Wessex stall at Increase The Peace Community Festival, Sunday 29th August.

Wessex Solidarity will have a literature stall at Increase The Peace Community Festival in Bournemouth this Sunday. Our first outing for a while with lots of new pamphlets. Freedom Press are there also.

At Oakmedian club house, Meyric Park, Bournemouth BH2 6LJ

Free Entry from 1 p.m. till midnight, with Live music, food and other attractions.

Supporting International Care Network and Hope For Food.

facebook event

Mayday 2021


Fazza’s Friends: Anarchy – lockdown tribute to Bournemouth gig-going legend

Louder than war

Fazza’s Friends -Anarchy in the UK… punk rock lockdown cover is tribute to Bournemouth gig-going legend, Faren Short. 

If you’ve been to a punk gig in Bournemouth or any of the towns and cities within a fifty mile radius: Portsmouth, Southampton Winchester, Salisbury… or punk specials at the 100 Club, various festivals and of course Rebellion ( Wasted, H-I-T-S)  over the past thirty years (at least) you will have seen regular gig-goer and fan Faren Short.

He’s quite distinctive as he’s a ‘Gary’ (Baldy) with glasses and a penchant for the old-school punk dog-collar. He’s always near the front, pint in hand, dancing and taking in every second of every band on the bill.

I probably first said hello to him with a drunken ‘bloody hell it’s Harry Hill’ more than twenty years ago at a Punk Aid gig at the 100 club and seen him at innumerable gigs since at venues big and small all over ever since. We always say hello and have a brief chat – one subject -the last gig we went to and the next!  If there’s a decent punk gig, he’d be there. A gig regular, music fan and nice geezer. A stalwart of ‘the scene’. An ace face.

I’m gutted to read he has cancer and short of a miracle… well, y’know.

But THIS is brilliant, and a testament to the man, and the high esteem he is held in by local musicians from Bournemouth bands and fans, all of whom he can count as friends.

United over the net, locked down but not-out, sending love and making a punk rock noise for Fazza. There was only one song really…

What a horrible bleedin racket! Like a cats choir! Torture – i ‘ate songs like that!

Seriously, a lot of love in that performance which stands as a big thank you to Faren for being a loyal fan of the music, the bands and vital part of the punk community. We are all thinking of you mate. To paraphrase Strummer: Without people like him we are nothing.

There is a Facebook Group Faren’s Friends and the man himself posted today via his brother – Fazza doesn’t do social media – thanking everyone for the video and saying how deeply touched he was by it.

All words Ged Babey

Mayday 2020 in Dorset.

Why we celebrate May Day


Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival and rally 2019 Friday, 19th to Sunday, 21st July 2019. View map No stall this year, apparently they were “oversubscribed”. Nah we don’t either, more time to get drunk then.

On the plus side the IWW are back, with a new improved stall run by Dorset branch.

Wob kitchen will run from Friday evening to Sunday lunch, next to the Big Tent; you’ll hardly notice the difference. Wessex Solidarity will make some of our literature catalogue available on the day. We’ve lots of new stuff that isn’t in the reference library as we’re running out of storage space – it hasn’t been updated for years. Why not get in touch now if there’s a subject you’re particularly interested in.

Catering Cadre: Comrade Les, our Wob kitchen chef is offering free training on outside and event catering for Radical Workers and groups who want to feed their members, homeless or unemployed workers in a safe and cost-effective way. Topics including:

  • Basic Health safety and hygiene.
  • Basic budget and Menu planning.
  • Basic dietary requirements.
  • Basic safe use of LPG and Butane gas cookers.

Let us know if you’re interested or come and see us about it at the festival.

Safe Space Policy: “don’t be a dick”.

This year we ask Radical Workers to be especially kind to members of the Prison Officers Association, as they are ever so sensitive, and easily upset by loud noises and rude words.

Bloody hell it was hot! Tolpuddle R.W.B. 2018

Support Dorset Eye – Independent Citizen Media

Via www.dorseteye.com

Dorset Eye is a vital resource for communities and activists, providing local, regional and international voices on a wide range of topics determined by the public. Since 2012 thousands of people have contributed news and analysis to a website that is unique in the UK, supporting local democracy, defending public services and keeping a close “Eye” on those with authority and influence.We aim provide an empowering democratic experience, so the website is run entirely by volunteers operating on a not-for-profit basis. The site is clean of corporate advertising: content is at the centre of the media experience. With growing costs and ambitious plans to become a model that can compete with the corporate media we need a significant increase in resources, especially through financial support.

What they say about Dorset Eye:

Debbie Monkhouse, Defend Dorset NHS:

“Dorset Eye covers the news that really matters to us here and is not afraid to state the facts. Dorset Eye has really helped get the message out about what is happening to our Dorset NHS – the huge losses at Poole Hospital A&E and Maternity, 245 acute beds across the county, and community hospitals in Portland, Wareham, Ferndown, Westhaven and Alderney. Crucially, Dorset Eye has not shied away from sharing clear evidence of the risk to life inherent in the CCG plans.”

Dr David McQueen, Journalism & Media, Bournemouth University:

“Dorset Eye provides a quite unique example of citizen journalism in action – giving local people a venue to write about and debate topics that range from parking, crime, traffic issues, the impact of austerity on local NHS provision, to Brexit, climate change and the mainstream media’s failure in its reporting around Saudi Arabia and the war in Yemen. No other local media in the UK is so open to citizens’ voices across such a wide range of topics and stories.

Please support Dorset Eye as generously as you can and never hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help each other. You can back us financially at:- Support Us:  https://dorseteye.com/support-us/

– GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/dorset-eye
Please circulate this message to your friends, workmates and neighbours, and through your community, trade union, party and other networks.

You can contribute your own news, reports and analyses to Dorset Eye at: https://dorseteye.com/submit-a-report/

The Dorset Eye team


Homeless man called Kev died after Bournemouth Council took his sleeping bag away. The artist taxi driver.

New Occupy Bournemouth Homeless Sanctuary up and running.


Making good use of the disused coal yard on Ashley Rd which was abandoned years ago, now it has the potential to save lives. As before local people have done it proud with offers of assistance, if you would like to turn a hand with the work or donate stuff, you can get in touch with the occupiers via their facebook group

The new kitchen

The pointless inadequates of Bournemouth council responded by informing the landlord/s, who ten years ago had to be cajoled into clearing the rubbish that had accumulated on the site. Out of step with the popular mood, they don’t know whether they want a shit or a haircut. After the punitive evictions of the first camp all they can come up with are feeble platitudes about the site being dangerous – compared to what? One of the residents is expecting soon.

These idiots have done nothing for us ever, so far as they’re concerned no one breaks wind in this town until money changes hands. If you talk to people on the street they will tell you that unless they raise a fiver a day to get in the shelter they lose their place and have to re-apply, go to the back of the queue. So the council is sponsoring and enforcing begging, the councillors might as well be dealing drugs.

Let’s all get behind this grassroots initiative, it’s up to us, the Working Class, to make the community we built fit for all its inhabitants, never mind the greedy parasites that have been feeding off it for too long, they can just back out now.

Occupy Bournemouth Homeless Sanctuary evicted, re-taken, evicted again.

Homeless are doing it for themselves in Bournemouth.

The kitchen re-built yesterday

The  site was partially evicted on the 2nd January by high court bailiffs and police, re-squatted almost immediately and the infrastructure re-built. A second, even more heavy-handed eviction took place earlier this morning 5th January. Dorset police, who can barely be arsed to turn out these days for burglary and arson unless someone dies, were complicit in the destruction of the residents’ personal effects. A.C.A.B.

Friday afternoon

The landlord, local ‘businessman’ Ammar Alkhiami (above, centre) has been described by capitalist-apologists Dorset Echo as a refugee from the Syrian Civil War.

Let us be clear, Mr Alkhiami is not a refugee, he is a capitalist. Let’s not confuse him with the unfortunates at Calais or adrift on the high seas. He entered this country with sufficient funds to set himself up as a property speculator and proprietor of numerous companies whose dealings are shrouded in mystery. He isn’t a young man, so those funds were acquired within and under the regime of the genocidal demagogue Bashar Al-Assad.

We welcome refugees from the bosses’ wars, but we do not welcome the bosses. Capitalism rests on war and relies for its survival on the state maintaining its monopoly on violence. All capitalists are therefore complicit in war and the violence of the state, if Mr Alkhiami enjoyed the protection of that regime, he has blood on his hands.

You’ve got another war on your hands now Mr Alkhiami, the Class War.


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