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Woolwich Strong and the EDL

Anti-Fascist Network

Since the murder of Lee Rigby, various chancers have attempted to use the tragedy as a bandwagon for their own financial and political gain. The EDL leaped at the chance to exploit the murder, setting up Facebook fronts and organised memorial marches in order to expose more people to their anti-Muslim propaganda. Now they’re saying they will march from Westminster to Woolwich in order to get on TV again. Help For Heroes have rejected their sponsorship money so Tommy & Kev will be pocketing it instead.

The far right aren’t the only ones cashing in. Joshua Bonehill, a UKIP supporter and former Tory hopeful has stolen an idea from the US and has appointed himself the Chairman of Woolwich Strong. The Strong movement is set up to appeal to ordinary people who want to pay their respects to Lee Rigby but has, unsurprisingly, attracted the vultures of the far…

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Local fascist remanded after Gloucester mosque arson attack

3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance (3CAFA)

Following on from an arson attack on a mosque in Gloucester on Tuesday morning, two local men have been charged with conspiracy to commit arson and remanded in custody. It’s interesting to note that Clive Ceronne, one of the accused, is a known far-right activist in the local area. He was previously involved with the Gloucester English Defence League ‘division’ as well as setting up and administrating the ‘South West Infidels’ Facebook page. Ceronne is also listed as the Gloucestershire ‘officer’ for the New British Union, you can find out more about him and his fellow fascists here.

Cheltenham man charged with mosque ‘hate crime’

A CHELTENHAM man has been charged with conspiracy to commit arson following a “hate crime” at a mosque.

Ashley Henry Juggins, 20, of Brooklyn Road will appear before magistrates today following the blaze in Gloucester.


Clive Michael Ceronne, 37, of 23 Redwood…

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Struggle and oppression in Turkey

Resistance Bulletin

Bristol Anarchist Federation

res152The June issue of Resistance (Anarchist Paper) is out now, we even have printed copies ready to hand out on the first of the month – and people tell us anarchists aren’t organised!

Includes updates on the struggle against the exploitation of Bangladeshi workers, Wildcat strikes in Brighton, Anti-Blacklist campaigners in Manchester and more.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on a printed copy (free/donation) you can download the PDF here. We’ll also be handing some out at tomorrows Anti Bedroom Tax demo at 1pm on College Green.

If thats not enough news about working class resistance for ya, then take a look at the Bristolian.

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Sisters Camelot Update: Post Trial Press Release 09th June

New Anti-EDL Leaflet

Call Outs For Saturday

Anti-Fascist Network

Apologies for people who have been checking this blog to find it unattended – Please be assured it is not due to anything other than the current author being tied up with more pressing anti-fascist matters! Anyway this weekend for those in the south-
Posted on June 9, 2013 (re-post from Essex Antifascists) 


UPDATE: for the meeting point email

IMPORTANT: If you are traveling from Colchester or London, please email

On the 15th June, the English Defence League plan to hold a meeting in Southend, The Britannia Pub, SS1 2ER at 1pm. We are not willing to let this happen.

Whether it be a march, gathering or meeting – fascists must be countered at every opportunity. This is why locals are calling on anti-fascists from Essex, London and beyond to join them on the 15th June, in Southend, to say no to the EDL.

And this weekend…

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Patriot or Traitor?…You decide!

This cunt still lives round here, keep an eye on him and let us know what he’s up to.

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

So the small group of career criminals who run the various Portsmouth EDL pages have gone all out to capitalise on the brutal murder of Lee Rigby, to try and brainwash those upset about what happened into blaming all Muslims for the acts of a couple of extremists. Portsmouth EDL died a death a couple of years back as people woke up to the fact that the organisers are nothing more than extremist hate preachers themselves. So lets have a look at them! Here’s a guy well known to police (one conviction for racially aggravated harassment & one for inciting racial hatred…brave!) Introducing possibly Portsmouth EDL’s biggest traitor Jacob ‘Chubzy’ Hyland..

Shame of Pompey

What most people will find confusing is that Jacob, like the rest of the dimwits heading up Portsmouth EDL calls himself a patriot, maybe he means a German patriot, in 1939. The facts speak for themselves so make up…

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