May 31st Dalston Solidarity Cafe Open Assembly

London Anarchist Federation

This is an open assembly to organise the next Cafes (starting with the June date), to finalise the organising of the 2nd monthly appointments (including outdoors & different modalities), as well as discussing the project’s future direction.

If you wish to join online, we can set up an online link for you. Drop us a message beforehand at

Halkevi Kurdish Community Centre
FOR MAPS SEARCH: 33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF
Ring the buzzer on Tyssen Street.



* We won’t tolerate any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and any other discriminatory behaviour. *

* The Dalston Solidarity Cafe is a space that connects a diversity of collectives, realities and individuals who by sharing their knowledge and experience will be able to offer a range of mutualistic practices. These can help the community to improve our condition and happiness, beyond the “survival…

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Climate campaigners disrupt Shell AGM


Disruption by climate campaigners today forced Shell to pause its first AGM since moving headquarters to London.

Protest outside Shell AGM, 24 May 2022. Photo: DrillOrDrop

The company asked for police help when about 80 demonstrators posing as shareholders accused it of human rights abuses, ecocide, fuel climate breakdown and funding misinformation.

After about 40 minutes, Shell chief executive, Ben van Beurden, and the board left the room to shouts from some in the audience of “Out, out, out”.

Earlier, a choir interrupted the chairman’s address with a revised version of Queen’s We Will Rock You, changing words to “we will stop you”.

Other protesters read testimonies of the impact of Shell’s activities in Africa. A banner was unveiled reading “Shell profits from hell on Earth”.

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Join The Anarchist Bloc At The TUC Demo On June 18th

London Anarchist Federation

There will be an Anarchist Bloc at the TUC demonstration against the rising cost of living on June 18th. Full call out below:

People have had enough. Everything’s going up but our wages and benefits. Corrupted politicians partied while people died. Local and national politicians do nothing as living standards plummet, property profiteers are driving rents up and leaving our kids at the mercy of “free market” landlordism, people are using food-banks in every town and city, and workers are sacked at the click of a rich CEO’s fingers.

The time for A to B marches that are pre-arranged with the cops, listening to hours of cliched speeches, and waiting for out of touch politicians to act, is at an end. We must find each other, take to the streets and demand systemic change.

The Bloc will meet at 11am at Portland Place, and march at 12 noon.

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Red and Black Telly roundup.

Red and Black Telly roundup.

Upcoming Anti-Raids Protest In Hackney On 25th Of May

London Anarchist Federation

Hackney Anti-Raids, Hackney Cop Watch, and the IWGB couriers section are organizing a protest in light of the recent events in Dalston, in which police conducted an immigration raid against delivery drivers who were in dispute with the local McDonalds and Hackney Council over being forced to wait further away from McDonalds without adequate shelter or access to toilet facilities.

The police were stopped by a crowd of locals and forced to leave the area empty handed, but 9 people were arrested and many others beaten for standing up to this flagrant use of police power against migrant workers.

Drivers and supporters with bikes will be meeting at 5.30pm at Ashwin Street, E9 3DL, and setting off at 6pm for the town hall. Anyone with a bike is welcome to ride along in solidarity. At Hackney Town Hall at 6.15pm there will be police intervention training, followed by…

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Red and Black Telly roundup.