It’s raining women in Rojava; Bread and Roses TV

Attacks in Xerabê Bava carried out by Turkish fascists troops

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

The siege in Xerabê Bava (Koruköy) village in Mardin’s Nusaybin district, ongoing for 12 days and a complete substitute to the practices of 90s, is executed under the leadership of Bornova 2nd Gendarmerie Commando Brigade.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 3:30 PM

Bornova 2nd Gendarmerie Commando Brigade has replaced the Bolu and Kayseri commando brigades deployed in North Kurdistan in 1990s to burn villages, torture people at village squares, execute and disappear the Kurdish population.

The siege in Xerabê Bava (Koruköy) village in Mardin’s Nusaybin district, ongoing for 12 days and a complete substitute to the practices of 90s, is executed under the leadership of Bornova 2nd Gendarmerie Commando Brigade.


The Xerabê Bava operation is led by İsmail Balıbek who got promoted to Brigadier General with an official instruction of the Interior Ministry after the coup attempt of July 15, and was assigned as the Commander…

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What is happening in £662,600 a year Mental Hospitals-CQC Reports 2011-2016.



The new age of for profit Britain requires a monopoly of increasing, maximum profit commodities.

Whilst the Mental Health Taskforce Report harvested, it said nothing about how it intended to improve the state of our mental health hospitals, despite their ever increasing budget eating a quarter of our NHS funding.

Hospitals are paid on average £900 per patient per night, and locked wards £12,500 a week.

With such huge sums on offer, is it any wonder we have the highest number of MHA detentions and retentions ever known.

And the highest number of detentions after s2 MHA assessment stay.

The only rights a patient has, is to information about their treatment and to appeal to a Tribunal, but patients are not being informed of them, despite access to IMCAs.

Neither families nor patients are being involved in ‘treatment’ the CQC stating;

The biggest issue we found for patients who were…

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URGENT CALL! from Kurdish People’s Assembly UK

The fascism of the AKP-MHP continues their massacres! The siege of the Kurdish ‘Kurukoy’ (Xerabê Bava) village of the town of Nusaybin has been happening for a week. People are being burnt alive in their house, publicly tortured in the village square and women are being sexually abused and raped. Kurdish people are being openly massacred.
It is in our hands to STOP this massacre, fascism and military siege! We can break this siege by uniting in one voice in the streets.
We call on everyone who believes in humanity to join our protest.

Date: Wednesday 22 February
Time: 12.00 (Midday)
Place: Turkish Embassy (43 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PA)

HDP issues urgent call to international organisations for Xerabê Bava

Attacks in Xerabê Bava carried out by an AKP team

Kurdish People’s Assembly UK

Body of Ryan Lock arrives in London and is honored by the Kurdish Community. RIP comrade, your fight will never be forgotten.

Kurdistan Solidarity Network


“Today, the body of British YPG martyr Ryan Lock arrived in the UK.
All women of the YPJ send our condolences to Ryan’s family and friends at this difficult time.
What Ryan gave us is the purest form of solidarity. We have a saying here: “martyrs never die”. The memory of Ryan’s life will forever live on in our struggle for the freedom of the people of Syria and our hope for change in the whole world.
May he rest in peace.
Your comrades forever,”

YPJ – Women’s Protection Units

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Simon Chapman, A Very Distinguished Fucking Anarchist

the void


Over the last couple of days the strangest thought has plagued me.  Two simple ugly words have kept emerging, only for me to lock them out and ridicule them as bizarre.  Simon’s dead.  Just to write it down feels like treachery.  Part of me looks forward to seeing him, to sharing a drink and dispelling this nonsense.  He’d say something wry, and witty and that would be that.  He was good like that.  Was.  Sometimes the shittiest word to ever have to use about a friend.

As part of a (temporary, and self-imposed) exile from all politics, I didn’t know his health had deteriorated so much.  We weren’t the kind of friends who lived out of each other’s pockets.  There are many who were closer to him than me and I wish them all my love.  But for almost 15 years he was always there.  At crap protests and good…

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