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Woolwich Strong and the EDL

Anti-Fascist Network

Since the murder of Lee Rigby, various chancers have attempted to use the tragedy as a bandwagon for their own financial and political gain. The EDL leaped at the chance to exploit the murder, setting up Facebook fronts and organised memorial marches in order to expose more people to their anti-Muslim propaganda. Now they’re saying they will march from Westminster to Woolwich in order to get on TV again. Help For Heroes have rejected their sponsorship money so Tommy & Kev will be pocketing it instead.

The far right aren’t the only ones cashing in. Joshua Bonehill, a UKIP supporter and former Tory hopeful has stolen an idea from the US and has appointed himself the Chairman of Woolwich Strong. The Strong movement is set up to appeal to ordinary people who want to pay their respects to Lee Rigby but has, unsurprisingly, attracted the vultures of the far…

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Local fascist remanded after Gloucester mosque arson attack

3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance (3CAFA)

Following on from an arson attack on a mosque in Gloucester on Tuesday morning, two local men have been charged with conspiracy to commit arson and remanded in custody. It’s interesting to note that Clive Ceronne, one of the accused, is a known far-right activist in the local area. He was previously involved with the Gloucester English Defence League ‘division’ as well as setting up and administrating the ‘South West Infidels’ Facebook page. Ceronne is also listed as the Gloucestershire ‘officer’ for the New British Union, you can find out more about him and his fellow fascists here.

Cheltenham man charged with mosque ‘hate crime’

A CHELTENHAM man has been charged with conspiracy to commit arson following a “hate crime” at a mosque.

Ashley Henry Juggins, 20, of Brooklyn Road will appear before magistrates today following the blaze in Gloucester.


Clive Michael Ceronne, 37, of 23 Redwood…

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Struggle and oppression in Turkey

Resistance Bulletin

Bristol Anarchist Federation

res152The June issue of Resistance (Anarchist Paper) is out now, we even have printed copies ready to hand out on the first of the month – and people tell us anarchists aren’t organised!

Includes updates on the struggle against the exploitation of Bangladeshi workers, Wildcat strikes in Brighton, Anti-Blacklist campaigners in Manchester and more.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a printed copy (free/donation) you can download the PDF here. We’ll also be handing some out at tomorrows Anti Bedroom Tax demo at 1pm on College Green.

If thats not enough news about working class resistance for ya, then take a look at the Bristolian.

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Sisters Camelot Update: Post Trial Press Release 09th June

Steel City Wobs

For immediate release


Sisters’ Camelot management admits to dishonesty about fired worker at
NLRB trial

The trial to seek a court order for IWW Sisters Camelot Canvass Union
member shugE Mississippi to be rehired and be awarded back pay took place
this past week on June 6 & 7. Both sides called witnesses and
cross-examined them in a courtroom in front of an administrative law judge
at the Minneapolis NLRB office.

The most surprising testimonies came when NLRB lawyers representing shugE
Mississippi cross-examined Sisters’ Camelot managing collective member
Eric Gooden and ex-managing collective member Clay Hansen.

Near the end of the trial’s first day Eric Gooden admitted under oath that
shugE Mississippi was never fired from Sisters’ Camelot in 2009,
contradicting a claim given in the written statement approved by the
managing collective and read aloud on the March 4th, 2013 when shugE
Mississippi’s contract was terminated…

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