Help find FW Gaia 18/11/17 at 12:00

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset


Please come to Swanage tomorrow 18/11/17 at 12:00, there is going to be a line search of the area.

People are being asked to self-organise as much as possible.

Meeting points.

1) Durlston Country Park car park: BH19 2JL (South Swanage)

2) King George’s Playing Field car park (main beach car park): BH19 1PW (Swanage town centre)

3) Day’s Park car park: BH 19 1NN (North Swanage)

From the organisers:

“There will be at least one central organiser at each of these sites. We will have maps with a rough grid system. From there, we will be asking you to form long lines with approximately two feet between each person. We will then comb the area looking for any and every sign, clue, or piece of information we can find.”

We have every hope that Gaia is still with us, for the sake of her family and friends, we…

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Constant vigilance required…

We have been fighting NHS cuts for years, in Dorset, Devon and Somerset, we need to link these campaigns together, we need to unite the medical staff, support staff whether directly employed or not, and the patients ( which is everyone). We welcome all initiatives that can coordinate actions across boundaries, the time for passive protest is over.

From the Save Southend NHS Facebook page –

So, there’s currently a lull before the next round of storms surrounding the Essex Success Regime. They are suspiciously quiet bearing in mind an imminent public consultation on the restructure of our local acute hospital services.

Please stay engaged with the campaign. Our primary focus will be to ensure that ANY changes to our local hospital and community health services are CLINICALLY EVIDENCED to be in the best interests of the patient. We want to know that the ‘on the floor’ Clinicians have been fully engaged and clinically support any future proposals announced which change patient care pathways. If they don’t support those changes then nor will we – and we aren’t talking about the Clinicians like Dr.Celia Skinner et al who are employed by the #SuccessRegime either!

The complete lack of transparency surrounding the proposals for A&E downgrades left us…

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Bookfair diary

We’ve just started a Bookfair diary – – on the On Uncertain Ground blog. The aim of this diary is to promote the growing number of regional anarchist / radical bookfairs that are taking place across the British Isles. With the London Anarchist Bookfair collective saying they won’t be organising one in 2018, the focus will be shifting to what’s going on in the regions. No two bookfairs are the same and we’re pretty sure that once the diary starts to fill up, there will be an interesting variety of events to attend, support, help to build and participate in. We recognise that the London Anarchist Bookfair had grown to an international event and it will be missed. However, there’s plenty of life outside of London and we want to do our level best to help promote that…

If you’re involved in organising an anarchist / radical bookfair anywhere…

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Occupational Stealth – Be wary of revealing mental health issues at work .

This is what happens when we allow the bourgeoisie to define work. There is more to work than having a job.



A review commissioned by our Prime Minister revealed 300,000 workers lose their jobs annually due to mental health.

But why are so many losing their jobs and what would be the effect of ridding the workplace of the mental health taboo?

Could it be an employer’s increased use of Occupational Health Services ?

70 years ago Clement Atlee set up a committee which concluded the Ministry of Health as a public independent body should be the provider for British Occupational Health Services.

But this was ignored, and today Occupation Health is a multi million pound private industry.

With the Department of Work and Pensions alone spending over £3,147 m on it annually.

The Committee’s wish was for the services to be completely independent of employers.

But they are still today paid for and commissioned by an employer, and such services owe their paramount duty to that employer, and this…

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Mid-November round-up of workplace and social struggles

Cautiously pessimistic

In workplace news, housing maintenance workers employed by Mears in Manchester have just voted for an extensive programme of strike action as part of their long-running dispute over pay and conditions, with a total of 49 days’ strike action planned between now and February unless the dispute can be resolved. According to Unite: “Workers at Mears in Manchester and at Manchester Working will undertake a series of 48 hour strikes on the following dates: November 13, 16, 20, 23 and 27, December 4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, 28, January 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 29, February 1, 5 and 8. The same workforce will also take part in 24 hour strikes on November 30, December 1, January 2.

The new industrial action is being taken as a result of Mears’ failure to: meaningfully negotiate on pay and conditions, the detrimental treatment of workers during the previous…

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Missing! F.W. Gaia Pope

Please share widely and turn a hand if you’re in the area

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

A search is underway for Gaia Pope who went missing on 7/11/17 from Argyle Road, Swanage. She is a 19-year-old female with long blonde hair, blue eyes, medium build and 5ft 7 inches tall. Last seen wearing white shirt with red details, grey leggings, white trainers. Gaia suffers from severe epilepsy so she may in distress.

Please help if you can.

Timeline of Gaia’s movements:
3:35 Gaia left her aunt’s house on Argyle Road, Swanage
3:39- 3:40 CCTV footage shows Gaia running towards Manor Gardens
4:00 Gaia left the address in Manor Gardens on Morrison Road

Download flyer
Obtain printed copies from:

  • The Purbeck Gazette 17b Commercial Road Swanage Dorset BH19 1DF. (9am – 5pm)
  • The Flirt Cafe 21 The Triangle, Bournemouth BH2 5RG
  • Rivera Hotel and Apartments Reception Burnaby Road, Alum Chine, Bournemouth, BH148JF
  • Poole central library, Dolphin Centre, Poole, BH15 1 QE
  • The Lord Wimeborne Pub 59 Lagland…

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