Bristol Radical History Festival Saturday 16th May, 2020

10.00 am to 4.30 pm

Bristol Radical History Group (BRHG) have organised a full programme of events for our 2020 Radical History Festival, in collaboration with our hosts at M Shed.


The 2020 Festival has two main Themes, where once again we will reveal hidden histories, debate and agitate for a future of better pasts:

State and private surveillance of labour and social movements (1792 to now)

Hidden histories of post-war mainland Britain (1945-51)

Programme of events

Class power on zero hours: new Angry Workers book and tour

Cautiously pessimistic

If you’re interested in working-class organising efforts, you may well have encountered  West London’s dedicated crew, Angry Workers of the World. They’ve compiled the experiences of the last six years of living, working and fighting into a new book coming out in March, Class Power on Zero Hours, which looks like essential reading for anyone who shares their commitment to working-class self-organisation.

“AngryWorkers, a small political collective, have spent six years organising in London’s industrial backyard, mainly in the food manufacturing and logistics sector. This book is about their experiences as they try and find new ways of building class power in tough times. It is essential reading for anyone who is grappling with the question: ‘what next for working class politics and revolutionary strategy?’

From the introduction:
“In January 2014 some AngryWorkers chose to move to a working class neighbourhood on the fringes of west London. We felt…

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Reading Group #19 – Marxism (and Anarchism) #3

London Anarchist Federation

Our regular reading group will next meet on Tuesday, 17th of March 2020, 7-9pm at Freedom Bookshop (84b Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX).

reading group poster copy3-page-0

While the last two reading groups were an introduction to Marx and his own writings on economics and the state, we will close this season (for now), by looking at some of the differences between Anarchism & Marxism, or better between Anarchists & Marxists. We will also pick up on some of the discussions started at the last reading group.

Disclaimer: As always, we do not choose texts that we necessarily agree with, but that educate and allow debate.

Have a read of the below and join the discussion!

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Climate Chaos Is Class War And No-one Should Be Telling Us How To Fight It

the void


The planet is fucked, and it will be the poor who pay the price.  It is happening now in some parts of the world where climate change has already begun to cause devastation.  And without radical change, this is only going to get worse, much worse.

That doesn’t mean we are heading for social collapse in a decade as some of those in the growing environmental movement predict. More likely we will see a drawn out struggle for survival, as more and more parts of the planet become uninhabitable and competition for increasingly scarce resources escalates.   As such we are likely to see the intensification of states and armies and borders, not their demise.  And that is why any struggle against climate change must be a class struggle, that seeks not to abandon those fleeing sites of climate disaster, but instead builds a movement based on solidarity and mutual aid…

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Support Kate Wilson against spycops in court, and new fundraiser for Eric King launched

Cautiously pessimistic

Two very quick updates:

Police Spies Out of Lives and the Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance are inviting everyone to join Kate Wilson in or outside court on the morning of Thursday 27th. In their words:

“Join us outside court on Thursday 27 February 2020 in London to support Kate Wilson in the next hearing of her landmark human rights case.

Kate was deceived into a long-term, intimate relationship with an undercover police officer, Mark Kennedy. She is bringing a case to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, Britain’s special court for human rights affected by state surveillance.

Even before the full case is heard, these preliminary hearings have brought significant victories. The Met have already conceded that they violated her right to freedom from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment.

She is bringing a claim for breaches of a further five rights, and hopes the case will lay bare the workings and chain…

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Capitalism, Anti-capitalism and Popular Organisation


This booklet, called Capitalism, Anti-capitalism and Popular Organisation, is a publication of the Popular University of Rio de Janeiro in conjunction with the Movement of Unemployed Workers of Rio de Janeiro (MTD-RJ).

In this co-edition, we thought that a first and important step would be material that explained, in a simple way, the functioning of the capitalist system and offered a critical and current perspective in relation to it. At the same time, this material should offer more than just criticism. It should present constructive elements that could show ways and possibilities of how to fight capitalism and, also, give some perspectives of struggle in the medium and long term.


Potential punishment coming for people providing their own housing solution?

The South Essex Heckler - Archive

Thurrock Council officers are drawing up plans to address “the alleged violation of planning regulations at Buckles Lane in South Ockendon, which includes unlawful development in the greenbelt”. Buckles Lane is a mobile home site, originally intended for the use of travelling showmen but which in recent years, has expanded to include people who are not travellers or show people. This is how it’s being covered in the local media: Council plots restrictions to bring Buckles Lane down in size.

It looks as though the council are planning a multi-faceted approach which they claim will “create a safe and well-designed residential environment for the showmen community in Thurrock”. The council claim they will be working with the Showmen’s Guild in order to achieve this. Basically, they’re alluding to a divide and rule approach in dealing with the community at Buckles Lane. Part of that approach is relying on rags like…

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28. Feb. – Rally Against Capital – Fuck the Banks, Fuck the City!

London Anarchist Federation

Via Green Anti-Capitalist Front London

The future of the planet is under attack. We are living through the willful destruction of Earth’s ecosystems and the billions of people who depend on them to survive. We know what is causing this destruction – the capitalist system we live in and the people who get disgustingly rich while knowing that they are only able to do so by destroying the future for everybody. Currently they ignore the plight of the global south while stealing resources to pad their pockets all the same; it’s about time we said no more. No more exploitation. No more capitalism. No more climate change!

Join us on the 28th of February at 2pm at in the City of London to tell the bankers, the rich, the powerful that we won’t let them take our planet – the people will not go down without a fight and we’re…

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Red And Black Telly: I.Q. “INTELLIGENCE” + CLASS.