Global day of solidarity with Kevan Thakrar and against solitary confinement 13th March 2019.

Hospitals: How It Could Be

This piece was originally published by the Haringey Solidarity Group – in light of our previous post, we thought it would be useful to re-publish it here.

Hospitals are forever in the news. A fairly recent case was the Mid Staffs hospital crisis, but there are many others. Recently a friend was in hospital for a heart bypass only to be sent home as there wasn’t a spare bed! We seem to rely more on accountants than nurses with budgets prioritised over our health.

What would we do about it then? We would put nurses, doctors, and yes – porters and cleaners – at the centre of decision making. These are the people who know what’s happening on a hospital ward. Bring decision making down to a ward level where everybody has a say in how it works. Then representatives from each ward come together hospital-wide to decide what’s needed…

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What is Community-led Housing? Proposal for a Co-operative Housing Development

Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

ASH, Brixton Gardens, architectural rendering by Leonie Weber

Brixton Gardens, architectural rendering by Leonie Weber

What is ‘community-led housing’? The phrase is used these days with increasing frequency, but what does it mean? How can it embrace the resource and advice hub set up by the London Mayor to build more affordable housing, and which has just been given £38 million of funds to allocate, and, at the same time, debates held by occupiers of the Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden in Lewisham last year, which has been condemned to demolition and redevelopment by a council and housing association acting with the financial support and planning permission of the same London Mayor? Beyond its rhetoric of government decentralisation and resident empowerment, what does ‘community-led’ mean in practice? Is it a response by London communities to the threat to their homes of estate demolition schemes implemented by councils in which they no longer have any trust? Is it emblematic of…

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This week Manchester Pride added brown to the LGBT+ flag and Japan rules transgender people must get sterilised — gal-dem

Football and racism is that extremely toxic relationship that goes on for way longer than it should. Now, Millwall could be the first club to be punished under new racism laws after “some of the most shocking football violence” in years, according to Scotland Yard, including vile racist chants against the Pakistani community. The FA’s…

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We’ve Got Your Back: The Story of the J20 Defense–An Epic Tale of Repression and Solidarity


During the inauguration of Donald Trump, police surrounded and arrested over 200 people in the vicinity of a confrontational march. Prosecutors brought identical felony charges against almost every single arrestee in one of the most dramatic escalations of state repression of the Trump era. For a year and a half, people around the United States mobilized to support the defendants and beat back this attempt to set a new precedent in repression. The J20 case was one of the most important court cases about the freedom to protest in modern US history. We present the full story here to equip readers for future struggles like it.

On January 20, 2017, tens of thousands of people gathered in Washington, DC to ring in the reign of Donald Trump with protest and rebellion, shattering the spectacle of a peaceful transition of power. What could have been a day of resignation and…

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Deliveroo couriers to strike in Bristol and London on February 1st, and events diary for February — Cautiously pessimistic

On Friday 1st February, Deliveroo couriers in Bristol will be striking for a range of demands. They’ve said that couriers in at least 5 cities will be taking part in the action, so far the only other one I’ve seen confirmed has been London. People in London are meeting up at Myddleton Square Gardens, EC1R […]

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March 2019 month of action against prisons and the state – for Anna.

A snap shot of just one day

From the Save Southend NHS Facebook page

Nothing has changed, it’s not getting any better nor easier, and we stand by each and every NHS worker, and their patients who are suffering due to lack of investment, zero sense of urgency and utter neglect.

The government have a duty to provide decent health care to its people. The NHS is not getting a break, and something will have to give before it totally crumbles. Staff are at breaking point, and leaving in their droves.

Full stop 🛑 NOW!


This is from Unison…

Conclusion and recommendations

With each passing year the situation facing staff in the health service becomes increasingly desperate and it is evident that government initiatives are not addressing the fundamental issues facing the service.

Our findings from this year’s survey make for worrying reading. Staffing levels across the whole service continue to be the primary issue…

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The Business of Homelessness: My Container UK Ltd

Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

On 30 August 2017 Martin McGrail and Stacy Reed incorporated My Container UK Ltd, which lists its business on the Companies House website as the ‘Construction of commercial buildings’, and for which they are both Directors: McGrail the Managing Director, Reed the Operations Director.

The following year, on 4 June 2018, they incorporated Gorilla Holdings Ltd, for which they are the two Directors, with an equal share of the 100 shares. Its business is listed by code 64209, which is a company primarily engaged in holding or owning securities of other companies for the purpose of controlling their activities.

On the same day McGrail and Reed incorporated another one of these other companies, UK Land & Assets Ltd, which lists its business as ‘Other letting and operating of own or leased real estate’, and for which, once again, they are the two Directors.

The following day…

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Boycott Turkey! Don’t fund genocide! — Kurdistan Solidarity Network

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