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Why are 3 empty tower blocks next door to an overcrowded hostel in Newham?

Focus E15 Campaign

Focus E15 campaign organised a physically distanced action on Saturday 27 June which linked the 1km from an overcrowded hostel in Newham (known as Brimstone House) to the 400 empty flats on a council estate (Carpenters Estate) and highlighted the fact that the 3 tower blocks on the estate have been deliberately abandoned by Newham Labour Council for over 13 years whilst people struggle to live in the cramped hostel.

The human solidarity ‘chain of power’ marked out the 1km distance by placing people on temporary markings along the way and by chanting political slogans up and down the line, urging everyone not to forget about the empty homes on Carpenters Estate which was originally built for the people of Newham as life long secure housing.

Egwolo, a former resident of Brimstone House who has recently been moved onto Carpenters Estate after protesting about the lack of space in Brimstone…

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Repression news: three protesters sentenced to death in Iran, Eric King assaulted by guards

Cautiously pessimistic

Two quick updates on repression/legal/prison news.

From the Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan:

Three young people were sentenced to death by Teheran’s “Revolutionary Court”.

Saeed Tamjidi, Amir Hossein Moradi and Mohammad Rajabi were charged, among others, with “participation in the destruction of public property and encouragement of insurgency against the Islamic Republic”.

The sentence has been confirmed by Iran’s Supreme Court and the three are now awaiting their executions.

Tamjidi, Moradi and Rajabi were charged in relation to the uprising in Iran which begin in November 2019. Initially triggered by an increase in fuel prices, it quickly spread to more than 150 large and small Iranian cities and lead to the calls to overthrow the government of Iran.

The uprising is recognised as the most severe anti-government unrest in Iran since the raise of the Islamic Republic in 1979 and saw the protesters destroying hundreds of government banks…

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Solidarity with Kurdistan from Cymru

Homeless ‘charities’ and the state

Health and safety dispute at Manchester airport, BLM legal defence, the history of the Syrian revolution and more

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Reel News report that a dispute over health and safety and blacklisting has broken out at Manchester Airport. In their words:

“Construction workers are picketing Manchester airport over the disgraceful treatment that 70 sparks and fitters have received from JCK Limited on the T2 Transformation Project.

After the site was closed over safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, JCK laid everyone off with no pay whatsoever – and SACKED a worker who expressed concern over the conditions that led to the site closure.

Other workers have been sacked for refusing overtime, and for asking what safeguards were in place when the site reopened.

The most shocking aspect of this sorry episode is that ten Greater Manchester councils – all Labour councils in a city with a Labour mayor – own 65% of Manchester Airport Group (MAG), but only three have expressed any concern at all, let alone done anything…

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Independent Sex Workers Fighting COVID-19 And Poverty

Voices in Movement

BRIGADA CALLEJERA has been fighting for sex workers in Mexico for more than 30years.The government of Mexico has repeatedly let down sex workers with unfulfilled promises during the COVID-19 crisis.Brigada Callejera is asking for your solidarity and support in their “BREAKING CHAINS” COLLECTION CAMPAIGN.


We are continuing our collection campaign for Independent Sex Workers Fighting Covid-19 And Poverty.

It is urgent that all civil society organizations help vulnerable populations in the face of this worsening situation.

We are infinitely grateful to all the people who have joined forces with us. Your support has allowed us to continue collecting and delivering aid to a population that is still stigmatized and excluded due to religious moral codes that label their work.

Brigada Callejera has 30 years of experience in the defense of human rights, in particular sexual, reproductive and labor rights as well as a long history of fighting for access to health care for sex workers with the motto that for every sex worker, one health care worker.

It is important for Mexican society to continue to help independent sex workers.

Brigada Callejera has been fighting against human trafficking since the organization was created.

We are active members of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW).

We have created more than 35 comics to promote preventive care and to take care of our children and women from human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

It is urgent that we continue to unite and stand up for the vulnerable people of this country.

We Will Continue!

In memory of Jaime Montejo who died on the streets fighting for full respect for a stigmatized population.

Help us to spread the word.


Name: Brigada Callejera de Apoyo a la mujer, E.M. AC.
BBVA Mexico
Account No. 0189280332
Inter-bank Clave: 0121 8000 1892 803322

Red and Black Telly roundup

This cartoon nails it…

Cleaners told to choose between PPE and their union, zoom debate on university struggle, and more

Cautiously pessimistic

A few quick notes:

On Saturday 20th, the Angry Workers/Let’s Get Rooted project are hosting a discussion with students and university workers from Edinburgh, London, New York and New Delhi. In their words,

“Our focus will be to debate how the university is separated from, but also part of the wider social production process and therefore of class struggle:

* Universities as capitalist enterprises and the struggles against it

* The relation between students, academic staff and campus workers

* The changed relationship between students and workers in general

* The current discontent of educated technical workers, e.g. at Amazon or Google

* How can we go beyond campus politics and relate to workers’ struggles beyond being ‘allies’

Comrades will report from current struggles at Goldsmith (Goldsmith Workers Action), CUNY, NYU GSOC-UAW Local 2110, Edinburgh university and the experience of the ‘University Workers’/‘City Notes’ initiatives in Delhi.

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