My interview with Sheila Rowbotham about her groundbreaking 1969 article “Women: the struggle for Freedom”

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black-dwarf-year-of-the-militant-woman On 10 January 1969 in an article  called   “Women; the struggle for Freedom”, published  in the Marxist magazine Black Dwarf, socialist feminist Sheila Rowbotham  poured out her anger and resentment about the inequality and injustice of women’s lives:   “A much less tangible something – a smouldering, bewildered consciousness with no shape – a muttered dissatisfaction – which suddenly shoots to the surface and EXPLODES.”

Sheila  lived in a communal house  in London, worked part -time teaching at a local F.E. college, and was involved with socialist politics.  But she saw  her male comrades as  part of the problem. “They, like the left generally then, treated women with derision when we spoke up about how we felt about our lives,” she told me when I spoke to her.   This came to a head when she became involved in producing an issue on women’s issues for “Black…

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Homes for Londoners? Sadiq Khan’s Record on Housing



‘The housing crisis is the single biggest barrier to prosperity, growth and fairness facing Londoners today. I’ve found that, both as a MP, and throughout my campaign to be Mayor of London, it doesn’t matter whether you’re talking to business leaders, local residents, charities or community groups: far and away the biggest issue across the board is London’s housing crisis. The city’s shortage of decent and affordable homes is causing real misery to millions of Londoners, and damaging London’s competitiveness.’

– Sadiq Khan, Homes for Londoners, March 2016

Very few politicians deliver the promises they make when campaigning to be elected to office; none have ever improved on them. With the charity Shelter announcing that 170,000 Londoners would be homeless this Christmas, the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, in a letter leaked to the Guardian newspaper, responded that he was ‘considering’ introducing rent controls in 2019. This May Sadiq Khan will…

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#Berlin: Against the European Police Congress – Without borders, Self-determined, Solidary — Enough is Enough!

Call for a demo on February 16 against the European Police Congress 2019 in Berlin, German territory. Originally published by Gegen den Europäischen Polizeikongress 2019… 1,096 more words

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Kisimul ‘The Safe Haven’ sold to Roadchef for 200 million.Venture Capital’s bonanza on LA/NHS special needs education and care money.



Whilst Thatcher sold our silver, successive governments have sold our gold, bankrupting our country, LA and NHS, by selling off public services and then paying public money to use them, one of the biggest money spinners includes the care and education of the deliberately created autism and LD industry, making billions for investors, banks, investment houses and advisors.

It appears the eventual aim is to allow monopoly global mulinationals owned by venture capital banks and their investors to provide services paid for by the public purse.

This allows neither competition between providers, nor any real accountability, asset stripping at will, and a massive conflict of interests, as these Companies’ overriding duty is to make ever more profit from their guaranteed increasing public income from their captive consumers.

Who could have thought that 4 Kisimul special needs boarding schools in Lincolnshire could be sold last year by a multibillion pound investment…

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Campaigners to argue that IGas Ellesmere Port gas test is a risk to public health


181114Ellesmere Port FFEPaU Opponents of IGas plans to test gas flows at its Ellesmere Port site. Photo: Frack Free Ellesmere Port and Upton

Plans by IGas to test the flow of gas at its well at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire risk the health of people living nearby, campaigners will argue later this month.

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Cleaners, security guards and receptionists demand parity with civil servants in 48hr strike at Ministry of Justice

Strike by small migrant worker led union – United Voices of the World – will be largest in the history of outsourced government department workers

PCS trade union members from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will also strike in the first co-ordinated action between these two union

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) is expected to be forced to close for the duration of a 48 hour strike by security guards, cleaners and receptionists between 21st -23rd January organised by the trade union United Voices of the World (UVW).

The 48 hour strike will be the largest outsourced workers strike in the history of any government department and will be co-ordinated with a 24 hour strike on 22nd January by outsourced workers at the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy…

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Universal Credit and Basic Income — Anarchist Communist Group

Coincidence? On the same weekend the BBC finally screened Ken Loach’s harrowing “I Daniel Blake”, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions announced she was reviewing the roll-out of Universal Credit, the Government’s notorious new benefit system. 437 more words

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