Shades Of The Workhouse, Lord Fraud Hints At Mandatory Jobs Training In Hostels And Women’s Refuges

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lord-fraud-freud1People fleeing domestic violence, care leavers and those who are homeless could be required to take part in ’employability courses’ as a condition of accessing supported housing Lord Fraud has hinted today.

The Minister for Welfare Reform was giving a speech to the Chartered Institute of Housing discussing upcoming changes to funding for the supported housing sector.  George Osborne has previously announced that the upcoming Benefit Cap will apply to those living in supported housing, meaning Housing Benefit payments will be slashed.  Currently this benefit is used to fund the additional costs of providing this kind of accommodation such as staff and security costs.  Homelessness charities have warned that almost half a million homes could be at risk when the cap on these payments is introduced.

In response the DWP have agreed to postpone the cap for one year whilst a review of supported housing funding is carried out.  And…

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What needs to be done? #keepsotontidy #2ndjuly


Southampton has a very proud history of coming together to make sure any visiting fascists and racists are sent home packing (usually never to return). In 1937, the Echo described “exciting scenes” when Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists, tried to speak at a public rally in the Common. A 10,000+ local crowd descended on the common to boo, catcall and chant at him. He didn’t get more than 15 minutes in before someone tried to climb up the ladder he was standing on to try and pull him off. Rumor has it someone even ripped his trousers off! Police ended up forming a cordon around him to keep him apart from angry locals, who came out on mass to prevent his message of hate being shared. He was trapped behind the police cordon until eventually a way was cleared for him to escape to safety…

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South Coast Resistance! Unmasked!


Here we are going to share some information about those behind the racist group coming to our city on July 2nd (counter demo.)

We have decided to make this information available as we feel it is in the public interest to know who is behind this ‘refugees not welcome’ demonstration, and some of the things there are involved in. See our previous post for an overview of the history of South Coast Resistance as a group.

First things first – Information about the main organiser, Jade Griffiths, of ‘South Coast Resistance’ (also called Pie and Mash Squad) was shared by the hacking group ‘HS161’ yesterday following her mocking a deceased activist online. It turns out she is not from the South Coast at all, but is from Coventry where she runs a Nazi punk distribution business with her boyfriend.The whole ‘football casual’ image is a front to disguise her identity…

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Is anyone ever going to vote for this cunt?


To The Streets! Support The Cleaners Striking Against Corporate Property Vultures @CBRE

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The jumped up little scrotes who have used the referendum result as an excuse to racially abuse and attack people need to be exposed and dealt with like the stain on our class that they are.  Whether you are Remain or Leave, don’t know or don’t fucking care, it has rarely been more important to unite behind migrant communities, to confront racism and ensure that the (barely) organised far right are not able to profit from recent events.

Another future is still possible in the wake of the chaos the referendum has brought.  But it will not be achieved by a working class at each other’s throat.  As the parliamentary Labour Party embarks on the longest suicide note in history then it is down to all those who want a better UK, for everybody who lives here, to act.

That means solidarity and class before whatever country someone happens to…

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Stand Up to Hatred. Bargate, 11am, Saturday 2nd July