All Out for August! Fight Fascism, but Keep the Pressure on the State


August is shaping up to be a busy month in the United States, with a convergence of struggles against fascist organizing, the prison-industrial complex, and the violence of the border as exemplified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). With our comrades at Submedia and It’s Going Down, we’ve prepared a short video addressing the situation. Below, we follow it with a few remarks about the situation.

All out this August!

Shut Down Fascism

We’re seeing a new wave of activity from the fascist movement that was so soundly beaten in the streets a year ago. On July 28, the Nazis of Patriot Front carried out a cowardly surprise attack on Occupy ICE in San Antonio. This August, the same fascist groups that terrorized and murdered people last year are preparing to rally around the US again—everywhere from Providence and Washington, DC to Portland and Berkeley.

Fascists are the…

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A victory in court- but the fight against ‘intentional homelessness’ goes on.

Focus E15 Campaign

Focus E15 campaigners were thrilled that Sara won her right to appeal against Newham Council after a victorious appearance in court on Thursday 26 July. The council had said that Sara had made herself ‘intentionally homeless’ for refusing to give up her life in Newham where she has a job, where her children go to school and where all her family and support networks are, after she rejected an offer of a place outside of London.  We were very surprised that this case had even gone to court as we have been highlighting this case to Newham council for over 6 months.

Focus E15 campaign strongly believe that families and communities must stay together to be strong and connected. Mental health distress is becoming all too common due to rising levels of housing insecurity and homelessness.  After the court ruling Newham council have promised to review Sara’s case.  If their review…

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Meetings timetable 2018

Red and Black Telly: WHAT IS I.D. PROLE?

Catch Martin in the flesh at Dorset Radical Bookfair on Saturday!

Bloody hell it was hot! Tolpuddle R.W.B. 2018

A rather laid back Tolpuddle with everyone seemingly subdued by the temperature. It was good to see Brighton SolFed take up a stall, and a pity the IWW didn’t manage to book one as we had loads of local Wobs on hand to crew it and plenty of IWW-related literature, which made our table a bit cramped. Les did us proud as ever, Theresa’s innovative engineering solution with the sacktruck made the Wob Kitchen table more strong and stable than her gormless namesake. Misty in Roots was sublime as I remember them from the 70s and I Destroy from Bristol is a band to watch.

We’re definitely past peak J.C., I only heard three desultory chants of “Ooh Jeremy Corbyn” Some geezer in a ‘wake up Labour’ T shirt came by the stall, seemed normal enough then handed over a leaflet – I can’t remember what it was about – full of anti-Semitic conspiracy bollocks. “What is this rubbish? Who cares if George Soros is Jewish or not?” Bloke shrugged and I gave him a pamphlet about anti-Semitism. Later on the march, the crank was spotted wearing a Guy Fawkes mask carrying a portrait of Vladimir Putin with the caption ‘peacemaker’. At the end of the village, the ‘friends of Israel’ we oiked off the site a couple of years ago stood brandishing vast British and Israeli flags, shouting something about Hamas.

Meanwhile the Labour party squabbles over two ‘examples of anti-Semitism’ from the I.H.R.A. code:

 g. Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour.

j. Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis

Now usually in anti-oppression politics, the hegemonic group doesn’t get to define what constitutes oppressive behaviour, but this is more complicated. Religion is a species of ideology, and ideology is an excuse for doing what you like and/or a palliative for those you’re doing it to. Worse, it’s a cross-class alliance. Caution should be exercised over cultural identity for the same reason; both these things often have implicit hierarchies embedded within them.

Racism is anything that materially or socially disadvantages members of a racialised group, or makes it more likely they will be targets for violence and oppressive behaviour. It’s a methodology for maintaining a power relation so it only works where such a relation exists. Anti-Semitic oppression falls on Working Class Jews who don’t have the protection of the state of Israel or the U.S. government, it doesn’t fall on Netanyahu and co. They are part of the hegemonic group, not because there is a conspiracy, or because Judaism exerts undue influence, but because they are the ultra-nationalist leadership of a state engaged in military-industrial capitalism. States are cross-class alliances; they don’t represent any people, just a mode of production.

I would say the state of Israel is a racist endeavour, so is the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Russian Federation. Almost all states were founded on racism; they began with a cultural majority carving out a piece of territory, imposing their language and customs and excluding outsiders; they invaded and robbed their neighbours. The economic and political dominance of North-Western Europe and North America was achieved through the pillage of Latin America, Africa, and the Indian sub-continent. That is the context in which the state of Israel was founded.

So what do you think, if a state grants an absolute right of citizenship to Jews and only Jews, is it racist?

Allowing displaced Palestinians to return to Israel-Palestine would deny the Israeli state a Jewish voting majority, without which it could not guarantee such rights in perpetuity. Is it racist to give Jewish people a greater right to self-determination than Palestinian people?

Is it racist to contend that all Jewish people must make this moral compromise?

Is it racist to take sixty to a hundred Palestinian lives for every Israeli one lost?

Is it racist to claim that a body of privileged individuals speaks for an entire Diaspora, or even that anybody needs to? A Diaspora that comprises a range of ethnicities, religious and secular traditions, proletarians and bourgeois alike – including anarchist comrades – especially when clearly, it doesn’t, as many Jews on this island profoundly disagree with it?

Would it have been anti-Semitic for J.C. to refuse an invitation to a cultural event from a group of young Working Class Jews in his constituency on his night off?

Is it racist to conflate anti-capitalism with anti-Semitism, implying that all Jews are supporters of capitalism?

Is it anti-Semitic to call Jonathan Arkush an arrogant prick?

There is a noble tradition of Jewish anti-capitalist movements, anarchist, socialist and atheist in Britain, Europe and the U.S. and Jews have been active in antifascism as long as there have been fascists. The board of deputies is a deeply reactionary clique that opposed every grassroots Jewish antifascist initiative of the 20th century. It opposed the action at Cable Street, and the work of the 43 and 62 groups, which effectively confounded three waves of British fascism, and if you take these things as seriously as we do, undoubtedly saved many lives. There’s a reason for this, self-organised Working Class Jews kicking their persecutors around threaten the vicarious victimhood of their self-appointed representatives. Wouldn’t the board of deputies be buggered if people stopped being anti-Semitic? These wankers are literally playing politics with Working Class lives.

In practice, nobody represents anyone but themselves, communities do not need states or leaders, and many Jewish people agree. We disdain bourgeois Jews because they’re bourgeois not because they’re Jewish. Just as we have no time for black cops, gay fascists or female prime ministers. Where is the clamour about anti-Palestinianism?

I don’t know if it’s actually anti-Semitic to accuse a Jewish person of acting like a Nazi, but it’s pretty fucking tactless, just as I wouldn’t describe an African-American employer as a slave-driver, use your noggin, Ken. You shouldn’t say stupid things like “Hitler supported Zionism” in the sense that “Hitler supported Arsenal”, because he didn’t. The Nazi state cut a deal with one section of the Zionist movement in August 1933 because they shared part of an agenda – getting European Jews to move to Palestine rather than be comfortably settled in Europe. It meant breaking an embargo on German exports. Other Zionists were violently opposed to the idea and fought valiantly against the Nazis. Haim Arlosoroff, one of the architects of the Haavara settlement was subsequently assassinated.

Anti-Semitism certainly lurked below the surface of anti-capitalism, for example in the Occupy movement; it’s faulty politics and bad history. Using ‘Zionist’ as a pejorative is unhelpful and I wouldn’t recommend it. Historically Zionism was diverse, including utopian socialists, religious groups and of course the right-wing nationalists that eventually took it over.

These aren’t problems capitalism can solve. Jews will be free when everyone is free, when identities don’t have to compete on the market and we’ve done away with the bourgeoisie and their toxic state idea.

Interview with Atta Jaber: JCB complicity in war crimes.

‘Companies should work for humanity instead of bulldozing homes’

This is the first in a series of interviews with Palestinians from Area C who have experienced demolitions of their homes or property carried out by the Israeli occupation authorities. In our interviews we will show some of the effects of demolitions, and highlight the companies involved in carrying them out.

We meet Atta Jaber with his family on their land in the Baq’ah Valley, near Hebron. From the house we can clearly see the illegal Israeli colony of Kiryat Arba, which lies just three hundred metres away, across the highway.

When we arrive, Atta and his brother’s family are working in a field below his house while F16s fly overhead. Atta confirms that this happens all day long, “24 hours a day. The Middle East is under Israeli attack. How many times this year have they attacked Syria?”

After offering us coffee, we walk through the family’s land to see the most recent destruction caused by the Israeli Civil Administration’s bulldozers. He explains what happened on 21st February 2018.

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Make your city Green again: do-it-yourself subvertising kit —

Comrades from the Special Patrol Group recently launched a subvertising campaign in London, hacking ads to display images from the Internationalist Commune’s forthcoming book ‘Make Rojava Green Again’. The images, of imprisoned representative of the Kurdish movement Abdullah Ocalan and a flower blooming from an AK-47, appeared overnight in bus-stop advertisement hoardings. Now Special Patrol […]

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It’s Alternative Working Class Question Time at Dorset Radical Bookfair!

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Alternative Working Class ‘Question time’! Chaired by Charles, branch sec, Dorset IWW.

On the panel, Lisa Mckenzie and Martin Lux from London Class War, Cassie from Bristol, John from Moral Decay Distro, Paul from Dorset IWW, others to be confirmed.

Submit your questions on the day in box provided – add a handle to call it out yourself, or anonymously to be read by the chair.

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Message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch.

Dear All

You may remember back in early June a few of us traveled to Brighton to welcome the Ship Hurriya, Arabic for Freedom, which was part of the Freedom Flotilla which is now imminently due to arrive in Gaza. Two boats The Hurriya and the Awda, Arabic for return, are right now approximately 50 miles off the Gaza coast. When they arrive they are going to face fierce resistance from the Israeli Navy as they try to break the blockade.

Please take action in order to support them. Please send an email to:  or to the UK embassy in Tel Aviv Ask the Foreign Secretary, Mr Hunt, and the UK ambassador to Israel to demand that the Government of Israel allows these ships safe passage and permission to dock safely and deliver their supplies. Please also ask that the siege of Gaza comes to an end .

Please also write to your MP and ask him/her to raise this matter with Mr Hunt and to ask him and the prime minister to raise the matter with the Israeli Government in the strongest possible terms asking them to bring an end to the siege of Gaza

We will keep you posted about what happens to the Flotilla, they are likely to be arrested and their boats impounded. Follow them on:

There is a further important matter of news. PSC really need your support as they urgently need to raise £100,000. They have already raised £29,000 of this target but the need is great so please help.
Last year PSC won an important court action in the High Court, defending the right for local councils to ethically disinvest their pension schemes from companies complicit in Israel’s crimes against Palestine.

The government appealed against this decision, and – unless PSC are able to raise the money to take this case to the Supreme Court, is set to re-introduce regulation that will prevent local councils from implementing their own judgement and moral autonomy.

Please make a donation to support this appeal. Please give what you can. Here are the bank details:

Unity Trust Bank
Name: Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Acct number: 20333702
Sort code: 086001

I am very pleased to report that £1409 was raised this year by our sponsored walk. Thank you to everyone who took part. This money will be split between Medical Aid for Palestinians and the National PSC Appeal

Please send an email to if you want details of Southampton PSC Branch meetings we would love to see you.

Thank you for your support
Cathryn Spiller

Branch Secretary Southampton PSC.




New IWOC Newsletter: The Imprisoned Worker #1

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

We are happy to announce the first issue of The Imprisoned Worker. This zine has been put together by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Incarcerated Workers’ Organising Committee (IWOC) in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England. It aims to provide a platform for prisoners, ex-prisoners and fellow workers to educate and organise one another in order to agitate against the prison-industrial-complex.

You can download the Imprisoned Worker in colour here (2mb): Imprisoned Worker #1 Colour

Or download the version for printing (2mb): Imprisoned Worker #1 for Printing

If you would like to order printed copies to distribute, please email

If you have a friend in prison that would like a copy, please email us their address and we would love to post one in.

Entries are welcome for the second edition. Email them to or post them to IWW, PO Box 5251, Yeovil, BA20 9FS

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