Should Revolutionaries Back Corbyn? The case against.

A well-argued case from an experienced activist comrade of ours.

Sham 2019

Anarchist Communist Group

Once again ‘election fever’ is upon us. Manifestos festoon the medias with ‘promises, promises and more promises’. The drudgery of politicians scoring points of view over each others ‘opponents’ is numbingly similar to watching a ‘soap opera’. Just a quick look at some of these ‘promises’ [manifestos] from previous elections reveals but lies, lies and more lies. Real change only truly shows itself in terms of how business conducts itself or how absolutely the country is doing within the world trading markets. For most of the citizenry are in total servitude to money and capitalist philosophy which has dominated politics the last two or three hundred years or so. The ‘sham’ of elections does not change the huge disconnect between the ‘X’ on a ballot paper and real struggles people face every day under the huge burden that is ‘Capitalism’.

Election Time Again

We imagine most of the general public are sick to the back teeth of politicians



Red And Black Telly: ELECTION COMMENTARY (4)

A few thoughts on BBC ‘impartiality’

We well remember the bollocking they gave Michael Foot for failing to imitate the toff style at the cenotaph.

Here’s Mark Wallace, executive editor of conservative home, echoing Dr Goebbels:

“In fairness” the lie worked, and that’s all that matters in politics.


A still showing the wreath the prime minister laid the wrong way round

A still from a clip of the 2016 Remembrance Sunday service the BBC ended up showing

There has been a lot of comment on social media about footage of Boris Johnson at last Sunday’s Remembrance commemorations at the Cenotaph in Whitehall. Footage which shows him looking a bit tired (possibly hungover?), somewhat scruffy, stepping out at the wrong moment to lay his wreath then stepping back and finally, laying the wreath the wrong way round. Footage which isn’t going to do his image a lot of good as we head into a toxic election campaign. Here’s how it was reported: Remembrance Sunday: Boris Johnson pictured laying wreath on Cenotaph upside down.

When the BBC reported the commemorations on the news that evening, they showed footage dating from 2016 of Johnson laying a wreath at the Cenotaph: BBC…

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