Cuban Anarchism Reborn – Speaking Tour, From AFed.

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Red And Black Telly: Has the big crash finally arrived?

Oink, oink

According to Anthony Beevor, under the Spanish Inquisition’s persecution of Muslims and Jews, many people took to eating pork to divert suspicion. One reason it features so prominently in the Spanish diet. Hundreds of years later, progressive Denmark follows suit.

Mid-Jan round-up: antifascism, undercover cops, prison news and more

Cautiously pessimistic

At time of writing, the junior doctors’ strike planned for the 26-28th is currently suspended, although the action planned for Feb 10th is still provisionally on. At the moment, it’s still too early to tell if the talks have really achieved anything or if this is just the latest in a long line of powerful-seeming strikes being pissed up the wall to no effect.

Return to Dover, January 30th

Next weekend, the big news down south is the return to Dover to oppose the latest fascist march there on the 30th – transport is running from Berkshire/Oxford, Brighton (looks like that’s now full, though), London and Manchester (again, it might be late to book from there, but can’t hurt to ask), as well as from within Kent itself. See here for a longer analysis of the situation from Plan C.

Further North, that weekend the Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh is hosting…

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Iain Duncan Smith and Frank Fucking Field – Two Sides Of The Same Coin

The poverty pimp is back in the news again.

the void

frank-field-mp-008 If it looks like a wanker, and sounds like a wanker, it’s probably Frank Field.

Few people in the modern Labour Party are as much of a wanker as Frank Field – and there’s some fierce competition.

Reportedly a Tory in his youth, Field has slithered around the margins of UK politics for decades, always looking for a way in and always fucking it up whenever he is given one.  After the 2010 election he even slimed his way into David Cameron’s affections, being granted the title of Poverty Tsar – a lord of misery with an insincere smile sent out to provide ideological cover for the Tory Government’s vicious social security cuts.

Duirng the previous Labour administration Field was briefly Minister for Welfare Reform – a position now occupied by the equally odious Lord Fraud.  During this period he proposed a breath-takingly complex reform of the entire benefits system…

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Dover – Final Update

Anti-Fascist Network

There’s less than a week to go until our protest in Dover, and antifascists from across the country are finalising travel details, making sure we get maximum numbers on the streets to support Kent Anti-Racism Network and proudly say that while refugees are welcome here, racists and fascists aren’t!


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The hypocrisy of Cameron: pro-Putin Russian oligarchs give millions to Tory Party

They expelled the Libyan embassy on masse for killing a British citizen in London.

Pride's Purge

A foreign state openly sponsoring its agents to run around London killing people with radioactive poison seems to be the very definition of state-sponsored terrorism.

So why is Cameron so keen to allow his party to be funded by pro-Putin Russians?

At a Tory Party fundraising dinner not long before the last election, ultra-wealthy Russians were the most representative foreign nationality at the fundraising event.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, here are some of the foreign billionaires who attended the Tory Party party fundraiser in 2014:

And here’s Cameron chatting with Putin allies at a Tory Party fundraiser:

Cameron Russia

Cameron’s also made it possible for rich Russians, as well as Saudis, to come to the UK without even having to have a normal visa – if they are rich enough of…

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