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Corporations are working us to the bone and laying waste to the planet. To challenge their power, we need to understand how they work and who’s involved. 257 more words

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Updated: Universal Credit staff to strike — Anarchist Communist Group

PCS union members in Universal Credit have voted overwhelmingly to take strike action over workloads and staff recruitment. 274 staff were balloted for strike action at Wolverhampton and Walsall service centres with over 90% of those who took part, voting ‘yes.” The decision will mean two days of strike action on 11 and 12 March…

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Ostula Mobilizes to Maintain Security in the Sierra-Coast (Michoacán, Mexico) — Voices in Movement

This article and the accompanying photos was published by the autonomous media collective, Subversiones. The article addresses the ongoing self-defense struggles of the Indigenous Nahua people in Santa María Ostula, Michoacán, to maintain security in their territories. The original in Spanish can be found here. Since February 21st, the Indigenous community of Santa María Ostula…

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Anna is with us, we fight on! Bristol Antifascists Demo 16.03.19

Bristol Antifascists are joining with other radical groups and comrades in Bristol for a demonstration on 16th March to remember our amazing and inspiring comrade Anna Campbell. We also want to show our shared commitment to all that she stood for and towards the better world she fought so hard for.

Here’s some of the struggles Anna gave so much to and which we carry on:

Anarchism, Anti capitalism, Feminism, Anti Patriarchy, Queer struggle, Antifascism, Animal liberation, Hunt sabotage, Prison abolition, Defendant solidarity, Ecological struggle, Eviction resistance, Direct action…

Join us! Meet 2pm near the International Brigades plaque in Castle Park, between the church and the river.

15th March 2019 marks the first anniversary of when we lost Anna Campbell. Anna went out to Rojava, the Kurdish region of Syria, to join the Kurdish struggle against fascism. She was inspired by the revolution because of the politics of direct democracy, feminism and environmentalism and fought with the YPJ (Women’s Protection Units), who have been at the forefront in the fight against ISIS. Anna was killed by a Turkish airstrike whilst defending the city of Afrin.

Anna lived in Bristol before she left for Rojava, and throughout her life was active in many groups and causes, including prison abolition, feminism, anti-fascism and animal liberation.

Join with us to remember Anna and all those who have fallen in the struggle, and to take a stand for all that she, and we, believe in. The demonstration will be followed by a gathering at Hydra Bookshop, where Anna volunteered, to launch a zine made by Anna’s friends and comrades and to (hopefully) link up with the Internationalist Commune in Rojava.. If you have ideas or contributions for the gathering on please get in touch by email.

Friends, comrades and all those who wish to remember Anna and others are welcome.

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Families trying to make self-employment and Universal Credit work: “It’s a nightmare. We never get paid on time. I have to keep chasing the DWP to get paid.”

This post from Kate Belgrave describes a situation in a way that demolishes the bullshit and spin about Universal Credit that comes from the DWP…

This post from Kate Belgrave describes a situation in a way that demolishes the bullshit and spin about Universal Credit that comes from the DWP…

Here’s (another) one for Amber Rudd and her specious advertisements which claim that the DWP and Universal Credit help people into work:

This is a short audio from one of the many recent Stockport United Against Austerity leafleting sessions I’ve attended outside Stockport Jobcentre. We talk with people as they attend the jobcentre to sign on and so on.

In this audio, a woman says that trying to survive by claiming the family’s Universal Credit entitlements alongside her self-employed husband’s earnings has been “a nightmare.”

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Event: Gilets Jaunes – an anarchist perspective

London Anarchist Federation

On 22nd March at 7pm (venue TBC) we will be hosting a talk by a member of Les Éditions de Monde Libertaire, the publishing group of the Fédération Anarchiste (France) who is active in the Gilets Jaunes movement. She will discuss the pros and cons of the movement in France as well as the problem of the involvement of the far right.

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