Maldon anti-hunt protest, January 1st

This is from Essex Animal Defenders:

Facebook event page for protest

Wednesday, 1 January 2020 from 09:30-13:30

Every year on New Years Day the Essex Farmers and Union Hunt parade the High Street of Maldon to be cheered and adored by the locals in a show of blatant support of the law breaking vile cruelty that the hunt enjoys. Be a voice for the foxes with us this year. Come along and show your disgust at this repulsive bloodsport. It is something to be ashamed of not celebrated!!

Please bring banners if you have them or want to make one. Please only mark yourself as ‘going’ if you are definitely intending to come along so we can have a good idea of numbers. The meeting point will be given out nearer to the event. There are NO RULES for this protest, just come along and express your disgust however you…

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The Acorn – 53

winter oak

acorn 2019b

Number 53

In this issue:

  1. Seeing through “democracy”
  2. Greta Thunberg: the billionaires’ favourite
  3. Misdirected Rebellion
  4. Calling out the imperial gatekeepers
  5. Yellow revolt takes a striking twist
  6. Jacques Ellul: an orgrad inspiration
  7. Acorninfo

1.  Seeing through “democracy”

Johnson and Trump

The capitalist system will not abolish itself.

In fact, it will always do all that it physically can to preserve itself and its control over our lives.

While it likes to pretend its structures of domination amount to “democracy”, this is not the case, because it could never leave the door open to the possibility of its own abolition by democratic means.

The only changes possible via the fake-democracy of the system are limited reforms, which leave the system very much in place.

When we say “limited”, we perhaps mean “extremely limited”, because even the mildest of social-democratic tinkering, undoing some of the worst excesses of contemporary neoliberalism, is beyond the pale for the…

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Libertarian Communism 2019 Women Organising at Work

Anarchist Communist Group

The following is a summary of the talks and discussion on women organising in the workplace at the ACG dayschool in October.

Libertarian Communism 2019 Women Organising at Work

The session was led by two women, both very experienced in organising at work.

Meena from the Angry Workers

The Angry Workers is interested in promoting collective organization in west London. The strategy includes getting jobs in the bigger workplaces, building solidarity networks in local areas and producing a newspaper (2000 copies).

Meena works in a ready-meal factory, with up to 4000 workers across four sites in Park Royal, west London. She started three and a half years ago working on the assembly line but then managed to get a skilled job as a forklift driver, one that is normally done by men. She is now ‘permanent’ and a GMB rep. The workforce consists of 60% women with a wage grading system that sees women largely occupying the ‘unskilled’ grade. E.g. all the women work on the assembly line which is actually the hardest job.

Jenny from the ACG

Jenny has been a union activist since the early 1970s. She was in NUPE which then was the union for public sector employees, now Unison. One of their first jobs was as a school auxiliary worker. These jobs were all women. There was a dispute and all the women came out (Jeremy Corbyn was then the full-time official!). Then she worked in the parks department and got involved in the GMB which had no particular structures for women.

The session focused on three main questions. Each speaker addressed the questions.

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Electricity strikers in France light up poor homes this Christmas.. Cut power and gas to bosses and police

The Free translation by The Free original en español abajoby Salvador Soler shared with thanks.

There is no “Christmas truce” for the workers of the Electricity Company of France (EDF) who are on strike. Workers are reconnecting service to poor families and lowering the price of tariffs to popular sectors,

Ver imagen en Twitter

while cutting off power to police stations, management and large companies.

Since the beginning of the strike on December 5, electricians and energy workers maintain power outages against Macron’s pension reform. A fighting method that exposes the strength of the workers and the strategic place they occupy, with the possibility of paralyzing government buildings and large companies with power outages.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kW05qk3_

While the strike has had a greater impact among workers of the SNCF (railway), RATP (metropolitan transport company of Paris), National Education or even health, energy workers are not far behind.

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Lisa McKenzie. Why being working class is ‘damaging’.


Urgent: Protect Kevan Thakrar from racist violence

Kevan Thakrar is a political prisoner. Be under no illusions, the state wants him dead, terrified he will prove his innocence and finger the establishment individuals who fitted him up.

They have a long history of facilitating attacks on our comrade by known racists and neo-nazis, just as they facilitated attacks by terrorists to further their agenda in Ireland.

Death to fascists, pigs, screws and scabs, their social democrat apologists and lackeys, victory to the Militant Working Class!

Long live our inspirational comrade Kevan Thakrar!

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

This evening prisoner Kevan Thakrar called to inform IWOC that a known racist attempted to take his life this afternoon.

Kevin McCarthy stabbed Kevan more than four times while Kevan was at the food servery. He used a wooden shank and shouted “die, die, die!” whilst stabbing Kevan. Kevan has four puncture wounds on his back and bruises and scratches after also being hit on the head. Kevin walked past two prison officers neither of whom intervened to prevent or stop the attack until Kevan turned round to defend himself. Even then, no officers put their hands on Kevin or restrained him. No alarms were pressed/no shouting for help. Kevin McCarthy actually walked back into his own cell and locked himself in. The prison failed to take him to hospital but he was treated by two nurses on the wing.

This is the second attack Kevan has experienced in HMP…

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Scotland free or a desert

A weak point for the new regime, remember the poll tax!

scottish unemployed workers' network

scotland free or a desert - trimmed

Today the world is an even more hostile place. The UK election has dealt another blow to the planet and corroded truth. It is a gift to the warmongers and the bloodsuckers. It is an attack on all the hard-won gains of the post-war welfare state. It will make life harder for the vast majority of the population, and if you’re on low wages, or from an immigrant family or unemployed or disabled, then heaven help you.

So why did so many people, especially in the old Labour heartlands, vote against their own interests?

Over the course of the last four decades, many places in the north of England have, as in Scotland, been transformed from vibrant local communities based on heavy industry, into windblown wastelands. However, the Brexit issue and how it was taken up by the working class of the English industrial heartlands points up the very real…

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A date for your diary: Shoebury Ambulance Protest, 20.1.19

This is from the Save Southend NHS Facebook page

We are holding a demonstration at 5.30pm Monday 20th January on the steps of the Civic Centre prior to the Southend Council Special Meeting of the People Scrutiny Committee where the proposed downgrade of Shoebury Ambulance Station is tabled for discussion.

The downgrade of this station initially scheduled for 23rd November was delayed thanks to increased public awareness of its plight following a petition led by Tricia Cowdrey and protests by Save Southend NHS following our meeting with Ambulance Chiefs.

There has been no public consultation on the plans to make Shoebury a ‘cover point’ only, rather than a manned station and a recent demand based study commissioned by East of England highlighted the need for TWO vehicles to be based there ( one 24 hour and one 16 hour) yet bosses now see fit to remove both of these and…

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