There’s a third position that can be taken on Brexit…

Can’t stand Claire Fox – freelance reactionary.

With Nigel Farage staging a whirlwind tour across the south of Essex today (Saturday 18.5), it seems like a good opportunity to restate our position on Brexit which is basically this – a pox on all of your houses! We’ll try to clarify what we mean by this…

We’re anarchists and as such, distrust all power structures. By definition, we’re opposed to the European Union because it is a power structure that promotes corporate interests – think back to the thankfully failed Trans-Atlantic Trade and Invest ment Partnership. Also take a look at Fortress Europe – there may well be freedom of movement within the EU but for anyone from outside, particularly if they’re non-white, there are massive barriers to their entry into Europe.

Also, look at how one of the leading powers in the EU treat their citizens when they rise up in protest against a neo-liberal imposed austerity…

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Communiqué From Mapuche Political Prisoners (Temuco, Chile)

This communiqué comes from the Indigenous Mapuche political prisoners in Temuco, Chile, who continue demanding the recognition of their cultural and political rights inside prison. The original communiqué in Spanish was published by Publicacion Refractario and can be found here.

We, the Mapuche political prisoners in Temuco, communicate the following to the national and international public, and to our Mapuche people:


    1. Our principal and absolute demand will always be freedom for all of the Mapuche political prisoners.
    2. In spite of the multiple efforts that we have carried out to generate dialogue with the Gendarmerie, with the intention to advance toward attaining our political and cultural rights inside of the prison, they continue to be violated and negated by the prison administration and its various authorities.

These political and cultural rights are related most directly to the following short-term demands regarding our prison situation:


    1. The implementation of protocols for mass visits three times a year.
    2. The free spiritual exercise of the Mapuche prisoners once a month.
    3. The ability to carry out workshops on Mapuche language and culture without segregation between the accused and the convicted once a week.
    4. The increase in the number of family or general visits to 20 people per inmate.
    5. Access to intercultural or occidental healthcare according to the situation.
    6. The ability to play sports together, the accused and the convicted.

In addition, the following medium-term demands:


    1. Modification of Decree 518 to consider the demand and cultural approaches of the Mapuche political prisoners and of all the Indigenous peoples deprived of their freedom.
    2. Exclusive modules for Mapuche prisoners.
    3. Transfer of the convicted Mapuche political prisoners to the Center of Education and Work (CET).


Freedom now to all of the Mapuche political prisoners!!

Accused and Convicted Political Prisoners for the Mapuche Cause

Temuco Prison

May 6th, 2019

For a Socialist Architecture. Part 2: The Principles of Architectural Practice

Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

1. The Duties of an Architect

In December 2015 the International Trade Union Confederation predicted that 7,000 construction workers will die on building sites in preparation for the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar, where 1.8 million migrant workers from India, Nepal, the Philippines, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are kept in conditions of semi-slavery, with pay withheld, their passports confiscated, living in cramped work camps and labouring in 50 degree heat. In contrast, Qatar’s 278,000 citizens have the highest per capita income in the world. When criticised for the conditions of these workers in relation to her design for the Al Wakrah football stadium (above), one of eight being built for the tournament, Zaha Hadid responded:

‘I have nothing to do with the workers. I think that’s an issue the government should pick up. It’s not my duty as an architect to look at it.’

Article (ASH)

For a Socialist Architecture. Part 1: The Facts in the Case of Patrik Schumacher

Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

At the invitation of the Architecture Society of the University of Cambridge, it was announced that, on 13 May 2019, Patrik Schumacher, the Principal at Zaha Hadid Architects, gave a lecture titled ‘Architecture and Urbanism in the 21st Century’ in the Department of Architecture. In response, a group of postgraduate students invited Architects for Social Housing to give a presentation that would introduce students to the writings of Patrik Schumacher. ASH presentation was in two parts: the first offering a critique of Patrik’s various statements about UK housing provision; the second presenting an alternative model of architectural practice to the neo-liberal architecture of Schumacher’s Parametricism. We titled our lecture ‘For a Socialist Architecture.’

Article (ASH)


Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

This article first appeared in the Anvil 8/3, published 11th May 2019.

On 18 May, enrolled voters in Australia will decide which members of the capitalist class will represent us in Parliament and crush us in government for the next three years. This election occurs at a time when the world has been informed that it has, at most, until 2030 to take effective action to stop and begin reversing climate change, or risk crossing tipping points into runaway temperature rises that would kill billions and endanger industrial civilisation. So you’d think the major players would be presenting plans to fix it. But no, this is Australian capitalist democracy and we get something different.

The incumbent government is a coalition of the Liberal Party, the open representatives of Big Business, and the National Party, which pretends to represent farmers but actually represents mining companies. The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, two…

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Whatever Happened to the Middle Class? Bad Faith and the Culture Industry — Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

‘Indeed, it may be feared that recourse to private patronage in order to finance art, literature and science will gradually place artists and scholars in a relationship of material and mental dependence on economic powers and market constraints. 3,012 more words

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