The Acorn – 26

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Number 26

In this issue:

  1. The system is losing control
  2. Panicking French state tries to build right-wing militia
  3. Black July: Berlin resists gentrification, eviction and the state
  4. Mountain campaigners defy the industrial state
  5. Acorninfo

1. The system is losing control


Complete control of society is always the aim of any system which intends to impose and maintain its domination.

This is because it knows that any chink in its armour, any crack in its concrete casing, any loose thread that might be tugged at, leaves it dangerously exposed.

Contagion, the domino effect, an unravelling of all the carefully-knitted garments of power – this is what it fears most, because it knows full well that its legitimacy is built on bluff and deceit.

Sometimes these cracks appear on the streets (as in the massive revolt against neoliberalism in France or resistance in Berlin) and sometimes they are territorial – as…

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Nazi toffs, off our streets!

This event is cancelled owing to Boris being away. Instead Class War are supporting the Black Lives Matter events on the day


100 Wood Street: the bosses start to crumble, the strike goes on

Cautiously pessimistic

As the amazing cleaners’ strike at 100 Wood Street in the City of London goes on, the bosses are starting to back down, but the cleaners are determined not to settle for less than total victory. As their statement puts it:

After 43 days of our all out strike at 100 Wood Street – the longest strike in the history of the City of London and the loingest stirke by an entirley migrant workforce – WE HAVE WON the London Living Wage (LLW) which will be paid effective immediately! This is a significant victory. The LLW is 30% more then the minimum, poverty wage set by the government.

However, our inspiring members have voted unanimously to stay out on indefinite strike until all unlawfully sacked cleaners are reinstated; the LLW is backdated and confirmation is given that the cleaners will be paid the annual LLW uplifts as announced by…

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“Use it for food, don’t buy drugs with it!”

Mutual aid is a revolutionary act. “I’m sat on the pavement and you’re not” is good enough for us.

Zero tolerance for racist toffs

This event is cancelled owing to Boris being away. Instead Class War are supporting the Black Lives Matter events on the day

Construction d’un nouveau mur autour de la Jungle // Construction of a new wall around the Jungle

to be financed by the British government – that’s where your money goes

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Quelques amis se sont rendus à la dite réunion de concertation annoncée par Natacha Bouchart sur la contruction d’un mur végetalisé autour de la Jungle, voilà un compte-rendu.

Le projet consiste en un mur de béton de 4 mètres de haut avec une partie végétalisée du côté de la route et du béton gravé (avec des scènes de la ville de Calais!) du côté du bidonville et de la zone commerciale. Tout ceci sera bien sûr financé par le Royaume-Uni. Les travaux commenceront début août et s’étendront sur 16 semaines. Il faut noter aussi que le commissaire et le représentant de la mairie qui étaient présents ont tous deux rappelé leur volonté d’expulser tout les habitats de la jungle pour ne laisser plus que les containers. Des caméras de vidéosurveillance seront aussi posées sur ce mur.

Malgré leur faux semblants ridicules à coup de verdure et “d’apparence accueillante”, il est…

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A useful bullet point summary of what we’re about…

Maurice Brinton (Chris Pallis) all his stuff’s worth a look