Message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch. Dates in May.

Four Important Dates In May

May 5th Guildhall Square Portsmouth. 11.30 . This event is hosted by our friends at Portsmouth and South Downs PSC. If you are near the Portsmouth area, go along and show solidarity with Palestine.

May 7th Come and Celebrate May Day in Palmerston Park, Southampton. A celebration of left, green and progressive activism. From 12 Noon -4pm PSC will have a stall. Come and say hello. If you can help with the stall on the day please e-mail me.

May 13th Let’s Show Solidarity with Palestine

March of Solidarity with the Gaza March of Return. Meet at the Bargate at 11am. We will march to the Peace Fountain and then finally assemble in cultural square. 42 people have been killed by Israel defence forces since the March of Return began on 30th March and over 5000 have been injured. The March of Return declares the right of all Palestinians to return to the lands that were theirs before the creation of the state of Israel . Israeli independence (14th may) is remembered as Nakba in Palestine, (the Catastrophe.)

May 27th PSC Sponsored Walk.

Meet at Platform 1 Southampton Central Station at 9.45 or at 10 20 at Brockenhurst Station, south side. This is our annual sponsored event. It is a very enjoyable walk though the countryside. This year the route takes us from Brockenhurst to Lymington.Please wear walking boots or other suitable footwear as places of the route are very muddy. We will be back by 5pm.Please find the attached sponsor form if you want to take part. This raises awareness about Palestine as well as being a good opportunity to raise money which will directly help people in Palestine. Funds raised will be split betweem Medical Aid for Palestine and PSC.

Please support these events and tell your friends as well.

Stalls are continuing in town on 5th 12th and 19th May. Come and say hello, and tell HSBC to Stop Arming Israel.

My very best wishes

Cathryn M Spiller

Branch Secretary Southampton PSC.




Forthcoming events from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch.

A Celebration of May Day – 7th May

Palmerston Park 11am – 4pm. March around 2pm.

Music and food, including the Red Stars Choir. PSC will have a stall at this event. Help would be welcome, get in touch if you can help for an hour or just come along and say Hello.

Tell HSBC to Stop Arming Israel – 20th April

HSBC City Centre 11am

HSBC owns £180m shares in BAE and £69m shares in Raytheon. Both of these companies trade arms to Israel. HSBC claims to be committed to Human Rights, if this is true it should end its business relationship with companies that arm Israel’s military Repression of Palestine. We will be leafleting and demonstrating outside HSBC in Above Bar, in the city centre on 20th April at 11am. This is to coincide with the company AGM in London where a larger demonstration is also being held. Come and wave a flag or hold a placard . We will be giving out action cards which members of the public can fill in and deliver to HSBC. We plan a peaceful presence outside HSBC. We plan to raise awareness and to engage with members of the public. I would be grateful if you would let me know by e-mail if you plan to join us.

Remember Nakba 70 years. – Sunday 13th May

Cultural Square 11am – 1pm

Come and join us for a Nakba Vigil. Palestinian Music . Information about all PSC Campaigns .Please come and join us. Let’s Stand with Palestinians in the injustice they face each day. 70 Years of Occupation and the injustice continues.

Palestine Solidarity Southampton is an organisation campaigning for justice for Palestine. We welcome people of all races and  faiths and people who hold diverse beliefs. We believe in non-violence and value diversity. We recognise the courage of many Jews who stand up for the political rights and freedoms of Palestinians. We are opposed to the repressive actions of the state of Israel in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.





Open message to Gabrielle Gifford, motorpoint arena

Subject: The Turkish state killed our mate.
Date: 2018-03-27 11:32

Dear Gabrielle Gifford, Dear motorpointarenacardiff sales,

This is to express our outrage that the motorpoint arena continues to host the annual DPRTE festival of death.

Only last week our Comrade Anna Campbell, a stout opponent of these arms fairs was murdered by the fascist Turkish state using munitions ironically procured through just such an event. There is nothing defensive in the way they are used by these unaccountable regimes.

DPRTE has no place in Wales/Cymru with its proud Working Class traditions, exploited as it was for centuries to provide coal and steel for the British imperial killing machine.

Ask yourselves as Working Class people why you are facilitating the indiscriminate slaughter of your fellow workers, alongside school children and hospital patients. You bring shame upon your city – what would Nye Bevan say?

Have a word with yourselves, will you?

I’ve attached a copy of Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid, for your information.

Cindy Callist

for Wessex Solidarity.

Red And Black Telly: 1968 – YEAR OF REVOLUTION, 50 YEARS ON.



Let us be thousands on the 27th of March in Brussels to cry out against NATO to stop the genocide and the slaughter in Afrin!

The fascist Turkish state wages an all in attack on Afrin to occupy the enclave. The occupation of the city will certainly bring large-scale slaughter. Turkey carries out this dirty attack with all the means and weapons NATO supplies and with the knowledge and complicity of the international powers and organisations.

The Turkish army, which is the second biggest army of the NATO, commits a genocide in Afrin with the explicit approval of Russia. NATO is directly complicit in this attack as Turkey uses all the means and weapons provided by the NATO. The dirty war on Kurdish people and occupation of Afrin carries the stamp of NATO.

The heroic resistance of the population of Afrin has surprised and paralyzed the imperialist forces and their local watchdog, the Turkish state. Since the 20th of January, the peoples of the world have been witnesses to a superhuman and honourable resistance that will take its place in the history. It is now our responsibility to strengthen and extend the resistance against the imperialist powers and the international organisations, which remain silent in the face of a genocide against the Kurdish people. The silence of the international powers encourages murderer Erdogan. We have to resist this everywhere.

The responsibility of the imperialist forces for the barbaric and genocidal attack of Turkey on the Kurdish population cannot be denied. Hundreds of civilians, women and children, lost their lives these attacks carried out by a NATO army and bloodthirsty groups of the Al Nusra Front, Daesh and the Free Syrian Army. We, European democratic mass organisations, women’s and youth organisations, Kurdish organisations from all parts of Kurdistan, socialists and revolutionaries from Turkey, Belgian anti-fascist and peace organisations, Assyrians, Armenians, Alevis, Yezidis, Islamic and Christian organisations, all those 94 organisations that came under the umbrella of the European Solidarity Platform for Afrin, want to strengthen the solidarity movement with Afrin and reinforce the protests.

We call on all the Belgian anti-war activists and supporters of peace, the trade-unions, the NGO’s, the antifascists, politicians, the women’s movement and the friends of the Kurdish people to be in solidarity with the peoples of Afrin and to join the protest of Tuesday, the 27th of March in Brussels:

We call on the people to join the protest against the NATO.
Today is the day to show our solidarity with the peoples of Afrin.
Today is the day to shout out against the war organisation NATO.
Today is the day to show our sympathy with the civilian casualties of Afrin.


Tuesday, the 27th of March
Boudewijnlaan 30 (metrostop Ijzer), 1000 Brussels
Assembly: 12h, start of the march: 13h30.
Endpoint with a meeting and speeches: Schuman.

24th March #WorldAfrinDay Brighton → London

Brighton Comrades:

Friends, comrades and others inspired by the struggle of Anna Campbell (Shehîd Hêlîn Qereçox) and her commitment to the Kurdish Freedom Movement will be going together to the demonstration in London for #WorldAfrinDay.

Event page:

Meet Brighton station by the piano at 10:30am to travel together.
After the demonstration there will be a memorial for Anna at the Kurdish Community Centre in London.

If people would like to stay overnight in London to attend the Newroz (Kurdish New Year) celebration the following day, sleeping space can be organised.

Newroz has long been a symbol of struggle and resistance for the Kurdish people and its celebration has long been illegal in Turkey.

“Hêlîn, you are going to be my way. Now I should not feel lost anymore. Every time the forces of the state, patriarchy and capitalism try to influence me I will think of you, and you will be my light to continue always looking forward. Like you always did. Hêlîn, your murder just gives me more strength and generates in me more anger. The pain is not going to blind me, it will only make me stronger. I know that while following your steps I am on the right path, the road to freedom, which was always your way.” (Internationalist Commune)