“Save our NHS” protest Bristol 2015

Message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch.

Dear All,

I’d just like to remind you all that journalist and author Ben White, who has a wealth of knowledge about the issue of Palestine, will be speaking at the University of Southampton next Tuesday (13th October) in building 6 (Nuffield Building) room 1077, 6.30pm start. Please come along if you can and feel free to invite a friend. Please follow this link from where you can down-load a PDF of the map of the campus showing the location of the various buildings:

The Conservative government has announced new rules targeting the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) which represents their biggest attack on our movement to-date. This comes at a time when Palestinians are under increased attack from Israel and in which the BDS movement arguably represents the only thing which could check their aggression and save Palestinian lives. The government’s plan is to try to prevent local councils from getting rid of unethical investments linked to illegal Israeli settlements and arms companies. This is an attack on local democracy and the very principle of ethical investment, as well as on the BDS movement itself. We are extremely concerned about this as an organisation and will be planning a robust response in co-ordination with other organisations.

Guardian article about the government’s plans:

Press release from Palestine Solidarity Campaign:

Open letter to Matthew Hancock MP from Southampton Palestine Solidarity

Official web-site of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement:

Yours sincerely,

Adam Waterhouse

Branch Secretary – Southampton






Red And Black telly: Say NO to Zac Goldsmith running for London mayor in 2016.

Barnet tell Mostafa he’s on his own now


We all need to get on this: there’s an easy bit of clicktivism on their page but there’s more you can do. Barnet homes has premises, and they are not protected 24 hrs a day by the thugs they hire at their convenience to smash our homes and attack our people. Here is a list of their directors. They will have addresses and phone numbers, social media accounts, some will have been careless enough to divulge personal information. They must be given to understand that their behaviour is unacceptable and has consequences. their lives can be made as unpleasant as they have chosen to make our comrade Mostafa’s. This we can all do at our convenience and our leisure.

Originally posted on sweets way resists:

After months of inaccessible housing offers, a brutal eviction and an ongoing refusal to recognise the extent of his disability, Barnet Homes have discharged their duty to house Mostafa and his family, leaving them alone to find a home! Barnet need to hear from ALL of us this week!

Photo: Micha Theiner (The Independent) Photo: Micha Theiner (The Independent)

Last Wednesday afternoon, after going to hospital earlier in the week with a stress-related illness following his eviction, Mostafa went back to his GP to get a stronger painkiller prescription. As is not uncommon when changing medication, the new drugs left him exhausted, hardly able to stay awake.

Mostafa’s son, Ash, emailed Barnet Homes to say that, under duress, his father was planning to sign for and accept the current inaccessible housing offer, but was unable to do so before the 2pm deadline they had decided upon, due to the side effects of his change in medication. He…

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Air France staff get their point across.

Bosses beware!

The shirt on your back belongs to the working class, we put it there.

Reuters: Air France managers flee as staff storm meeting on job cuts

Talk on Israeli Apartheid: University of Southampton, Tuesday 13th October 6.30 pm.

Talk by Ben White on Israeli Apartheid Tuesday 13th October at 6.30pm University of Southampton, building 6 (Nuffield Building) room 1077

Getting to Southampton


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