House raids in 4 cities: 39 people detained

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

NEWS CENTER- 33 people have been detained in house raids in Muş, Adana and İzmir. Six Kurdish students detained in Ankara have been reported as “bombers” by mainstream media.

Soldiers of Muş Gendarmerie Command conducted house raids in the Kavar village of Muş city center in the morning. Citizens named Lokman Akpolat, Ziver Solgun, Ceyhan Aktaş, Şükran Akpolat and Celal Akpolat were detained in the raid. The reason for detention is unknown yet and detained people were taken to the Muş Gendarmerie Command. After the procedures were complete, Celal was released and Şükran was released under judicial supervision after being sent to Muş Courthouse. Four people have been taken under detention.

12 people detained in İzmir

Police conducted house raids in the Çamlıkulu Neighborhood of İzmir’s Buca district and detained 12 people. The detained people were taken to İzmir Police Headquarters.

At least 15 people detained in Adana

Police conducted…

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Syrian Kurds say Ankara attacking to prevent Raqqa recapture

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

PARIS (AFP) – A Syrian Kurd leader in France on Tuesday accused Turkey of “massively attacking” Kurdish forces trying to recapture Raqqa, the Islamic State group stronghold in Syria.

“With its artillery and aircraft, the Turkish army is taking advantage of the media and international community’s focus on Mosul to massively attack Syrian Kurds to stop them taking Raqqa,” Khalen Issa told a news conference in Paris.

Iraq announced the launch of the operation to retake Mosul from IS on October 17, and has since been advancing towards the city from the south, east and north.

Issa, the representative of Syrian Kurds in France, said that in their preparations to retake Raqqa, the US-backed Kurdish-Arab Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) “have liberated several villages occupied by Daesh (an alternative name for IS) to the northeast of Aleppo.”

“If Turkish artillery and aircraft are heavily bombing SDF positions in this zone and…

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Defending the zad: A new little book about the struggle against an airport and its world.

Urgent – The Turkish Government Detains Co-Mayors of Mainly Kurdish City of Diyarbakir!



Diyarbakir, October 25, 2016

Urgent – The Turkish Government Detains Co-Mayors of Mainly Kurdish City of Diyarbakir!

Gültan Kışanak and Fırat Anlı, Co-Mayors of Diyarbakir were detained by Turkish police around 9 PM on 25th of October, 2016. Ms. Kisanak was detained just after landing Diyarbakir Airport on her way back from Ankara while Mr. Anli was detained in his house in Diyarbakir city center. Residential houses of both co-mayors were raided by the police at 9 PM, which ended 2,5 hours later. Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality building is under blockade by the police and a search started at 21:00 that still continues while none of municipal personnel, including the lawyers, are allowed to access the building.

Diyarbakir is the cultural capital of the Kurdish region in Turkey and Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality shall be considered as politically most significant and pioneering municipal institution in the region. Ms. Kisanak is also co-chair of Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities (GABB) which is an official umbrella organization
bringing 106 municipalities together.

As of today, 22 elected co-mayors are in prison in Turkey while 33 of them were dismissed. Deputy governors were appointed as trustees by the central government on behalf of dismissed mayors on 11 September 2016, which has been the most destructive move in recent history of local democracy in Turkey.

As Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region Municipalities (GABB), we urgently call international community to act immediately in order to release statements and protest this anti-democratic and unjust policy waged by the Turkish government.

Call for Global Day of Action to celebrate World Kobane Day; from Peace in Kurdistan Campaign.

Dear friends,

Activists from across the world have come together in a joint effort calling for action for Kobane on the 1st November 2016. See new website on events: WORLD KOBANE DAY

The London rally to celebrate World Kobane Day will be on 1 November, at 6.30pm at the Vue Wood Green Cinema, at Hollywood Green, 180 High Road, N22 6EJ (near Wood Green station). It is organised by the Kurdish and Turkish
community, the Democratic Communities Associations.


  • Please join the London rally and/or organise your own action where you are: It could be a demo or a rally; a workshop or reading session; a fundraiser; a viral picture campaign or even a Twitter storm.
  • Whatever you do, don’t forget to make it noisy and visible ­ we want the Turkish government, British government and international community to hear us when we demand freedom and peace for Kobane.
  • Send any information on your event and photos to the WORLD KOBANE DAY website and e-mail: reconstructkobane@gmail.comSign our Open Letter below and attached: If you agree and want us to add your name, please respond to this email with your name, organisation or profession.

In solidarity.
Peace in Kurdistan Campaign


Open Letter to celebrate World Kobane Day on 1 November 2016 and demand that the British government takes all the appropriate political actions to bring about peace for the sake of Kobane and the people in the entire Middle East.

Two years on the people of Kobane are still fighting and inspiring us all In 2014, when they were successfully pushing back an assault by ISIS on their community and democratic institutions, the men and women of Kobane led by the Kurds demonstrated that ISIS was not invincible and that popular forces acting in unison can triumph over the bitterest and most vicious adversary.

Their struggle brought hope despite the dreadful circumstances and deadly threats from one of the most murderous organisations the world has ever encountered. It was a victory for the whole of humanity. Their fight was quite unlike the conflict waged by the global and regional powers who are seeking to outflank each other at the cost of the lives of millions of people. The victory in Kobane was emphatically not about winning strategic advantage or fighting a proxy war. It was not about people’s suffering being cynically manipulated and used to fulfil someone else’s ends. It was a classic, simpler, struggle in self-defence and for peace, democracy and equality between peoples of different religion, creed, ethnicity and gender.

In the struggle for Kobane in 2014 it was clear-cut which side was the aggressor and the defence of Kobane inspired volunteers from far and wide to come to their assistance. The leaders in Kobane said they were fighting for the whole of humanity and, in truth this is exactly what they were doing.

It was the complete opposite of ISIS’ merciless attempt to impose an autocratic tyranny which enforced a narrow doctrine and strict code of behaviour on every single aspect of daily life where women and people of other faiths were savagely repressed, degraded, murdered and abused. It was a remarkable struggle to create what’s never been seen before in this region: the building of an open, democratic society where men and women were equal, where all faiths and minorities were equally respected. It was an entirely new project inspired by ideas developed by Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. In their struggle, the people of Kobane would uphold the universal values of human equality and human rights.

They conveyed was a clear message to the world that inspired and still resonates because it still represents those shared values that form the basis of any decent society. Kobane stands for some fundamental principles that offer the best hope of achieving a lasting peace and a better future for all the peoples. It shows that the people of the Middle East can live together in equality and mutual respect rather than animosity and sectarian hatred.

The men and women of Kobane stood on the side of humanity, which is the only side worth taking. The politicians in Westminster, Washington, Brussels and all major capitals refuse to acknowledge this and continue to hedge their bets pursuing barely concealed sectarian agendas. With tragic consequences, the world has entered a new Cold War now being played out in Syria, Iraq and the wider region. All the while, Turkey maintains its aggressive and ambiguous policy of apparently fighting ISIS with one hand while with its other hand it is fighting those forces that have taken the lead in the fight against ISIS on the ground, namely the Kurds. Turkey has threatened full-scale intervention in Iraq as the battle for Mosul closes in on ISIS. It has been bombing the Kurds who are the most valiant in the fight against ISIS. Ankara’s policy of duplicity is impeding the struggle to defeat ISIS and it should be the duty of Turkey’s fellow NATO members to rein it in right now.

Our British Government is also pursuing a far from glorious role and has now announced that it will restart military training of Syrian rebels, who are variously described as “moderate” or “militants”, depending on which news source you read. This is ultimately a recipe for more conflict and yet more bloodshed. It is a sectarian dead end that will mean permanent warfare. They are simply backing the wrong forces.

It was the men and women of Kobane who stood up for humanity and inspired people around the world by their courage and determination. They are still fighting for the same cause two years on. We stand with people of Kobane and the cause they espouse is our cause too.

We demand that our government takes all the appropriate political actions to bring about peace for the sake of Kobane and the people in the entire Middle East.

It will take years, possibly decades, to reconstruct the region’s infrastructure that has been destroyed in the years of the protracted conflicts. It will take even longer to heal the wounds and lacerations inflicted by hatred and all the sectarian bitterness unleashed by the fighting of neighbour against neighbour.

In Kobane people of all different creeds and ethnic groups have come together to defend their community and homeland from the immediate danger of an aggressor that threatens them all. They fought in a common cause and it is one that still deserves our support and solidarity.

Two years on from their historic victory against ISIS the men and women of Kobane are still fighting and inspiring us. We salute them.

Supported by

Peace in Kurdistan
Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question
Email: <>
Contacts Estella Schmid 020 7586 5892 & Melanie Gingell – Tel: 020 7272 7890

Patrons: Lord Rea, Lord Dholakia, Baroness Sarah Ludford, Jill Evans MEP, Jean Lambert MEP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Hywel Williams MP, Kate Osamor MP, Elfyn Llwyd, Sinn Fein MLA Conor Murphy, John Austin, Christine Blower, NUT International Secretary,  Simon Dubbins, UNITE International Director, Bruce Kent, Gareth Peirce, Julie Christie, Noam Chomsky, John Berger, Margaret Owen OBE, Prof Mary Davis, Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley, Mark Thomas, Nick Hildyard, Stephen Smellie, Derek Wall, Melanie Gingell

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Mental health issues – in colour and 3D

scottish unemployed workers' network


The exhibition by ‘artists with lived experience of mental health issues’, showing at Summerhall in Edinburgh, has some important messages for the people running our benefits system, and also our health service. Taking in the art on display, and reading the accompanying descriptions by the artists, one becomes aware of the personal significance of each piece, and the strength that must be needed first to make it and then to show it to the public. But I hope that the other artists will forgive me for just focussing on two artists whose work will resonate with everyone who has been on health related benefits. The first is Lauren Stonebanks, whose collage box included the sad note above, and was given this explanatory label


Lauren also has another piece in the exhibition, though she is only tangentially responsible for it. This is a bashed in door


for which she has supplied the following…

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AngryWorkers on Sojourner Truth Organisation: Some Thoughts

Angry Workers of the World


We were asked to write about how we relate to the 1970s American revolutionary group, Sojourner Truth Organisation (STO). Amongst other things, they were involved in workplace organising and developed thinking around race and white skin privilege. For more information about them you go to their excellent and informative archive:

We agree with Noel Ignatiev when he says that the workplace organising phase of STOs political legacy is the most valuable. When we came across STO around a year ago, they immediately struck a chord with us because we are trying to do something similar in west London. We try to be a bit ‘strategic’ in where we get jobs, in sectors we find politically interesting because of its class composition. We decided to get jobs in some of the bigger factories and warehouses located in London’s hinterland – workplaces that are crucial to supplying this hungry city. These…

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Updates on eviction in Calais

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Live updates: Information about police repression and racist controls around the eviction in Calais

Fil d’actualité: Information sur les répressions policière et les contrôles racistes autour des expulsion du Bidonville a Calais

Vidéos et photos sur le Facebook Polyvalence sur


7:51 Afficher effectuer a l’entrer du bidonville: Présence interdites au nom de l’ état d’ urgence, six mois prison, 7500 euro d’ amande

7:51 Order at the entrance of the jungle under the state of emergency,. Unathorized presence 6 month prison and 7500 euro fine

9:30 Contrôles d’identité et fouilles à la gare des personnes présumé*e*s d’être migrant*e*s et dans le parc en face de la marie

9:30 ID controls at the train station and in the parc infront of the town hall of people who are presumed to be migrants

9:53 Contrôle badge et identité pour rentrer a la Jungle

9:53 Badge and identity controls for entering…

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