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Cotton Gardens Estate, Lambeth

News Reports

Housing Hell (January 2016). RT UK News, 4:25.

Sink Estates(January 2016). Channel 4 News, 3:21.

Heygate Estate Redevelopment (October 2016). ABC News, 7:28.

‘This is a complete scandal, like many other such local authority projects. What an appalling deal Southwark cut for residents, for public funding and assets, and for London.’ – S. Keene

Roofless Times (December 2016). RT UK News, 6:04.

London Tower Fire (June 2017). RT UK News, 3:46.

Grief of Grenfell (May 2018). RT UK News, 4:06.


An Opportunity for a More Ethical Architectural Practice (October 2015). Architectural Association, 1:54:13.

UK Housing Crisis and Regeneration (April 2016). Windows on the World, 1:19:36.

‘Great guests, excellent discussion. It’s shocking what’s happening to this country. I wish people wouldn’t just see it in party political terms. Waiting for the next den of thieves to get in won’t get us anywhere.’ – Natalie Minnis

Tower, Slab…

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Change doesn’t just happen by putting a voting slip into a ballot box

On May 3rd, the local authority elections took place. You may had noticed the flyers coming through your door. You may had been doorstepped by enthusiastic candidates promising to do all they can for you while forgetting the constraints councillors operate under. If your local councillor was up for re-election, you may had noticed them being more solicitous and efficient than normal. On this basis, you may well have gone out and voted.

Here are some hard truths. The role of local authorities in an age of seemingly permanent austerity is to implement the government’s agenda by making painful decisions about which services to cut or scrap. No matter how enthusiastic and committed your local councillor is, even if they belong to the party that’s in power on the council, they’re obliged to deliver the government’s austerity agenda. There’s no getting away from it – your local councillor is the…

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A question for Thurrock Council: Are you serious?

In an age of permanent austerity when council spending is being squeezed as funding from central government goes down, Thurrock Council somehow seem to have found a magic money tree that they can spend on tarting up their offices in Grays. See the full story on Your Thurrock: Thurrock Council looking for architect for £7 million “overhaul” of civic offices.

Coming so soon after local elections that have effectively delivered a ‘no overall control’ scenario, we do wonder who made the decision to start looking for an architect. If this is a decision driven by senior officers at the council, where’s the democratic oversight for this decision? If a number of councillors are in on this decision, we and a lot of other people would like to know who they are so we could ask them a few pertinent questions about accountability to the people of Thurrock. People who judging…

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Riders on the Storm: A Blow-by-Blow Report from May Day 2018 in Paris


In Paris, on May Day 2018, nearly 15,000 people joined a confrontational march rejecting capitalism and the state, including a black bloc of 1200 people. Intense clashes immediately broke out with the police. This is the story of the events leading up to May Day, what we experienced that afternoon in Paris, and what comes next.

Tension has been building in France for years now, from the street confrontations of 2016 against the Loi Travail to the defense of la ZAD at Notre-Dame-des-Landes. Here, we offer firsthand reports from the events of May 1, 2018 in Paris and discuss the aftermath of this day in order to participate in the critical analyses that have emerged within our radical circles for several days now.

To hear reports from other May Day actions worldwide, listen to the May Day 2018 roundup episode of our podcast, the Hotwire. To learn more about the…

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Anarchy at the AU

London Anarchist Federation

The antiuniversity now festival has some amazing events this year. The full programme is available at but here is our rundown of anarchist events at the AU!

Radical Ecology

The Anarchist Federation will present ideas from their new pamphlet on an anti-capitalist view of environmental issues, including both the root causes (spoiler alert: it’s capitalism) and the false solutions offered up as ways out of the crisis. We will have an introductory talk followed by a participatory discussion.

Decoding Chomsky: Making Sense of the Politics and Science of the World’s Best-Known Intellectual’s-best-known-intellectual

No Gods, No Masters

Religious belief is still very strong in the world today, despite predictions that it would disappear with science and the development of a secular society. For many people, this is not a problem- we should be tolerant of the beliefs of others. After all, these beliefs are about things that we…

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A Bristolian (and a toy fox) who fought ISIS