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From Ferrier Estate to Kidbrooke Village: Decoding a ‘Place in the Making’

“The irony here is that the marginalisation and social inequality, which is claimed to be solved through the improved architecture of new developments like Kidbrooke Village, is also more widely exasperated by this process of regeneration, through its nationally marketed rhetoric that reinforces the negative ideas which, in recent decades, have come to be embodied in the decaying concrete of these neglected buildings.”

Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

Kidbrooke Village is a one billion pound, one hundred and nine hectare residential development, under construction in London’s Royal Borough of Greenwich, by the developer Berkeley Homes. Described as ‘the largest residential development in the UK outside the Olympic games area’[1], when Kidbrooke Village is completed in 2030 it will comprise 4,763 homes set within four new neighbourhoods, a ‘village square’ with shops, restaurants, a supermarket, community health centre and ‘village hall’, a train station and a primary school, all linked by a new park that will connect to the existing Blackheath and Sutcliffe parks.[2]

Kidbrooke Village is presented by Berkeley Homes, the Greater London Authority and the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council as a regeneration project, which followed the Council’s decision in 2001 to demolish and redevelop the site of the Ferrier estate.[3]

The Ferrier, completed in 1972, was typical of other post modern social…

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Calais Migrant Solidarity

How to (nearly) incite a riot: Lessons from the French police in the Jungle

On Tuesday the Calais police made a dangerous move to fuel violence in an already-tense moment in the Jungle. If violence erupts, the state will have the blood on their hands. For now, the communities in the Jungle have refused to rise to the bait.

On Monday night, conflict broke out on the motorway near Marck, between predominantly Afghan and Sudanese groups attempting to make the crossing to the UK. The police were called in with water cannons to disperse the crowd. In the course of the evening, 15 Sudanese were hospitalised and one was killed. The exact circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear.
On Tuesday, a gang of at least 20 cops – some CRS, some Police Judiciare – entered the Jungle at approximately 6pm. They marched to the intersection on the main road where…

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Narrm / Melbourne: Graffiti for the Week of International Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

Received on 29.08.16: Slogans painted around inner-city Narrm / Melbourne,  so-called ‘Australia’ as a minimum contribution to the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prison…

Source: Narrm / Melbourne: Graffiti for the Week of International Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

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Greece: A contribution to the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

Received on 29.08.16: Contribution to the international call for solidarity with the imprisoned anarchist comrades (August 23-30) As a contribution to the international call for solidarity with the…

Source: Greece: A contribution to the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners

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Call for the latest telephone blockade of Laibaz restaurant, Bolton – Saturday September 3, 6pm-10pm – 01204 227 649.

solfedManchester Solidarity Federation’s dispute with Laibaz restaurant in Bolton continues and we would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the successful blockades on July 23 and August 6 & 20. After the last blockade, SF members covered the centre of Bolton, including Laibaz, with posters demanding the owner pay what he owes.

As a reminder, a number of former employees at Laibaz are owed wages for hours worked and holiday entitlement. The owner, Sunar Alom, has paid workers at an hourly rate below the minimum wage and has failed to provide pay slips. Sunar Alom has also failed to provide P45s when workers have left their jobs at Laibaz. He has yet to enter into dialogue with us to resolve this dispute, refusing to pay the monies owed, and insisting he has done nothing wrong.

Manchester Solidarity Federation’s campaign is aimed at recovering all the monies owed and ensuring that Sunar Alom acts within the law and treats his employees with more respect in the future. The campaign now includes postering / leafletting in the vicinity of Laibaz, as well as poor reviews of Laibaz on Trip Adviser (see below).

The campaign therefore continues with another phone blockade on Saturday September 3, aimed at preventing “take away” orders. We again request that you repeatedly phone Laibaz on (01204) 227 649 any time between the hours of 6pm and 10pm in order to block the line and prevent take away orders getting through.

Should you get through to the restaurant, we ask that you put the phone down and redial, or state “pay the workers what they are owed” and then redial. Remember that the person who answers is most likely another worker, not the owner, so please do not be abusive or hostile towards them.

We are now also asking supporters to leave poor reviews of Laibaz on Trip Adviser [click here]. Please do not directly mention the dispute in your review or it will probably be removed. Instead, make a generic complaint, for example about hygiene standards or the behaviour of the manager or disappointing food / service. Sunar is known to frequent Trip Advisor regularly to read reviews and seems to be paranoid about bad reviews.

Please support us. This kind of contempt for workers is growing in Britain and has to be challenged. We also ask that you spread the blockade to as many of your contacts as possible and to ask them to do likewise.


Swindon Radical Bookfair: Saturday 17th September 2016.