Irish Water struggle: stand with the Jobstown defendants!

Cautiously pessimistic

Over the course of 2014, the Republic of Ireland saw a mass struggle against the imposition of water charges, with one of the most dramatic moments coming on 15 November 2014, when a car carrying the Tánaiste (Deputy PM) was held up for two and a half hours by a community protest. The state’s now trying to take its revenge – one 17-year-old has already been found guilty of “false imprisonment”, and starting in April, 18 adults will face trials for the same incident, looking at charges which carry a potential life sentence.

For anyone in Dublin, or the surrounding area, the Jobstown Not Guilty campaign will be holding a rally on 1 April; for the rest of us, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Jobstown Not Guily facebook page or main site to see what help might be needed. At the moment, they’re suggesting that people…

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Here’s a reminder of the occasion Osborne mistook Ketamine for Cocaine, I wouldn’t trust him to sharpen me pencil:

With or without drugs, he’s as thick as pig shit.

Tube worker sacked for going to the aid of a pregnant colleague who was being assaulted

Found at: Eamonn Lynch’s blog on the RMT london calling site

London Underground : are you listening? We are going to strike unless you reinstate Lee Cornell.

Lee Cornell is a CSA at London Bridge with over 10 years exemplary service. He is a dedicated, honest and proactive member of staff.

His crime was to go to assist a pregnant member of staff who had been physically assaulted by a fare evader. The person who abused and assaulted Kirsty Watts then punched Lee twice and stole his glasses.

Lee reacted to get his property back and prevent a further assault on him. He pushed him into a wall and when he got his property back he walked away.

The fare evader continued to try and fight any other LUL staff who came near him. He even tried to head butt Lee Cornell again. Lee never reacted. He once again walked away.

LUL have summarily dismissed Lee. For ” losing control”

Lee’s Area Manager stated to him he was prepared to help him and speak up for him at the appeal. The appeal Chair stated the AMS actually said ” CDP took place in November, Lee should have known better”

There is now no option. We told them we would ballot if Lee was dismissed. We will now ballot London Bridge for strike action.

The clamour is now for the ballot to be escalated combine wide. The RMT family are furious Lee Cornell has been treated so shabbily by LUL.

An injury to one is an injury to all. The RMT does not abandon its members in times of trouble.

Solidarity wins.

Pompey Punx Collective Presents: Spanner & Guests Friday 24th March.

Documentary Of Rojava Revolution “ROZA – THE COUNTRY OF TWO RİVERS”

Bristol named worst place to live due to yet another best place to live award

Bristol Anarchist Federation

477955 How to turn violent rebellion into a marketing tactic in just six short years

Across the city today Bristolians woke up to the latest barrage of ‘journalism’ about how great their city was.   Any initial pride that was felt back in say, 2013, has been replaced by resigned groans and the question: best place to live for who exactly?. We’re not exactly sure who picks where to live due to articles in The Times, but it probably rhymes with ‘annoying prats’.

‘I guess there are lots of those exciting redevelopments‘ said one local woman ‘like how they replaced our local with a bunch of trendy but cramped and expensive flats, and opened up a food bank down the road’.  ‘I thought it meant all those new restaurants, that are supposed to be quirky and original but are just samey and over priced’ interrupted her friend, before rethinking…

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Independence can’t come too soon -Westminster ‘austerity’ is killing people

We stand for the abolition of all political and economic power structures, but in the meantime, it seems eminently sensible to chop them up into more manageable chunks, so we support the Scottish people’s right to self determination.

The ballot box will never deliver socialism or freedom, keep fighting the bosses, the bureaucrats and the politicians. And don’t cross picket lines!

scottish unemployed workers' network

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As last time, the SUWN will be campaigning hard for our right to run our own country AND for the policies that will bring in a fairer system when we have won that right. The change of flag needs to symbolise a complete change of outlook. This is an opportunity to redefine what makes a good society, and we will aim to ensure that social security is central to the Independence debate. An independent Scotland would open a wealth of possibilities. Instead of fighting a rear-guard action against a continuous onslaught from the DWP, we could be looking at the end of sanctions and computer-based assessments, and the future introduction of a Universal Basic Income. But we can’t take any of this for granted. If we want to see real change, we need to demonstrate what is possible now. We need to raise people’s hopes and expectations, so that when…

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