It was fun at the time, and there was always a sense of relief when you spotted a Rock Against Racism badge on the person next to you at a gig. I would recommend all Working Class youth to wear some form of antifascist insignia, so you can recognise each other, and be prepared for confrontation. Contact your local militant antifascist group for more.

Iain Duncan Smith and Frank Fucking Field – Two Sides Of The Same Coin — the void

The Poverty Pimp back in the news again. 


Few people in the modern Labour Party are as much of a wanker as Frank Field – and there’s some fierce competition. Reportedly a Tory in his youth, Field has slithered around the margins of UK politics for decades, always looking for a way in and always fucking it up whenever he is given one. […]

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My review of “The Miami Showband Massacre A survivor’s search for the truth” Stephen Travers and Neil Fetherstonhaugh

lipstick socialist


On 31 July 1975  as the  popular group,  The Miami Showband, were travelling back home across the border in the North of Ireland, they were stopped by a fake army patrol made up of Ulster Defence Regiment soldiers and  members of the Loyalist paramilitary  Ulster Volunteer Force at a fake checkpoint outside Newry.

As the men were lined up outside the bus the soldiers tried to hide a bomb on the bus. The bomb exploded  prematurely killing  the bombers . Their compatriots then opened fire on the band, killing Fran O’Toole, Tony Geraghty and Brian McCoy. Band members Des McAlea and Stephen Travers were the only survivors.

In this new book Stephen Travers,  alongside journalist Neil Fetherstonhaugh,  reveals the truth about that night. The truth that “British soldiers were sent out to murder innocent people.  The truth that “collusion took place between the security forces and terrorists.” The truth that

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Reading group #5

Only seen part 3. A few really silly mistakes. Durruti was not shot with a rifle, autopsy recovered a single 9mm largo (bergmann-bayard). If you’re sat in a car with a gun, you don’t need a safety catch you need to mind what you’re doing. Emma Goldman never fought in Catalunya – in the pub maybe? The IBs didn’t reinforce the militia columns on the Aragon front – that would have been handy!

Why do some anarchists perpetuate the myth that the workers were defeated in the May events? The defence committees won the battle easily, then stood down on the advice of the CNT ministers. The assault guards would never have made it to Barcelona had they not been allowed through.

London Anarchist Federation

This month we’ve decided to take a break from the reading (those Situationists were hard..) and instead we will watch No Gods No Masters: A History of Anarchism which is available on youtube in three parts:

Watch the film in your own time and then come to the reading group at Freedom Bookshop, 7pm 18th September to discuss!

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Accounts from the Fall of Silent Sam –Featuring Maya Little


As the effects of the toppling of the Confederate statue at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill continue to ripple out, we’ve obtained two narratives of the night’s events. The first statement is from Maya Little, the Black graduate student who helped catalyze the revolt against the statue by participating in a sit-in against it and then, when that did not succeed, dousing it in paint and her own blood. The second is from another anonymous anarchist, who connects the victory in Chapel Hill with the events of “All Out August,” a month of resistance to fascism, prisons, police, and other manifestations of white supremacy and oppression.

Whose Streets? A Statement from Maya Little

On Monday night, August 20, 2018, students, workers, neighbors, and comrades reclaimed Chapel Hill in an ungovernable enactment of justice. We marched in our streets and the badged and unbadged racists…

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South Africa: S’bu Zikode is Underground — Enough is Enough!

Abahlali baseMjondolo statement: Our movement continues to be subject to regular threats, intimidation and violence in Durban, including constant telephonic death threats.

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Calling All Architects: New Approaches to Old Housing


This article is based on separate video conference interviews conducted by Emily Schmidt in October 2017 with Geraldine Dening and Simon Elmer of Architects for Social Housing (ASH), architect Frédéric Druot, and Graeme Stewart and Ya’el Santopinto of ERA Architects and the Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal (CUG+R).

Emily Schmidt and Rosalie Genevro, ‘Calling all Architects: New Approaches to Old Housing’, in Housing as Intervention: Architecture Towards Social Equity, guest-edited by Karen Kubey, Architectural Design, vol. 88 (July/August 2018)

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Reading group #4 write up

London Anarchist Federation

Our 4th Reading group on Situationism and Crass was held on 21st August at Freedom bookshop where we discussed the following texts: Matthews: An Introduction to the Situationists, Debord: Decomposition: The Ultimate Stage of Bourgeois Thought, In: Report on the Construction of Situations, p.6, Guy Debord: Chapter 8 – Negation and Consumption Within Culture, In: Society of the Spectacle, p.68-77 and Cross: “There Is No Authority But Yourself ”: The Individual and the Collective in British Anarcho-Punk.


Ok, so the Situationist texts are incredibly difficult and have to be re-read a few times to make complete sense to them. The Matthews text was very useful to provide a summary and to explain the historical context and numerous references to Marx. A number of attendees admit to trying and failing to read Society of the Spectacle or have had to come back to it…

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THE GREAT LABOUR UNREST. Rank-and-file movements and political change in the Durham coalfield. A canny good book from a canny good friend of the archive, although we would recommend you get your local library ( if there is any left ) to order it as it costs anything up to £75. We also include a review by David Douglas.

lewis mates

The period of the “great labour unrest” in the title of this book was between 1910 and 1914 – a period when conflicting ideologies and organisational forms of struggle compete and overlap. This particular work focuses on what was perhaps syndicalism’s finest hour – certainly its most influential period in its challenge to parliamentary reformism and constitutional socialism.

At this time there was an ideological scrum when liberalism – within which the working class in general and the northern miners in particular had roots – and the newly emergent forms of…

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Tasos #Theofilou: Supreme Court has put an end to the prosecution’s attempt to appeal an appellate court — Enough is Enough!

The verdict 1333/2018 of Greece’s Supreme Court has put an end to the prosecution’s attempt to appeal an appellate court ruling which found anarchist activist and writer Tasos Theofilou not guilty. 254 more words

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