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Meet Ashley Sims

Comrades in the south west might like to keep an eye out for Ashley Sims. This career con-man set himself up as arbiter of who is worthy of mutual aid in Torbay, his criterion being whether they actually sleep outside*. Street people suspected by Sims of spending a night indoors are surreptitiously photographed, accused of being “professional beggars” or “fake homeless”, their pictures fly-posted by Sims and bandied about online, inviting their abuse by thugs.

* Hostels and night shelters aren’t free, and if you miss a night you have to re-apply, so if you depend on them in practice you either have to beg every day, or steal.

Interviewed by Radio 4, Sims declared he would continue his campaign until someone had died as a result, after it was revealed one of his victims had been battered with a hammer. After an ill-advised TV appearance, and getting outed as a racist by a tabloid newspaper (even his natural constituency has abandoned him) Sims has gone to ground, possibly in Paignton.

This parasite refers to himself as a “businessman” and used to be a publican but has trouble getting his licences renewed for some reason. It is to be hoped Sims will become a victim of his own malice.

Masked Garda threaten housing campaigners with batons as Frederic street evicted by masked thugs

From Workers Solidarity Movement

Masked Garda threatening people with batons in the aftermath of the violent eviction carried out by thugs in Dublin last night. Pepper spray, dogs and batons were deployed, there were 5 or 6 arrests and four housing campaigners required hosptial visits from injuries received in the course of the eviction of the Frederick St occupation. [Video]

The occupation was suddenly attacked by a gang of masked men who arrived in a van with no front registration plates, insurance or any other identifying details apart from a back plate which showed a UK registration plate. They smashed their way into the house using sledgehammers and industrial cutters. One housing activist who was outside and attempted to question them was thrown down the stairs and then arrested by the Garda.

Take Back The City – Dublin say “Gardai subsequently used force and pepper spray against peaceful protesters across the road” – our footage from about 20 minutes after the eviction shows masked Garda threatening people protesting the eviction.

The house that was occupied has been left empty for between 3 and 5 years and often had homeless people sleeping on the doorstep. Despite this, an injuction was rapidly granted against the occupation and when the occupiers resolved to stay in place we saw the violence of last night’s eviction.

It’s less that 1km from The Bolt which was evicted in 2015 and remains boarded up to this day. It’s 200m from The Barricade Inn which was also evicted in 2015 and also remains empty to this day. It’s less that 1km from the Debtors’ Prison which was evicted in 2015 and remains empty to this day.

Tens of thousands of buildings are left empty around Dublin, many of which could quickly be turned into accommodation for people. In other cities in Europe buildings being left abandoned was countered by the introduction of protection for squatters, allowing tens of thousands to house themselves. In Ireland they violently evict people who occupy buildings that have been left vacant for years, sometimes for decades.

This footage is from the livestream we broadcast during the eviction to this page, check the page for the full footage.

Read this local resident’s account of the way she was treated by the Garda “When I asked him why he was wearing a balaclava he told me I had no right to ask that and to, I quote “fuck off ye stupid bitch”. He then grabbed my phone and put his hands on me. After I said he had absolutely no right to do so and he said he did. He then said “Ok, you are going to get arrested.”

To be clear, this is on my lane way, where I live and I was asking a question.”