Just imagine what could happen when Trump visits the UK

And why confine it to the capital? Your big day out in a police kettle with the paper-sellers just confirms the centralisation of power and gives babylon a load of free crowd-control training at very little risk to themselves.

If you can get up at the crack of dawn to catch a coach, arrange childcare and transport, you could do several effective pickets/blockades in your own town, shut something down and fuck off before the cops arrive.

This will have local impact and stand a chance of engaging your neighbours and workmates.

Pictures from Global Actionday for Hasankeyf and Sur

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Here come pictures from the Global Action Day for Hasankeyf and Sur on April 28, 2018

Source: Save Hasankeyf and Tigris Valley


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My review of “Poster Workshop 1968-1971” by Sam Lord with Peter Dukes, Jo Robinson and Sarah Wilson.

lipstick socialist

pw 2

It is the May elections this week and the title of this book will resonate with many people: they are that disillusioned with the political process and politicians.  But this book is not about politicians; it is about how people at a grassroots level, 50 years ago, really did believe that they could change society and not just here but over the water in the North of Ireland,  in South Africa and in  Vietnam.

This book tells the story of the Poster Workshop in London and how they  used the new technology of screen printing, which allowed people to produce cheap and accessible posters  to convey important messages for all kinds of political movements.

The Poster Workshop was part of a bigger worldwide  movement which began in France in May/June 1968 when students alongside workers went on strike,  challenging the right wing government and demanding seismic change in society. It…

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Our Urban Millions Must Wrest Control from Hostile, Inhumane Labour

If there really are committed citizen-candidates of sound mind and free from party or personal agendas, it would be worth putting there manifestoes up here so the electors can have a look.
In most places it will be Hobson’s choice, or none of the above.


John Healey, Matthew Bennet and Jeremy Corbyn, Lambeth Labour Manifesto 2018

– after an article by Sadiq Khan in today’s Observer

People in cities and towns up and down the country will go to the polls on Thursday to deliver their verdict on councils that seem neither to like us nor to understand our values and way of life.

Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour councils have turned their backs on urban and suburban areas by pursuing policies and public spending decisions that discriminate against our cities and towns.

Every new Labour policy, manifesto and statement seems designed to antagonise people living in urban areas. Not just the poor, the inner-city dwellers, the ethnically diverse and the young – who Labour have repeatedly failed – but also the middle classes, the commuters, those in the suburbs, and all who value Britain’s tolerance, diversity and proud traditions.

This is hitting in particular people living in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, but…

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The same old council lies

The Revenge against the Commons

Zad for ever

This is a long read by one of the inhabitants of the Zad, about the the fortnight rollercoaster of rural riots that has just taken place to evict the liberated territory of the zad. It’s been incredibly intense and hard to find a moment to write, but we did our best. This is simply one viewpoint, there are over 1000 people on the zone at the moment and every one of them could tell a different story. Thank you for all the friends and comrades who helped by sharing their stories, rebel spirits and lemon juice against the tear gas.

The Revenge against the Commons of the zad or Why France’s biggest police operation since May 68 is prepared to kill for Macron’s Neoliberal Nightmare.

“We must bring into being the world we want to defend. These cracks where people find each other to build a beautiful future are important…

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21st century living conditions

Kurdistan Solidarity – Portsmouth fundraising gig, 10th May.

10th May at 3 Bar, 106 Palmerston Rd, Portsmouth, Southsea PO5 3PT

Hosted by Kurdistan Solidarity – Portsmouth, in support of the people of Kurdistan and in honour of the martyrs who gave their lives for the freedom of others, we are hosting a benefit night at Three bar in Southsea, featuring local and international acts.

Performing will be:

Roj – kurdish singer based in London
Kelly Kemp – indie tinged acoustic
El Morgan – soulful acoustic
Cyprian Sceptre – lively folk

Words by Bavil Ahmad: giving information about Kurdistan, in particular Rojava and the revolution their. We will speak about what the revolution means, what it stands for. It will be an informative night of learning and fun.

Tickets will be £5 with students getting a 2-4-1 deal. Option to donate more towards the cause if anyone wishes to support.

All proceeds to Hevi Foundation

facebook event

Message from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Southampton Branch. Dates in May.

Four Important Dates In May

May 5th Guildhall Square Portsmouth. 11.30 . This event is hosted by our friends at Portsmouth and South Downs PSC. If you are near the Portsmouth area, go along and show solidarity with Palestine.

May 7th Come and Celebrate May Day in Palmerston Park, Southampton. A celebration of left, green and progressive activism. From 12 Noon -4pm PSC will have a stall. Come and say hello. If you can help with the stall on the day please e-mail me.

May 13th Let’s Show Solidarity with Palestine

March of Solidarity with the Gaza March of Return. Meet at the Bargate at 11am. We will march to the Peace Fountain and then finally assemble in cultural square. 42 people have been killed by Israel defence forces since the March of Return began on 30th March and over 5000 have been injured. The March of Return declares the right of all Palestinians to return to the lands that were theirs before the creation of the state of Israel . Israeli independence (14th may) is remembered as Nakba in Palestine, (the Catastrophe.)

May 27th PSC Sponsored Walk.

Meet at Platform 1 Southampton Central Station at 9.45 or at 10 20 at Brockenhurst Station, south side. This is our annual sponsored event. It is a very enjoyable walk though the countryside. This year the route takes us from Brockenhurst to Lymington.Please wear walking boots or other suitable footwear as places of the route are very muddy. We will be back by 5pm.Please find the attached sponsor form if you want to take part. This raises awareness about Palestine as well as being a good opportunity to raise money which will directly help people in Palestine. Funds raised will be split betweem Medical Aid for Palestine and PSC.

Please support these events and tell your friends as well.

Stalls are continuing in town on 5th 12th and 19th May. Come and say hello, and tell HSBC to Stop Arming Israel.

My very best wishes

Cathryn M Spiller

Branch Secretary Southampton PSC.




WorkersWildWest no.7 – A west-London workers’ paper

Angry Workers of the World

www7Click here for PDF: WWW7

Issue no.7 of our local workers’ newspaper – find two articles below, for remaining articles see PDF above.


Sainsbury’s Superstore, Ladbroke Grove, Nightshift worker
“The guys on the older contracts were called in by management and it was announced that they will cut our break time during nightshift. People were angry, but then also scared to do something. Some weeks later the Sainsbury’s higher-up management announced that they will reduce the number of store managers by more than half.”

Brakes, Premier Park, Park Royal, Warehouse worker
“I work on night-shift. Workers do voice- controlled pick in ambient, chiller and freezer. You have to wear a head-set and a computer voice tells you what to pick. The pick-rate has been increased from 160 to 170 pieces per hour recently. We are paid around £11 for nights.”

24-hour Asda supermarket…

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