Kurdish Solidarity Network meeting 10-11 February in Brighton.

KSN Networking Proposal pdf

We can now confirm a meeting date on 10-11 February at the Cowley Club in Brighton.

A suggested outline for the weekend is to have meetings (including breaks) from 12-6pm on Saturday 10th, followed by social time in the evening, where we can also, for example, organise a film, talk, or other activity, then optional time on the Sunday for workshops around themes… for example, “what is solidarity?”, or “History of the Kurdish Women’s Movement”… whatever people are interested in / would like to offer.

If you are able to come to this meeting, please send an email to brightonkurdsolidarity@riseup.net with the name of your group (individuals are also welcome), number of people, whether you need crash space and for how many people and which night(s), any dietary requirements, and if you have something to offer or a suggestion about what you would like to see happen.

From K.S.N. by e-mail

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TEV-DEM statement on recent accusation Bashar Assad throw at the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Navenda Pêwendiyên Dîplomatîk a Tevgera Civaka Demokratîk (TEV-DEM)
مركز العلاقات الدبلوماسیة – تف – دم
The Diplomatic Relations Centre of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM)

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the International Coalition against ISIS  have now triumphed over the most brutal organisation that committed all forms of barbarism against the international community. Along with the ongoing fight against the extremist groups, we have been working hard to establish a democratic system in Northern Syria based on religious toleration, inter-ethnic cooperation, gender equality, and environmental protection. This allowed for the promotion of a co-existence life forged among diverse social and religious entities, preventing a possible disintegration of the country.

Seeing our democratic project as a threat to their authoritarian and non-democratic states, both Turkey and Syrian have been increasing their intimidation campaigns. For example, Turkey wants to occupy Efrîn and it has so far conducted various cross-border attacks. At the same time, Bashar Assad is accusing the SDF of treason for co-operating with the Coalition forces to fight off terrorism. He has forgotten the fact that it was the SDF which cleared 30% of the Syrian territory of terrorists and spread democracy, pluralism and the rule of law in the region.

The SDF is a patriotic force and considered as the national army, for it fought against terrorism and brought it to an end. Assad’s statement on the SDF reveals his authoritarian mentality which does not seem to have changed, seven years of bloody war notwithstanding. One of the major causes of the current crisis is this centralist mind-set which Assad is now showing to have clung to. His statement serves as the basis for another conflict which would cost the life of many more, pit different peoples against one another, and put the future of democracy at risk.

What is more, the regime’s act of fomenting religious sectarianism and pitting different religious and ethnic groups against one another can be defined as treason. If the peoples of Syria do not raise their objection to such a divisive scheme, it may lead the country towards disintegration, an outcome that will be prevented by the will of our conscious peoples.

We call upon all those for whom Syria and its security is of importance to take a stance against such an accusation, which would interrupt the International Coalition’s efforts to eradicate terrorist groups.

The TEV-DEM’s Foreign Relations Centre

Email: p.d.rojavayekurdistan@gmail.com, tevdeminfo@gmail.com
Website: tev-dem.com
Tell: 00963-52456696 Facebook: PDR Tev-Dem

Kingfisher Victory!

Congratulations are due to the Kingfisher Mums and their supporters today, the CCG have finally capitulated.

Confounding  the many faces set against this campaign, including both of Oliver Letwin’s, with his ugly henchman Richard Grosvenor-Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax M.P., full consultant-led maternity and Paediatric services will be retained at Dorset County Hospital.

Full respect to the Mums who for three years now have maintained a relentless struggle in the teeth of abject treachery and deceit from local politicians and NHS officials, whilst bringing up their families and caring for some profoundly unwell and disabled children. We especially salute the tireless Naomi Patterson.

As history shall recall, Working Class women are a force to be reckoned with.

We didn’t even need to smash anything up, this time.

The NHS was built by the Working Class for the Working Class. Drugs and medical equipment are made by workers not capitalists. Cleaners, doctors, nurses, midwives, porters and technicians are workers. It belongs to us, it’s not a source of revenue for the socially useless. Keep your filthy grasping bourgeois hands off it!

To celebrate, here’s a song about vampires:

Bristol Kurdish Solidarity Network event: Talk and film night on the Revolution in Rojava 5th December

Dear Friends,

Please share details of the following event in Bristol on Tuesday 5th December 2017:

Venue: Brunswick Club, 15-16 Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8NX 19:00-21:30

Members of Plan C, who have just returned from volunteering on civil projects in Rojava (the Democratic Confederation of Northern Syria) will be reporting back on Rojava and the wider Kurdish movement. The revolution is based on direct democracy, gender equality and ecology, and seeks to create a solidarity economy.

How can we in the West learn from what is happening and offer our solidarity? Followed by question and answer session.

We will also be screening some short films in tribute to Mehmet Aksoy, the London-based Kurdish film maker who tragically lost his life in Raqqa in September.

Suggested donations £3-£10 to cover speakers’ and BKSN costs but no one turned away through lack of funds.

facebook event

Bristol Kurdish Solidarity Network.

Dorset Socialists meeting Sat 2 December How do we get rid of sexual abuse & violence?

Sat 2 December 1.30 pm Colliton club Dorchester. How do we get rid of sexual abuse & violence?

Speaker: Lynne Hubbard

Leaflet from Lynne: “From Hollywood to Whitehall, the conduct of those with wealth and power has highlighted issues of harassment and sexual violence – abuse all too common for women and girls worldwide. Why does it happen? Are men the problem? If not, what is?

Men can behave in dreadful ways towards women. They should always be challenged – and be pushed to change. But abuse happens because of prevailing views in our society, not because of biology. Women’s oppression is part of capitalist society – the same society in which women are paid less than men for doing the same work, are more likely to live in poverty, pay a heavier price for “austerity”, and still take more responsibility for housework and childcare. The view that women’s lives are less important than men’s comes from the top. In challenging poverty and inequality we also challenge oppression, including sexist attitudes that encourage men to treat women as sexual objects.

Capitalism fails ordinary people – women and men – and women’s oppression is key to propping it up. 

How do we fight such oppression as part of efforts to bring social change? Lynne Hubbard introduces discussion at this open meeting – all are welcome.”

Shut down ripper museum 14th October. Cable Street is ours!

From Anarchists of London:

Jack The Ripper Museum still open – still glorifying violence against women.

Still making money from mug tourists.


SATURDAY 14TH OCTOBER 2.00PM 12 Cable Street London E1

Please publicise. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/sep/30/jack-the-ripper-museum-murder-women-violence