Remember Zehra, Hebûn and Emîna!

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Call on the international community and people everywhere to take action

This week was the first anniversary of the femicide of Zehra Berkel, Hebûn Mele Xelîl and Mother Emina Weysi by illegal Turkish drones in the village of Helincê, Kobani, in North and East Syria (also know as Rojava, West Kurdistan).

KSN condems the actions of the Turkish state in their attempts to eradicate any legal democratic opposition in Turkey by attacking the offices of the HDP and causing the death of Deniz Poyraz, killed in the attempted arson in the HDP office in Izmir.

People everywhere who believe in democracy should condemn the continued attacks by Turkey against its own citizens and that of its neighbouring countries, including Makhmur refugee camp in Iraq.Denial of access for International Peace Delegates to visit bombed areas is a violation of human rights and dignity. Yet governments’ silence and inaction is a green…

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The Tories want to talk about failing working class students? Bring it on.


A day ending in ‘y’ brings with it another desperate Tory attempt to deflect from their own failures.

Yesterday, a report claiming to examine the continued underperformance of “white working class pupils” in England was published by the Education Select Committee , despite opposition of all four Labour MPs on the body who “disowned” the document. It was a masterclass in obfuscation; off the bat the report attempted to attribute the educational underachievement of poor white British children to the mythical spectre of ‘reverse racism’. White British children from low-income backgrounds are falling behind, it suggested, specifically thanks to the use of the term “white privilege”.

“We are concerned that the phrase may be alienating to disadvantaged White communities, and it may have contributed towards a systemic neglect of White people facing hardship who also need specific support,” the report stated.

“They want to talk about failing the white working class? Then let’s talk about it”

At this point, I could spend some time outlining the real definition of ‘white privilege’, which simply suggests that people racialised as ‘white’ won’t experience oppression because of the colour of their skin, rather than suggesting their lives will be free from other forms of discrimination. Or I

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Radioactive waste disposal allowed to continue at oil site in national park.


An oil company has won consent to continue the disposal of liquid radioactive waste in the South Downs National Park. IGas Singleton oil site in West Sussex. Photo: IGas Opponents of the industry have criticised the decision, which will allow fluid from oil production to be injected into a borehole at IGas’s Singleton site, nearChichester, in West Sussex. Philip Maber, who lives near the site, said:

“This operation seriously threatens our chalk aquifer with forever contamination and is also the biggest single source of carbon-based emissions in West Sussex. “I feel guilty and frustrated at how little our community and country understand the urgency for change.”

The consent, granted by the Environment Agency (EA), allows IGas to inject up to 80m3 per day (more than 17,500 imperial gallons). If IGas injected the maximum every day, there would be enough liquid to fill an Olympic swimming pool in about a month. The campaign network, the Weald Action Group, said today:

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A conversation with Jinwar – Mon 28 June, 6pm

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Jinwar Women’s Village is an ecological women’s village in North and East Syria (Rojava). In Jinwar, women and children are creating a life together based on ecology, democracy and the liberation of women.

Life in the village is communal, with a co-operatively run bakery, a school, a health clinic… a place for women to collectively rediscover, re-establish, and reclaim their inherent freedom.

Join Kurdistan Solidarity Network in conversation with residents of Jinwar, as we learn about life in a free women’s village, and how women’s liberation and the ecological pillar of the Kurdish freedom movement come together there in daily life.

6-8pm UK time (GMT+1 / BST) on Monday 28 June, 2021.REGISTER HERE.

Tree planting in Jinwar Women’s Village, Rojava (North East Syria).

Find out more, please like and share our facebook event.

This event will take place on Zoom. You can register at:…

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your only purpose in this capitalist society is to make your boss rich

The Slow Burning Fuse

Billy Foister, a 48-year-old Amazon warehouse worker, died after a heart attack at work. According to his brother, an Amazon human resources representative informed him at the hospital that Billy had lain on the floor for 20 minutes before receiving treatment from Amazon’s internal safety responders.

“How can you not see a 6ft 3in man laying on the ground and not help him within 20 minutes? A couple of days before, he put the wrong product in the wrong bin and within two minutes management saw it on camera and came down to talk to him about it,” Edward Foister said.

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Red and Black Telly roundup.

Red and Black Telly roundup.

Cop-Unfriendly City

Outside the Circle

Water, to cops, isn’t life. It’s just another thing to stab, such as when border cops slashed and destroyed bottled water left by No More Deaths/No Más Muertes for those crossing from Mexico into Arizona on foot so as to literally save lives—versus the police’s murderous intent. Last summer, following the murder-by-cop of #GeorgeFloyd, on the third night of a solidarity uprising in Asheville, NC, the local cops decided to slash and destroy bottled water at a medic station—and the photo (repurposed here into a sticker, as spotted in AVL a couple weeks ago during a visit and #FuckThePolice walk) went viral.

But far sweeter than embarrassing the AVLPD, a year later, thanks in large part (one has to assume or at least proudly declare) to the power of last summer’s unusually rowdy resistance in Asheville, and hundreds or thousands of other small, medium, and large cities across Turtle Island…

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Nakba Survivors Speak


Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

George Floyd, the man who was killed by police officers in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020.
Credit: Selfie, no credit

This article first appeared in The Anvil 10 No 2, published on 30 April 2021.

The recent trial and conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd was greeted much more with relief in the United States than with either joy or anger. Only the hardest line racists and supporters of the police were angry about the conviction, while only the most politically naive rejoiced.

Police in the US kill an average of over three people every day. The racism that pervades US policing and which dominates the United States as a whole ensures that killer cops are almost always allowed to walk. The system is biased in their favour at every step. They lie about the circumstances of the death. Superiors suppress evidence from reaching the public…

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