New video about Brighton Anti-Fascists

Anti-Fascist Network

Check out this new short film featuring AFN members Brighton Anti-Fascists talking a little bit about what they do and why they do it.

Like what you see? Get in touch with your local group and get involved.

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Newham residents’ complaint to Mayor at full council meeting

Focus E15 Campaign

The deputation to the Council of Newham…

Residents of Brimstone House formed a powerful woman led deputation to the Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz and the full Labour council meeting at Stratford Town Hall on Monday 15 July. The deputation spoke about their submission of a legal complaint, compiled with the Public Interest Law Centre supported by Focus E15 campaign, regarding the appalling conditions of the temporary and emergency accommodation in the Newham Council-owned building in Victoria Street, Brimstone House.

img-20190715-wa00321062319746.jpg The deputation by Brimstone House residents was organised after a year of meetings with Newham Council which has seen little change for the majority of the residents.

One Focus E15 campaigner Hannah described what happened during the deputation: “the powerful and eloquent words of mothers, pregnant women and teenagers sent shivers down the spine of even the most hardened. This is no way to treat people, lives of adults and children…

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An Anarchist Solution to Global Warming ~ Peter Gelderloos

Aotearoa/New Zealand Anti-Capitalist Green Front

How would anarchists suggest we reorganize society in order to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to survive an already changed world?

There is no single anarchist position, and many anarchists refuse to offer any proposal at all, arguing that if society liberates itself from State and capitalism, it will change organically, not on the lines of any blueprint. Besides, the attitude of policy, seeing the world from above and imposing changes, is inextricable from the culture that is responsible for destroying the planet and oppressing its inhabitants.

Nonetheless, I want to outline one possible way we could organize our lives, not to make a concrete proposal, but because visions make us stronger, and we all need the courage to break once and for all with the existing institutions and the false solutions they offer. For the purposes of this text I’m not going to enter…

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Queer Liberation — Not Rainbow Capitalism

London Anarchist Federation

An anarchist critique of Pride in London

This year, Pride in London is doing its best to commemorate fifty years in LGBT+ struggle, from the Stonewall riot to now. It is a significant milestone. We must remember those who took part in the riot, such as Stormé DeLarverie, Marsha P Johnson, and Sylvia Rivera, and the ways that their actions as gay and trans activists helped to kickstart the gay liberation movement from the late 1960’s. But if these activists were to show up at Pride in London today, would they be happy with what they find? Would they even be allowed to march?

It would be shortsighted to stop where we are today and think that Marsha or any of the others who were there on June 28th would be happy with where we are today. We do not yet exist in a society where being gay, bi or…

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Some ideas on how to maintain a community garden:)

This image is from the South Norwood Tourist Board Facebook page

This by the people behind the Sensible Garden – a resident maintained pocket garden in South Norwood. One that’s five years old this month. We know of a few pocket gardens in the area we cover that are maintained on pretty much the same principles and…they’re doing just fine:) Basically, it’s about trusting people to do the right thing by each other rather than relying on a leader and a hierarchy…

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