Bristol Radical History Festival on Sunday 17th September at the MSHED (day after the anarchist bookfair)

Bristol Radical History and the Remembering the Real World War One groups are teaming up to bring you the Bristol Radical History Festival on Sunday 17th September (10.30am – 4.30pm) at M Shed.

Bristol Radical History Festival brings together historians, history groups, publishers and the public for a day of talks, walks, puppet shows and readings, films, bookstalls and displays uncovering radical histories in Bristol, the South West and beyond.

From mutinous Bristolian soldiers to rebellious anarchist women, from Bristol’s underground networks of war resistors to its rioters of 1831 we promise a ‘history-from-below’ approach, with speakers and performers eager to share authentic glimpses of a hitherto undocumented past.

Two important anniversaries are also being celebrated at the Radical History Festival. It is 800 years since the Charter of the Forest was signed granting rights, privileges and protections for the commoner, something which has been central to recent and past struggles to protect the nearby Forest of Dean. It is also 50 years since the ground-breaking History Workshop project was founded, aimed at breaking down barriers between universities and local historians and researching working class ‘history from below’.

A series of history talks are taking place in Studio 1 and 2 on Level 1 from 10.30am – 4.30pm.

Puppet shows, films and readings are taking place in the Gallery on Level 1 from 10.30am – 4.30pm.

History walks will be starting and ending at M Shed at 11.00am and 4.30pm.

Twenty five bookstalls and displays are situated on Levels 1 and 2.

Radical History Festival Programme

Note: events will be added to this list and there may be changes of times.

Turkey’s Kurdish antique town Hasankeyf to be destroyed with Ilisu Dam

Kurdistan Solidarity Network


Turkeys-Kurdish-antique-town-Hasankeyf-to-be-destroyed-with-Ilisu-Dam-May-2016-photo-anfBATMAN, Turkey’s Kurdish region,— The Council of Batman City in Turkish Kurdistan held an important symposium this past weekend. The symposium was on Batman’s Hasankeyf district that sheds light on humanity’s past with its history. Former Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertuğrul Günay, academics, lawyers, parliamentarians, NGO representatives and other notables from the town participated in the symposium.

The two sections of the symposium were titled “Hasankeyf and the Dicle Valley” and “Hasankeyf and UNESCO.” The main goal of the event was to save the Kurdish town from the government’s ideologically motivated destruction through the construction of Ilısu Dam. With its history and geography, Hasankeyf is a significant town in the region.

The town where stones smell like history

Hasankeyf is one of the unique towns where history is preserved, and has been home to civilizations such as Hurrians, Mitannis, Assyrians, Urartians, Medes, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Umayyads, Abbasids…

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Undercover police within the social movements

It’s widely known that both Jacobs and Kennedy imported vast quantities of ketamine into the UK which had a devastating effect on many of their contacts.

Surrey and Hampshire Anarchist Federation

A brief look at the infiltration into political groups by the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), an undercover unit of the British police’s Special Branch. The SDS used relationships with women activists to help give credibility to their false identities which were often created with use of dead children’s names.

The first indications of how deeply undercover police had infiltrated various groups in the broad movement came with the identification of Mark Kennedy as an infiltrator. Police Constable Mark Kennedy, posing as Mark Stone, infiltrated environmental and leftist networks for approximately eight years (2001-2009) in the Nottingham area, sometimes working with another undercover spy, a women, who posed as an environmental activist. He hosted meetings with activists in up to 23 countries including the USA, and took part in blockades, site occupations and sabotage, sometimes playing key logistical roles such as transport. He worked as a provocateur, encouraging activists to engage…

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B&H Housing Coalition launch

Brighton Benefits Campaign

 This conference is free but numbers are limited so tickets must be booked at Eventbrite 


0900: Registration and coffee

0945: Welcome and introductory comments

1000: Question and Answer Session (Each MP will give an introduction)

  • Lloyd Russell – Moyle MP
  • Caroline Lucas MP

1100: Introduction (5 minutes for each facilitator) to workshops/seminars: A briefing paper will be available for each workshop prior to the conference

  • Temporary & Emergency accommodation
  • Community led housing
  • Privately rented accommodation
  • Residents, including leaseholders, of council owned properties
  • Benefits and Housing

1230: Report back on each workshop/seminar

1300: Lunch

1400: Introduction to workshops/seminars on specific issues with an emphasis on the disproportionate effect of such issues on different sections of our community: A briefing paper will be available for each workshop prior to the conference

  • Health and Housing
  • Advocacy & legislation
  • Living rents, affordability, and social housing
  • Accessibility
  • Homelessness (including utilisation of empty properties)


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Fast Forward Festival 2017.

Surrey and Hampshire Anarchist Federation

Plan C are excited to announce Fast Forward 2017, a weekend of discussions, plenaries, workshops, music, food, walking and partying. We want this festival to be a vehicle for sharing experiences and enthusiasms, and building new relationships, ideas, and strategies that can equip us to confront capitalism today and build new worlds beyond it.

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Rent strike wins in Parkdale, Canada!

Cautiously pessimistic

Residents in the working-class Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto have been on rent strike since the start of May, as chronicled in this interview. Now, they’ve declared victory:

Statement of the Rent Strikers’ Negotiating Committee

Today we are pleased to announce that the Parkdale rent strike has ended in victory. The organizing of hundreds of working class people in Parkdale, including us and our neighbours, has shifted the balance of power between landlords and tenants in Parkdale in our favour.

For the past six months we have organized our neighbourhood to take on our landlord directly. We know that the laws, courts, and bureaucracies of this system do not serve our interests and throughout this fight we would not be trapped in their dead ends. We refused to play by the rules. Instead we set up independent organizations in our buildings and linked those organizations up across Parkdale…

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