurity and anxiety about the future and long term stability, job, support networks, schooling.

Currently more than a quarter of all renters in Britain, overwhelmingly the poorest families, live in substandard, badly insulated homes, vulnerable to…

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The fuse has been lit …

Anarchy in the Sticks!

We had our meeting in Boscombe on Saturday and it was very encouraging, potentially we’ve got an enthusiastic crew spanning many age groups, genders, interests, and levels of experience. We aim to pull something together for April 2023 and we’re still evaluating potential venues. We’ve had offers from some lovely small ones but we may have to put the stalls seperate from workshops and catering.

If you’ve got any ideas e-mail dorsetbookfair@riseup.net with the subject line ‘venue’.

If you want to be involved, send us an e-mail with the subject line ‘Peregrin’ stating what you would or wouldn’t like to do, and any dates next year you will not be available. There are lots of possible roles ranging from physical graft to sitting in a chair minding something, or back room admin and online publicity.

Or use the contact form above.

The DRB Collective.

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University Workers Prepare to Strike!

Zero for Conduct

The University and College Union (UCU) have announced strikes for 24th, 25th and 30th November which would involve 70,000 workers in 150 universities. In addition a national demonstration is scheduled to take place in London on the 30th November. The strikes are over pensions, pay, workloads and inequalities. UCU members will be joined in some universities by striking Unite and Unison members.

The strikes coincide with those by postal workers on the same date. In Scotland, school teachers in the Education Institute of Scotland are on strike on November 24th. It is imperative that joint actions-rallies and a joint demonstration on the 30th -are argued for strongly by both university workers and postal workers.

The result of the strike ballots initiated by the UCU was announced on October 24th. 81.1 % voted to strike on a turnout of 57.8% for the pay and conditions ballot. For…

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