Red & Black Telly: ( GOD ) SAVE THE QUEEN FROM TRUMP ?


Nazi toffs, off our streets!

This event is cancelled owing to Boris being away. Instead Class War are supporting the Black Lives Matter events on the day


Bristol Mayday Radical Workers’ Bloc and action. 1st May (obviously).


Invitation from Bristle Afed: it’s the day after bookfair so why not stay over for the party?

Calling all Anarchists, rebels, radicals, and workers who are sick of taking shit! Let’s give the politicians & bosses the Class War they’ve started!

The first of May is International Workers Day, it’s a time to come together to commemorate the struggles of the past and push forward the struggles of today.

Join us on Bristol’s May Day march organised by the trades council, just look for the red & black flags on the day. We’re looking for as many people as possible to join us in a surprise action on the day as well.

The Bloc is backed by Bristol Anarchist Federation, and Bristol Solidarity Federation, get in touch if you’d like your group to get involved as well.

Farcebook event
Bristol Anarchist Bookfair (day before May Day)
Info on the Trades Council Event
History of May Day

Red & Black telly: The April 2016 Peoples Assembly march .

And this!


Red & Black Telly: And what of the ‘days of rage’?

Red And Black telly: THE FORTHCOMING “DAYS OF RAGE” NOV. 4th + 5th