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‘It’s not a human right to [insert human right here]’

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A pretty awful letter to the editor appeared in the Danish daily Berlingske yesterday, of all days, penned by a lady with a very Bosnian sounding name. The title is “Denmark should close its borders entirely”, and the author, who writes she arrived in Denmark 22 years ago—ie. same year as I did—starts off by stating:

Many make the mistake of assuming it is a human right to settle down in Denmark. It is not.

While I in my years of working in the asylum rights movement in Denmark never met anyone who claimed they believed any such thing, and this is nothing but a straw man fallacy, let’s have a look at Article 14 (1) of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Denmark is a signatory:

Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

So… I mean, not to…

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March Against Evictions – Saturday 19th September

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This is advance notice that we will be attending the March Against Evictions organised by Focus E15 on Saturday 19th September, assembling at 12noon in Stratford Park, West Ham Lane. The protest has been called to highlight the actions of the Labour controlled Newham Council in pursuing a policy of encouraging the gentrification and social cleansing of the borough. A policy that has a very vocal champion in the person of the mayor of Newham, Robin Wales. Take a look at the Focus E15 website to get a fuller understanding of their campaign –

Some of you may well be asking why we are supporting an action called by a group way over in East London – here’s why… As we have written more times than we care to remember, gentrification and social cleansing have a direct knock on effect all the way out from London down the estuary…

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Red and black telly: “JACK THE RIPPER MUSEUM” – Another East-End outrage

Radical Workers’ Bloc at Tolpuddle 2015 report.



Pic by courtesy DeGruchy photography

We pitched our tents on Friday as usual and our comrades from Sussex set up their Wob kitchen which fed our bloc, friends and guests excellent veggie food all weekend. The severed heads of Cameron, IDS, Gove, Farage and Osbourne adorned our camp. The evening’s entertainment was memorable for Funke and the two tone baby, and the Tuts, among others.

Bit of a surprise on Saturday when we took our stall to find, amongst the assorted lefties and worthies, like a log in a swimming pool, Bournemouth Action for Israel, who showed extraordinary chutzpah by promoting that rogue state and its genocidal behaviour during the first anniversary of the last Gaza massacre, in which it slaughtered two and a half thousand civilians of whom sixty percent were children. They were repeatedly taken to task by festival-goers, some of whom were in Gaza during the atrocity, and a steady stream of punters approached the organisers to complain. On Sunday morning the Zionists bowed to pressure and left peacefully. We fail to see what connection this group, which appears to be linked with a propaganda hub in the United States, and to be lavishly funded, has to do with working class culture or workers’ associations, it doesn’t even represent the working class of Israel, let alone that of Dorset. What it represents is the military-industrial hegemony of Western imperialism that has brought the entire region to ruin. A glance at their facebook page will reveal the disdain they have for our class; their mission was solely to counter the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Should we perhaps invite the hunt lobby to counter the sabs, the CBI to counter the anti-blacklist campaign, or fracking companies to counter Greenpeace? No doubt Monsanto, Lockheed Martin, G4S and Halliburtons would gladly fork out sixty quid for a stall.

It was great to see supporters of the Save Kingfisher and SCBU campaign, and Lesbians and Gay men Support the Miners on Sunday’s march. See you next year!

Pic by Stef.

Pic by Stef.

Have 184 Labour MPs just lit the fuse?


So whether like us you think politicians are a waste of space, or whether you want them to court your vote, you have no choice but to fuck shit up.

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These are all of the Labour MPs who abstained from opposing the government’s Welfare Reform and Work Bill – only 48 Labour MPs voted to oppose it. Rather than get bogged down in the sideshow that is Jeremy Corbyn’s bid for the leadership of the Labour party, let’s look at the message being sent out by the 184 Labour MPs who abstained from voting against the government and what the implications of that are…

The parliamentary Labour party in refusing to oppose the government’s Welfare Reform and Work Bill claim they did so because they are ‘listening’ to what the electorate are ‘saying’ about welfare. Really? So what about the 33.9% of the electorate who were so underwhelmed by the options on offer, they concluded it wasn’t worth the effort of casting a vote because whoever got in, they would be screwed? All Labour care about is getting back into…

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