NEWS: Jennifer moved into a new flat this week!

sweets way resists

Photo by Jen Wilton (@GuerillaGrrl) Photo by Jen Wilton (@GuerillaGrrl)

This week Jennifer – the former Sweets Way mum we organised around last month – and her two boys moved into a lovely new build flat, near her work and the boys’ school. They will be the first family to live in the housing association new build, with social levels of rent, and a fairly secure tenancy. The flat is spacious, the price is right and the location is good, even if it is just outside of the borough.

This is more than any other family from Sweets Way has been able to say so far, and Jennifer, having been through so much already, is in equal parts thrilled and relieved.

This week, she went from being one of the people treated worst by Barnet Council, to having the best living arrangements of any former Sweets Way residents. After all she’s been through, everyone in the campaign…

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Action Man: Battlefield Casualties

A Veterans For Peace UK Film challenging the British Army’s policy of recruiting 16 year olds into the most dangerous army jobs. More details at:

Radical Workers’ Bloc at Tolpuddle: Martyrs Festival and rally: 17-19 July 2015

Radical Workers’ Bloc at Tolpuddle: Martyrs Festival and rally: 17-19 July 2015


Radical Workers’ Bloc at Tolpuddle 2014, photo by Wheelz.

It’s our fifth anniversary! Usual deal: scaring the taxpayers, winding up the Tankies – Winning friends, influencing people and impressing them with our revolutionary praxis. Every year we welcome comrades from as far afield as Wales, France, Spain and the Midlands; we enjoy frank but good-natured debate with fellow trade unionists and activists alike. A small contingent doesn’t want us there, but sod ‘em – The Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers was an example of working-class self-organisation – Stalin would have had them shot. Still we hope to extend our safe spaces policy to all festival-goers; their kids will learn to swear without our help and please be kind to the cosplay cops, the council would charge a fortune to close the public highway.

Visit our stall in the Martyrs Marquee, if you’d like to help run it, or you have anything you’d like to give away / accept donations for please contact us An advance party will pitch tents on Friday afternoon, we corral them together so that people can get to know each other. If you’re just marching with us on Sunday 19th July, Meet up as usual 1:30 pm outside the Martyrs Museum; bring your flags and banners, this year’s theme will be politicians heads on spikes…

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Freedom Press

Prisoner Solidarity & International Tours

Bristol Anarchist Federation

Upcoming events in Bristol…

SpotTheBadger Showing Solidarity with prisoners during Bristol ⒶBookfair

Prisoner solidarity is an essential part of any activism or revolutionary action. Prisons rarely, if ever, act as a deterrent to the crimes that can threaten our communities and they are downright counterproductive when its comes to ‘rehabilitation’ further oppressing and alienating people. Meanwhile the rich folks who start wars, exploit workers, destroy the environment or profit from our misery? Highly unlikely they’ll ever see the inside of a cell.

What Prisons do well is help to control the poor, marginalised, desperate, and anyone trying to take a stand and change society. The rate of this repression can vary immensely over time and place. When the state is feeling particularly vicious – or the resistance to it is looking particularly effective – you get widespread arrests and detention, such as Operation Pandora in Spain, and more recently Operation Phoenix

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The struggle continues…

sweets way resists

Mostafa in his home at Sweets Way Mostafa in his home at Sweets Way

After a long drawn-out hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday, we saw the British legal system do what it does best – rule in favour of private property ownership above all else – as it granted Barnet Council a possession order against Mostafa and the last family left on Sweets Way.

However, the judge – in spite of being bound by a set of laws that will always prioritise property rights – seemed to do what they could for Mostafa’s family, perhaps recognising the implicit moral criminality of the law, as it was playing out yesterday afternoon. Though the ruling was ultimately unfavourable, the judge made it crystal clear to Barnet Council that they need to take greater efforts to rehouse the former-carer, whose life has been hampered by a serious back injury for the past three years. They also granted six…

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Dorset IWW supports striking teachers at Hackney Downs Community College

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

Untitled Solidarity Picnic on Hackney Downs in support of strike fund.

Dorset wobs in London for the anti-austerity demo and a fund-raising gig at the London Action Resource Centre were pleased to accept an invitation from striking teachers to a picnic on Hackney Downs. We enjoyed good vegan food and a good craic with members of Unison, UCU, SolFed.and their supporters.

Workers at Hackney Community College are on strike today, the 23rd of June against massive cuts to jobs and courses at the College in Shoreditch, East London. Many of the staff are hourly paid casualised staff and thus particularly in need of strike funds.

Save our community college Facebook Page

Join and share to support working class education!

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Red and black Telly: (Almost) Instant reaction to the “March Against Austerity”

Demonstration for Kingfisher and SCBU at Vespasian house, Dorchester, Friday 19th June 2015.


11:00 at Vespasian house, Bridport Rd Dorchester, Dorset DT1 1PX MAP


Due to us girlies fancying a picnic we thought we’d share with the C.C.G. and show we are still here. To coincide with their lunch breaks, come along and bring a friend 🙂 picnics welcome xx

Mass march for kingfisher and SCBU at Dorset County Hospital, 13th June 2015

Red & Black T.V. Anarchy in the U.K. today.