The ‘Natural Causes’ Cover Up



Nearly half of learning disabled including autistic deaths are avoidable.

And a three year old Department of Health ‘Progress’ Report revealed 3 a day die needlessly .

Media blame these deaths on a lack of government funding .

But more money will only increase the profits of their private Corporate ‘carers’.

As ‘ cuts’ have been used to force the LD/ASD into for profit residential/hospital care/treatment paid up to £13,000 a week

But in this greedy corporate world, physical illnesses are not being treated.

The ASD/LD use behavioural challenges to show pain and physical discomfort.

the man with Down’s syndrome refusing to leave the house, who turned out to have had a heart attack; the woman refusing to eat, who had bronchial pneumonia; the boy with autism severely self-harming, who had a burst appendix.

Dr Sally Cheseldine Clinical Psychologist NHS.

But these signs are not being picked…

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Appeal for solidarity over unpaid wages at Space Mania cafe

Cautiously pessimistic

From the Slovak anarcho-syndicalist union Priama akcia:

We would like to ask you to show solidarity with Mia, who is together with Priama akcia in conflict with Space Mania café. You can send a protest e-mail directly to the boss Viera Pierce, who refuses to pay owed money to her former worker Mia. The total owed sum is 222.44 €. Since October 2017, Mia has been trying to get her unpaid wage, but her boss ignored her written requests as well as protest actions she organized together with her friend in front of the café. In December 2017 Priama akcia entered into the conflict concerning Mia’s unpaid wage. The article contains all the background details a a template of a protest e-mail.


Contact e-mails of the boss:,

Please, add our e-mail zvazpa (at) as BCC.

E-mail template for organizations (for…

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Updates from the Picturehouse, Lee Hecht Harrison, LSE and University of London disputes

Anyone who patronises these venues from now on must be considered a scab and treated as such. No excuses, once a scab, always a scab.

Cautiously pessimistic

A round-up of a few recent developments in some ongoing workplace disputes:

At Picturehouse, staff have been intimidated into postponing most of their scheduled strike dates thanks to a shocking lockout threat from the company, which would have required workers to work for free on non-strike days. The proposed actions are now mostly on hold while they try to work out whether this stunt from management is legal or not, but in the meantime they’re inviting people to join them for a strike fundraiser at the Market House in Brixton on Friday 26th January.

Their full statement:

“We are extremely sad to inform you that with the exception of this Saturday and Sunday. Many of our upcoming strikes have had to be called off. We can assure you they are only called off against our wishes, due to the legal threats of the company. We are making…

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Anarchists: Government Shutdown Doesn’t Go Far Enough–Make the Shutdown Comprehensive and Permanent


Once again, the threat of a government shutdown looms over the capital. Politicians exchange barbs, pundits wag their fingers and wring their hands, and the rest of us get up and go to work like we do every day. The news anchors demand to know: whose fault is it? What labyrinthine eleventh-hour compromise will they devise to avoid it? The rest of the nation yawns with indifference.

But we want answers! What if the government does shut down? Who will funnel our taxable income to military contractors? Who will tap our phones and read our email? Who will raid 7-Elevens and deport people? Who will indoctrinate our children? Who will stop people from driving while black? Who will build the wall?

It doesn’t sound all that bad, actually. Unfortunately, the “shutdown” they’re talking about won’t interrupt any of those things. Compared to what this country needs, it’s…

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News to celebrate: charges dropped against 129 J20 defendants, airport plan defeated in France

Fixture clash on Saturday 27th

On Saturday 27th, there’s a bit of a fixture clash when it comes to protests – it’s just one of those things that happens… To be honest, when there’s a situation where actions clash with each other, it’s a healthy sign as it shows that people have had enough and aren’t going to take any more…

Anyway, this is the choice you have…

From 12pm onwards in Southend-on-Sea, there’s a march and rally to draw attention to the threats to NHS services in the region: Rally! SaveSouthendNHS

From 1pm onwards in Trafalgar Square, London, there’s a protest against Universal Credit: End Universal Credit NOW!

As we live a lot closer to Southend than London and cannot clone ourselves, we’ll be at the NHS demo in Southend. However, the region we cover stretches all the way from Shoeburyness to the outer fringes of East London so if…

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Gloucester residents’ alternative homeless poster.

The story so far …