Should Revolutionaries Back Corbyn? The case against.

A well-argued case from an experienced activist comrade of ours.

“We’re still here because we have to keep on fighting”

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Paul Cudenec of Shoal Collective reports from Montpellier, France, on the first birthday of the Gilets Jaunes’ uprising

Mont1066 The Yellow Vest protest in Montpellier on Saturday November 16

“I am not ashamed to feel afraid from time to time. I keep on coming, but I understand those who don’t come any more because they’re too frightened”.

So spoke Antoine, a 75-year-old Gilet Jaune marking the first anniversary of the Yellow Vest movement in the southern French city of Montpellier on Saturday November 16.

This was just one of many protests and occupations across the country (notably in Paris) marking the birthday weekend and paving the way for a big day of strikes and actions on December 5.

Antoine explained: “I’ve been here from day one and I’ve escaped police batons by a whisker on several occasions, even though my only weapons are my whistle and my gilet jaune!”


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Class struggle events listing, Nov 18-25th:

Sham 2019

Anarchist Communist Group

Once again ‘election fever’ is upon us. Manifestos festoon the medias with ‘promises, promises and more promises’. The drudgery of politicians scoring points of view over each others ‘opponents’ is numbingly similar to watching a ‘soap opera’. Just a quick look at some of these ‘promises’ [manifestos] from previous elections reveals but lies, lies and more lies. Real change only truly shows itself in terms of how business conducts itself or how absolutely the country is doing within the world trading markets. For most of the citizenry are in total servitude to money and capitalist philosophy which has dominated politics the last two or three hundred years or so. The ‘sham’ of elections does not change the huge disconnect between the ‘X’ on a ballot paper and real struggles people face every day under the huge burden that is ‘Capitalism’.

Election Time Again

We imagine most of the general public are sick to the back teeth of politicians


The general election – a few thoughts from the sidelines

To neglect a minute of real activism in favour of this election is to serve the ruling class, tantamount to scabbing. Suggest get in touch with your local postal depot and offer your support. Join them on the picket line.

Dave – the editor

We’re anarchists and as such, have no real stake in the forthcoming general election, apart from the the outcome setting the context in which we’ll be operating. What does concern us is the impact this toxic shitshow of an election could have on some of the supposedly non party political campaign alliances we’ve worked with. As anarchists, it pains us to watch from the margins as party politics looks like it could get dragged into some of these alliances with the consequent damage in terms of people quitting / not coming to events + actions because they may end up as party political broadcasts.

Having said this, we’d like to give a shout out to Save Our Libraries Essex who in our view, have played a blinder so far in keeping party politics out of it while putting all of the candidates under pressure on the…

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