On badgers and the Class War

still flying a black flag

In Somerset and Gloucestershire and more recently Dorset. Meles meles or the badger, one of our most enigmatic wild animals has been the subject of a heated and fierce war.
On one side you have the National Farmers Union, home to the wealthiest 18% of britain’s farmers, and the Countryside Landowners Association. In the other corner you have a ragtag band of aged rock stars, hunt saboteurs, anarchists, vegans, badger lovers and every major scientist who has expressed an opinion.

Now, I can’t speak for the rock stars, the hunt sabs, or even the normal people! But people have said why is an anarchist spending six weeks a year nocturnally,wearing a mask and trying to save badgers?

There is as ever a myriad of answers:

The badger cull is scientifically wrong. (So is homoeopathy and I’m not picketing Holland and Barrett anytime soon)

The badger cull won’t help Btb reduction…

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Red & Black Telly: MOMENTUM – Another “Movement” going nowhere!

Tories: not only dishonest but thick as pig shit. How do they get away with it?

The new education secretary, I wouldn’t trust this fuckwit to run a bath, but then Gove was a hard act to follow.

Next Fuck Parade will be 1st May 2016

Fuck Parade London

Calling all Fuck Paraders, all mobile sound systems! In bins, on trollies, pulled by bikes, powered by burning hippies, we’d love the lot to show up and join us for the Fuck Parade. Anything that makes music and noise – voices, drums, horns, trumpets, guitars, maracas, bells, whistles, amplifiers, those fucking vuvuzela things…

Meet on May Day, Sunday 1st May 2016, 6pm sharp @ One Commercial Street, Aldgate, London E1 7PT. Bring sounds, noise, love, anything you want to see in a street party against gentrification!

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MENCAP’s smoking worker and the real story behind that photograph?



So what is the real story, behind this, now infamous photo, placed anonymously, on  MENCAP’s website.


Steve Baker Regional Director of MENCAP services commented,

Our priority now, as always, is ensuring that we offer the highest quality of care to our beneficiaries so they live the lives they choose.’

How could any person, designated to mental supported living, have any choices?

As they are expressly, or impliedly deemed ‘ incapable’ under the MCA..

And every decision , is made for them by their care provider.

When they wash, how they wash, when they get up, what they eat, who they see, who talks to them, who ignores them, what medication they take, when, and, where they go.

They are non people, but, still Mr Baker propagands the ‘person centred’ regime.


Everyone was quick to demonise  the ‘smoking’ care worker, immediately suspended..

But how, when most are volunteers…

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First Demonstration Called Against New DWP Boss Demanding #CrabbMustGo

the void

crabb-resign-stickerIf new Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb had any decency at all he would resign from his position as patron of the local branch of Mencap.

Ever since Crabb voted to slash benefits for many disabled people to little over £70 a week the Haverfordwest based charity, who run a once popular community garden, have faced outrage from the public over their relationship with Crabb – and with good reason.  It is beyond belief that a member of a government that has so ruthlessly attacked disabled people has he gall to hide his sins beneath a charitable facade.  And it is beneath contempt that he would rather see this charity destroyed then do the hornourable thing and step away.

This is sadly unsurprising however.  Crabb happily referred to his own mother as welfare dependent when he gave an interview about saving her from a violent attack by his father…

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Heads up: fascist music, don’t buy it!


Class War Frontline: Eviction of Yorkley Court Community Farm, please share widely.

Video footage of the eviction and destruction of the farm in the Forest of Dean by a small-town villain Brian Bennett. It clearly shows the role of Gloucestershire police, who have acquired a reputation of being for hire to the highest bidder. As Bennet is trying to suppress this footage, we ask our comrades and WordPress followers to share it as widely as possible. The expropriation of land and the myth of property is the origin of the class antagonism under capitalism. It is our battlefield. Land and Freedom!

More info: Yorkley Court Community Farm blog

Red & Black telly: News from the Whitechapel front line.

Swindon TUC celebrates 90th anniversary of the General Strike 7th May 2016.

strike event poster