It Wasn’t the Fire, Nor the Girls, It was the State

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On March 8, 2017, 41 girls were burnt alive in a state-run facility for children in San José Pinula, Guatemala, after years of denunciations against abuse and the deplorable conditions in the facility. Now the state seeks to criminalize those who survived.

It wasn’t the fire, nor the girls #ItWasTheState #FueElEstado

In 2017, the Guatemalan state, with abandonment and violence, burnt alive 41 young girls in the Hogar Seguro Virgen (Secure Virgin Home) in San José Pinula. For three years the government has evaded justice and criminalized the survivors. Now the government is accusing the survivors of fifteen crimes.

The compañeras mobilized on March 7, 2017, to denounce the deplorable treatment and dreadful conditions in which they lived. In response, they were confined and burnt alive by the Guatemalan state. The state now is accusing the survivors of a series of crimes.

The court hearings have been suspended more than eleven times. Relatives of the survivors have disappeared and been assassinated. The state has tried to erase the girls from our history, robbing their memorial from the central square. As part of the strategy to silence them, obstruct justice and seek impunity for the criminals responsible, lawyers of the government have filed a complaint to limit the surviving girls’ participation, to revictimize them, to again put their lives at risk.

A just world does not burn its girls alive, leaving those responsible unpunished. Today more than ever, we are pushed forward in the quest for justice and the assurance that this will not happen again. We are with the survivors and the families. We have not abandoned them.

#FueElEstado #Faltan41 #NosDuelen56

Those responsible:

JIMMY MORALES (presidente de Guatemala)

CARLOS ANTONIO RODAS (ex secretario de la SBS)

ANAHY KELLER ZABALA (ex subsecretaria de la SBS)

SANTOS TORRES RAMÍREZ (ex director del Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción)

HAROLD AUGUSTO FLORES (Actual Procurador de niñez y adolescencia de la PGN)

GLORIA PATRICIA CASTRO (ex defensora de niñez y adolescencia de la PDH)


BRENDA CHAMÁN PACAY (exjefa del Departamento de Protección Especial Contra el Maltrato en todas sus Formas, de la Secretaría de Bienestar Social (SBS))



CRUCY FLOR DE MARÍA LOPEZ (monitora del centro correccional Gaviotas)

OFELIA MARÍA PEREZ CAMPOS (Encargada del área MI HOGAR, dentro del Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción)

ROCIO ALBANY MURILLO (jueza del juzgado de paz de San José Pinula)

ROLANDO MIRANDA (secretario del juzgado de paz de San José Pinula)

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New postal workers support network set up ahead of national strike

Cautiously pessimistic

In an interesting new development, the Communications Workers Union has set up a new “supporters network” to help them mobilise wider community support in the upcoming Royal Mail strike. In their words:

The fight against exploitative employers, dodgy contracts and insecure work requires the support of every single community across the country.

Our recent vote for strike action in Royal Mail Group was secured by connecting with our membership in every corner of the UK – both online and on the ground.

Now we need your help to take our message to the public. By joining CWU Supporters you will be contacted with campaign materials and resources that will help us win this battle – and the others we are fighting.”

Of course, all unions have their limitations, the relatively militant ones like CWU and RMT as much as the more obviously flawed ones like the GMB and…

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With a general election coming up, this poster may be useful:)

The South Essex Heckler - Archive

This is from the DiY Culture Facebook page

A downloadable, printable (A4) PDF of this poster is available from here

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October 31st – London is Antifascist, Antifascism is International

London Anarchist Federation

On October 31st we will be out as part of the London Antifascist Assembly (LAFA) to oppose the far right. LAFA call out below:


The openly racist and divisive rhetoric of Boris Johnson has emboldened the far right.

All across the world the rise of authoritarian neo-liberal governments, ultra-nationalism and openly fascist movements are being resisted by mass anti-fascist action on the streets – from Rojava to Catalunya, Kashmir, Greece and Chile – anti-fascism is international.

Last month saw violent fascists attack pro-EU and environmentalist demonstrators in central London. In recent weeks a vigilante group has patrolled the Dover seafront, “hunting” migrants seeking to cross the Channel. The deaths of 39 migrants who froze to death in the back of a lorry in Essex, forced into the hands of traffickers, is the latest outcome of the UK state’s hostile environment.

On 31st October organisations from across the far right are…

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Retail hell

The South Essex Heckler - Archive

Two retail outlets and two stories of forcing staff to accept contracts that worsen their working conditions. There’s this: Asda staff who refused to sign new contracts will lose their jobs on 3 November and also this: Wilko contract changes ‘force staff to choose between childcare and livelihoods’. It’s a pretty safe bet that you wouldn’t have to look too far to find other retailers screwing over their workers with new contracts that promote more ‘flexible’ working practices.

Behind the thin veneer of bullshit surrounding the word ‘flexible’, it’s all too obvious that it’s the retailers holding the whip and the workers who have to comply or get out. It matters nothing to the retailers that their workers may have caring responsibilities or other jobs they have to fit into an already complex life. If the workers aren’t prepared to jump as and when ordered by the bosses, regardless of…

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Support antifascist prisoner David Campbell and anti-ISIS prisoner Aidan James

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David Campbell, a New York-based antifascist, is starting an 18-month sentence after being convicted of “gang assault”, a charge that sounds similar to the notoriously terrible principle of “joint enterprise”, allowing people to be convicted for someone else’s actions. To make things a little easier while he’s inside, you can donate money here, send him a message using this form which his friends will print out and pass on to him, or pick something off his very extensive reading list (or even choose a book you think he’d like that’s not on there) and order a copy to be sent to:

David Campbell #3101900657
Eric M. Taylor Center
10-10 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

If you’d like to write to David, but aren’t sure what to write about, here are some suggestions:

  • the last time you saw a good play, or your favorite …

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Kevan Thakrar moved again.

Kevan Thakrar A4907AE

HMP Full Sutton

Moor Lane


YO41 1PS

Call to action against fascism & anti-semitism: 25 October – 9 November

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From the Outlive Them Network:

In the year since our first call to action, we have lost over one hundred lives to white terror. But we have also found each other. And we are many more than we first thought.

But people are still dying — people like us and people not like us – and others held captive in camps and cages. And to the anti-Semitic violence sweeping the West, the ruling class has no answer. Each and every attack on our people has been used to justify new police powers, and to pit us one against the other.

In the fighting spirit of last year’s International Days of Action, and of centuries of Jewish popular struggle, we are calling for people everywhere to join us in a second global wave of action:  two weeks of resistance and revolt against the far right, two weeks of total…

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