Viva Ella Bradbury – our comrade and friend.

Focus E15 Campaign

Our dear friend and comrade Ella Bradbury (known more widely as Ellie), died on Friday 6 September at the age of 29 in Mexico City. This deeply sad news is a great shock and immense loss to Focus E15 campaigners. We send our love and condolences to Ella’s parents, her three brothers and to her wider family and friends, and welcome anyone at any point to our weekly Saturday street stall 12-2pm on Stratford Broadway to remember Ella together.

Ella first made contact with Focus E15 campaign in May 2015 when she was studying for her Masters in International Politics and Human Rights at City University in London. She was researching the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo from Buenos Aires in Argentina, a group of mothers that stood up to the 1976-1983 military dictatorship under which 30,000 people disappeared. These women refused to give up their fight to establish…

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Urgent: Miguel Peralta Being Denied Normal Visiting Hours as Punishment for Hunger Strike

Voices in Movement

21st September, 2019

Denunciation against the prison director in Cuicatlán, Oaxaca, Martin Porfirio Reyes Magdaleno, for violating the visiting rights of Miguel Peralta and for harassing his visitors.

After pressure exerted yesterday against the prison director in Cuicatlán, Martín Porfirio Reyes Magdaleno, demanding the entrance of a compañera to leave Miguel with the serum and honey necessary to continue his hunger strike, today again we denounce that Miguel’s visitor was removed from the prison after just one hour, when the visiting hours in the prison are Wednesday through Sunday 9-5.

This took place in spite of the fact that Miguel was put into isolation in exchange for his normal visiting hours. However, the director didn’t fulfill this agreement. Miguel is isolated and they are not letting his visitors stay for the duration of the normal visiting hours.

Furthermore, the compañera visiting Miguel today was harassed by the director of the prison, telling her that it was better if she visit him, the director, and not Miguel.

We invite you all to maintain attentive to Miguel’s situation, as the attitude of the authorities clearly hinders the accompaniment of Miguel during his hunger strike.

We invite you all to pressure the prison authorities by calling +52 1 236 374 0313, demanding Miguel’s rights be respected.

If it is possible to call the National Human Rights Commission to make a denunciation, that would also be helpful.

Open Meeting on The 2nd of October

London Anarchist Federation


In September 2020 the government will be rolling out compulsory lessons about LGBT+ relationships nation wide. When this scheme was trialed in Birmingham earlier this year there was a backlash against it and a rise in hate crime in the area, with the far right trying to jump on the band wagon.

With the potential for a national backlash in 2020 and a year to plan ahead, our gender and sexuality working group want to start discussing what we might be able to do to fight that backlash in London and further afield.

We will be holding an open meeting at 19:00 on Wednesday the 2nd of October at Freedom Bookshop to get our strategic thinking caps on.

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Red And Black Telly: LABOUR CONFERENCE 2019.

Argentina Reels from Soy and Beef Expansion

Toward Freedom

Record yields of soy and a boom in Argentine beef sales to China have been accompanied by the loss of native forests, accelerated soil degradation and water pollution – the consequence of a model that pins hopes of limitless macroeconomic growth on agricultural exports.

Some experts call this “bad development.”

Under President Mauricio Macri, who ends his four-year term in December, Argentina slashed, and in many cases completely eliminated, agricultural taxes and export permits, cancelled restrictions on foreign currency exchanges, and devalued the Argentine peso. He also enhanced the role of the agriculture ministry, making it the Ministry of Agribusiness.

Wheat shipments tripled, and soy brought in a third of the country’s dollars. In 2018, foreign sales of beef hit over half a million tonnes. China was the main destination.

In 2018 Argentina exported 500,000 tons of beef to China. Photo: Jorge Royan.

Yet, ecosystems could not support the stimulus.

“In Argentina, it seems that there was no other option than transgenic [genetically modified, or GM] seeds, the use of agrochemicals and to fumigate villages with glyphosate,” said Enrique Viale, an environmental lawyer.

High prices, new stance

Macri’s promotion of – and good relationship with – the agriculture sector contrasted with the confrontational stance adopted by his […]


Save our lungs!


66260719_10157415900707640_845992992626966528_n Picture Credit: Jennifer Blatchford/Save Gooshays Village Green Group

When Harold Hill was first developed in the 1950s, the town planners put a big emphasis on the provision of open green spaces.   They were considered by many Harold Hill residents to be the ‘lungs’ of the estate, and local people were assured by the powers-that-be that they would never be built on.  Although there has been a lot of new housebuilding in the area over the years, they have largely kept their word about not destroying the green spaces.  Until now, that is!  Havering Council announced plans earlier this year to build 64 houses on Gooshays Green in Gooshays Gardens.

Although we cannot deny that there is an urgent need for new housing,  the proposed development on Gooshays Green appears to be poorly thought-out.  As well  as the fact it will deprive locals of a much-cherished green space, the development…

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