Cynical Commissioning Group: tell ’em to back out!

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

grimreaperThe public consultation on Dorset’s Clinical Services Review is underway. The proposed cuts will devastate our healthcare. In short, 25% fewer hospital beds, 50% fewer G.P. surgeries, parts of the county left without accessible emergency trauma, paediatric or maternity services

Here’s their survey: the questions are deliberately leading, and vague.

If they get a positive response they will take it as carte blanche to do whatever they like. We therefore ask you to “strongly disagree” with everything, and where you choose “Another option”, demand that services are retained as they are and properly funded. We already have the lowest per capita spending on health services in the industrialised world

You’ll need to include yourDorset Postcodeto prove you live in Dorset. Ooh Arr!

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AFed picket Turkish Embassy: Solidarity with H. Civan and the victims of Turkish State’s violence.


Rebel City Number Five Just Out!

London Anarchist Federation

Just out! Issue Five of London AF’s Rebel City- London’s Anarchist Paper. With articles on Who Owns London?London’s top landowners. Reclaim Holloway, St Ann’s redevelopment Trust in Haringey, Walthamstow tenants, How To Get the Boss of Your Back, A Day in The Life of An Anti-Fascist, Against Borders For Children, Direct Action Gets The Goods, Health Tourists, etc etc. 12 pages of quality anarchist reporting and analysis. Get it at Housmans and Freedom Bookshops, your local social centres, or rom a friendly AF member in the street or contact us and we’ll mail you a copy!

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Talk in York. Eyewitness Rojava: the Kurdish revolution in Syria

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

18 January at 19:30–21:00
The Crescent Community Venue
8 The Crescent, YO24 1AW York

The media only tell one story about Syria: violent Islamism that represses women’s rights and seeks a religious dictatorship. But a part of Syria is also witnessing an inspiring grassroots-democratic and feminist revolution. This talk and discussion is aimed at anyone who’s interested in reshaping society, whether they’ve heard of Rojava (or Kobane) or not.

Eyewitnesses to war and revolution: the complex situation in Rojava

There has been a lot of talk about the revolution in Rojava, the embattled Kurdish northern part of Syria where Kurdish forces are fighting ISIS while transforming their own society at home along revolutionary democratic, socialist, and feminist lines.

Two anarchists who have recently returned from several months living and working in Rojava will report on the realities of the situation there. Looking at topics such as gender, religion, economics…

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Resisting the new normal

Resist everything!

scottish unemployed workers' network


I am worried that people are getting so used to be treated like mushrooms that they have forgotten to demand anything else. You know, the kept in the dark and thrown handfuls of shit thing. A lot of people come out of the jobcentre and tell us everything is OK, and then you meet someone who has been struggling through six weeks with no money waiting for his Universal Credit to come through because no-one told him he could get an advance and get help from the Scottish Welfare Fund, and you wonder how many more people are in the same situation but have just accepted it as the new normal. Or you meet people wasting hours and days on the DWP’s next-to-useless Universal Jobmatch, because they hadn’t known that it was not compulsory to agree to this unless specifically directed. Or you meet someone who wants to confirm that…

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