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Dear friends,

Hope this finds you all well and moving gently and merry through this cold winter
As many of you know (and some of you have seen it) I’ve been working for a while on a performance about the Spanish Social Revolution of 1936* with the aim of drawing inspiration from these amazing times, sharing the beauty and relevance of those events and making links with what’s currently happening in Spain ** 
The performance is a historical presentation which includes beautiful folk songs written and or sung in those days and some of mine (hear them looking under “libres” project) )
So…the show has been performed a few times mostly in London with different lengths and slightly different format depending on the place; it seems to have a life of its own now, it has a name “Libres” and it’s ready to hit the road!

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There are, and have been, some intelligent people in the SWP and they owe it to themselves to apply that intelligence. What’s wrong with the party is what’s wrong with the statist left in general and with all hierarchical organisations, especially those that boast they are serving the common good. It has been said that over a quarter of a million britons have at some time been members of the SWP – where are they now? If you really want socialism, socialise yourselves!
We don’t want no fucking rapist revolution!

Norfolk Community Action Group

Tom Walker, (now former) Socialist Worker journalist, argues that the time has come to leave the SWP

Martin Smith: cause of much controversy

The Socialist Workers Party is in deep crisis – as it has been for several months now. The reason is simple: an allegation of rape against Martin Smith, the then central committee member now referred to on some parts of the internet as comrade Delta, and the way it was handled by the party.

This case, as several speakers at conference noted, was in reality the sole reason for the four expulsions in the run-up to conference, the sole reason for the formation of two factions, and the sole reason for the split in the CC which resulted in an alternative slate being put to the conference, removing two CC members who had attempted to challenge the way the case was handled.

After much reflection, I have…

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Anarchy snow joke!

Forest of Dean Anarchists

The editorial in this week’s Forest Review newspaper cheered the numerous neighbourly and community efforts to clear snow and ice so people could get out and about – the overused phrase “Dunkirk spirit” was used. To me it seemed like a perfect example of anarchy in action.

Shamefully, I admit, I arrived too late to help my partner dig her car out for work, and just caught three sets of neighbours shovelling the last compacted snow and sheet ice away from the car and pouring grit on the road. A neighbour across the road from my parents, who they’ve hardly exchanged words with previously, cleared my folks’ entire path without being invited.

In contrast, I heard horror stories about the Co-op/district council car park in Coleford and elderly people sliding around with their trolleys and almost falling and breaking their necks. It seems no one in the supermarket or council…

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Shelley’s Celebrations at Solar Powered Show

Mary Shelley’s 216th birthday was celebrated in style in the sun at the eight Green Community Fair in Shelley Park and Theatre on Friday 30th August. Local enthusiasts and poets in period costume paraded around historic sites in Boscombe before returning to the show to perform alongside workshops and productions from local charities, writers and companies in the Theatre. The free event ran over two days and crowds of people took a break from the air show and came to the park to enjoy craft workshops, stalls and demonstrations all with an ethical and sustainable theme.

IMG_0310Local musical talent featured on the solar powered Stage with Chaplin’s Bar and notably comedy, cabaret and music all came together for an unusual commemoration of the life and works of Mary Shelley in an ‘New Orleans’ jazz style incarnation. Two piece guitar duo Unity & Division…

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National Delegate Council 24/01/13 report – Solidarity Federation.

solfedNational Delegate Council 24/01/13 report

At our national delegate council on 24/01/13, the Solidarity Federation officially recognised three new locals, in Calderdale, Hastings and the Solent. We also recognised a Belfast local as being in-formation prior to reaching a formal decision at national conference in April.

We also agreed to make regular donations to the Sparrow’s Nest library in Nottingham which holds the collection of one of our members which stretches back to the Syndicalist Workers’ Federation and is an important record of British anarcho-syndicalism. We will also be making a donation to the London anarchist bookfair collective and encourage others to do the same.

The new Solent local has members from Bournemouth to Bognor and all stations in between, if you are interested, use the contact form on SolFed’s website. The server is undergoing maintenance at the moment so if you can’t get on it contact Wessex Solidarity and we’ll pass it on. 

Dorchester March Against Austerity – Saturday 9th Febuary – 10am – 12noon.

Dorchester Anti Cuts March