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Spread the Spoons Strike – new bulletin out now!

Cautiously pessimistic

Ahead of the Wetherspoons strike on October 4th, a new bulletin for Wetherspoons workers is being published. You can contact the authors at Meanwhile, people in London can also pick up leaflets about the IWW call for a couriers’ strike from Freedom bookshop and Housmans, or use this image to print your own off if you have access to a printer. A strike fund has also been set up here.

Below is the main article from the new bulletin:

It can be hard to live on the money we make. We spend most of our wages on renting damp flats, we have to walk to work when we can’t afford the bus, and we have to choose between dinner and a haircut. We’re forced to work as fast as we can for long shifts with barely any breaks, even when we’re sick or injured…

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Reading group #6

London Anarchist Federation

Our next reading group will meet 7pm at Freedom Bookshop on the 16th October. This month we will be discussing crime and justice with the following texts as reading material.

Chapter 5, Crime, from Peter Gelderloos’ Anarchy Works available online here: p.89 Crime

Normalizing judgement p.177-183 in Foucault’s Discipline and Punishment, available online here:

The article on policing in edition 203 of the magazine Black Flag, available online here:

At the beginning of the session someone will need to explain to me how to pronounce Foucault. See you all there!

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Crisis? What crisis? Housing at the Labour Party Conference 2018


1. The Tory Housing Crisis

‘A new world of energy innovations: E.ON’ – is what pops up on screen when I go to download the agenda for this year’s Labour Party Conference. I guess it’s appropriate in a way, since its to E.ON – one of the world’s largest electric utility service suppliers with total assets of €55.95 billion – that Labour councils like Lambeth are binding residents of estate redevelopments such as Myatts Field North on obligatory 25-year contracts, and whose district heating system was judged to be ‘not fit for purpose’ by Fuel Poverty Action. But what a wonderful token of the kind of public-private finance initiatives that are at the heart of Labour’s plans for ‘Building Britain: for the many not the few’ – as this year’s tired marketing line puts it.

When I’d clicked the corporate advertisement away and could see the timetable of events…

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Anti-fracking ‘lorry surfers’ receive custodial sentences/Writing to #FrackFreeFour Prisoners

Cautiously pessimistic

Reposting these two articles from Freedom/Netpol together:

“Four anti-fracking activists today received harsh sentences following a guilty verdict for public nuisance for direct action they have taken nearby Preston New Road fracking site. Three activists were sentenced to custodial sentences: two received 16 months, and one 15 months, while the forth protester received 12-month suspended sentence.

The three are the first environmental activists in the UK to receive custodial sentences for non-violent direct action since 1932. It is likely that the anti-fracking activists will suffer more prison sentences in the coming months.

The crown court jury found the Frack Free 4 guilty of public nuisance after they took the opportunity to climb up on top of the lorries delivering drilling equipment to the Preston New Road fracking site during a protest in July 2017. With support from local people they managed to stay on top of the lorries…

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Weatherspoons workers to go on strike

The Acorn – 44

winter oak


Number 44

In this issue:

  1. Germany: man dies as forest campaigners defy industrial capitalism
  2. Summit to get excited about
  3. UK boosts online Thought Police
  4. Fake-left clown terrified by dissent
  5. London keeps the black flag flying high
  6. Acorninfo

1. Germany: man dies as forest campaigners defy industrial capitalism

hambachsep2 Remembering Steffen Horst Meyn

The battle to protect a forest from the coal mining industry has claimed a life.

Journalist and campaigner Steffen Horst Meyn fell to his death on September 19 from the tree house village Beechtown in Hambach Forest, Germany. He had been trying to document an ongoing eviction action by the police Special Task Force (SEK).

A press release from campaigners said it was no coincidence that this first fatal accident took place during the eviction.

They said everyone in the occupations had been enduring constant stress, with noise from expulsion and clearing, day and night, floodlights and flashing blue…

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Fast food shutdown! Call for national couriers strike on October 4th

Cautiously pessimistic

To coincide with the joint McDonalds/Wetherspoons/TGI Fridays strike on October 4th, the IWW couriers network are calling for UberEats and Deliveroo couriers to join the action:

“Calling all couriers!

The last month has seen coordinated work stoppages and protests in four cities, as UberEats and Deliveroo drive down pay.

On the 4th October, to coincide with strikes at #McDonalds, #Wetherspoons and #TGIFridays demanding £10 per hour, we will come out on the street, refuse to take orders and make our own demand of £5 per delivery!!

We will show courier firms and restaurants that if they want to provide a reliable service to their customers that they have to listen to their workers!

Spread the Word, Organise a demo, petition restaurants to turn off their delivery app in solidarity!”

The IWGB’s United Private Hire Drivers branch have also endorsed the call to action, so it…

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ASH’s Law: A Fundraiser

Red And Black Telly: LABOUR CONFERENCE 2018

Where are all the anarchist fellow-travellers and Plan C types? They don’t seem to have made much of an impression.