Action for the NHS and Evening Film Showing – February 5th

Both Events – Sunday 5th February

1pm – Bournemouth Triangle

This event is to gain public attention, interact with the public and engage them in the opposition to the Health and Social Care Bill – due back in the Lords and Commons this February. All Talents are welcome. pairs of hands needed to join in the display or interact with the public via leaflets/conversation and aim to get some signatures on the template letters. Everybody welcome – let’s all work together in this attempt to make the public realise the danger their future health is in. All those that need to do last minute preps we will be meeting at 12 noon in Flirt.

Flirt Cafe Bar

Unit 1, 21 The Triangle, BH2 5RG Bournemouth Dorset

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7pm – Poole Labour Club

We will be showing The Wobblies, a film about the Industrial Workers of the World, after the NHS action:
upstairs committee room in Poole labour club. Right by Poole railway station. Invite your mates, everyone welcome. We have the room from 6pm, so if people want to have a drink and a chat, help us set up, that would be cool.

Emergency all-day picket of Adecco – Solidarity Federation

ADECCO, 44 North Street Brighton and Hove, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1RH
ADECCO, 7-9 Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 4UB – 11.00am until 1.00pm.

ADECCO, 4 Borough High St, London SE1 9QQ


ADECCO is the largest employment agency in the world. Beside profiting on precarity and casualisation, ADECCO and other employment agencies are fast becoming the go-to source for scabs and strikebreakers.

Case in point: At the Asea Brown Boveri factory in Cordoba, Spain …workers have struck over pay and conditions. Besides sacking nine of the twelve members of the strike committee, ABB has now begun hiring scab labour from ADECCO.

This disgusting behaviour must stop. Employment agencies have exploited us long enough. It’s time for us to fight back.A win for workers at ABB, a giant multinational that operates in over 100 countries, will not only improve working conditions for Spanish workers, it will let employment agencies like ADECCO know that workers are willing to fight back against their unscrupulous practices.

Globally, ADECCO has over 5000 locations. In the UK, they own the Office Angels employment agency.


Action for the NHS – Organising Meeting, ‎18 January.

Fight for free healthcare – made by the working class, for the working class!

“the NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it.” – Aneurin Bevan 1948

From a local activist: “The Health and Social Care Bill will back in political focus this February. Unfortunately public awareness of the dire implications of the NHS reforms has not been great, yet surely the NHS is a safety net we all need in our lives. The medical profession are extremely concerned as are many that have shown widespread opposition to the Bill over the past 18 months. To be honest the opposition has failed to reach out to the mainstream public with the message. In order to attempt and rebalance this, and in the absence of a national demo, can anyone interested in raising public awareness locally, and working together with other local groups attend this meeting so we can plan an NHS action for Sunday 29th January.”

Printable leaflet


– A repository of policy analyses and briefing documents for the Health and Social Care Bill 2011.

Date: ‎18 January at 19:00 until 22:00

Venue: Flirt Cafe Bar
Location: Unit 1, 21 The Triangle, BH2 5RG Bournemouth Dorset

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Mental health bulletin!

You wouldn’t want to live next door to one would you?
Check and see if there’s a fascist in your neighbourhood.

Blood & Honour members list UK

Autonomy Films presents: Workers’ Republic.

7 p.m Wednesday 11th January in the Dorset Room, Colliton Club Colliton Park, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1XJ

Entry is £3 (less if you can’t afford that).
Debate after the film and refreshments available from the bar

Defeat the dole queue – get together and run your company!

What can you do when your company goes bust, putting you all out of work? It’s happening now all over the UK as we follow the US into recession. But in Chicago at Republic Windows the story had a different ending. In 2008 Republic Windows declared bankruptcy using it as an opportunity to offload the debts, the union and the workforce leaving them unpaid and with no redundancy money.  Ironically the Receiver was the newly bailed-out Bank of America that put the workforce at the bottom of the list of creditors.With little prospect of seeing their money the workers, with the help of their union, took matters into their own hands.

The rest is history, and “Workers Republic” is their story

Cautiously pessimistic – 2011 in review: some forgotten highlights of the year

Indian workers show the way forward.

Trade union leaders in India have announced that they will hold a joint strike on February 28, 2012.

All the Central Trade Unions (CTUs) are demanding better labour laws and effective government implementation of these laws to protect employees’ interests. This will be the first industry and nation-wide labor strike in India. Over 100 million workers in India will be participating in the strike.

This strike will affect virtually all major industries in India. Already on board are public sector banks, port and dock leaders, railways, insurance, road transport, and the energy industry. The different labor unions have specific demands that they want to achieve with the strike. These include bringing contract and permanent workers to the same level of employee protection and benefits, amending the Minimum Wages Act to ensure universal coverage, removing ceilings on bonuses and provident funds, and amending the Trade Union Act to ensure registration of trade unions in a timely fashion.

The union leaders stated that this drastic measure was to put pressure on the government, which has been unresponsive to recent union concerns. Furthermore, the government has been curbing existing labour rights by making it more difficult to form unions, reducing social security and pensions, and not enforcing minimum wage requirements.

New Unionism article: Strike wave signals global shift

Blacklisted 2012

Reel News and Blacklist Support Group present: Blacklisted 2012

Multinational construction companies have been illegally blacklisting trade unionists in the UK building industry for years using the Consulting Association blacklist – the successor to the notorious Economic League with allegations about involvement by M.I.5, Special Branch and the UK security services.