Bristol remembers Anna Campbell.

From Brighton Antifascists’ Facebook page

Today [24th March] a small demonstration was held in Bristol in memory of Anna Campbell. Anna died fighting against ISIS and the Turkish state in Afrin last week.

Simultaneously in London people took to the streets. Today demonstrations were held all over the world in support of Afrin for world Afrin day, but the demonstration in London was dedicated to Anna’s honor and was headed by those closest to Anna.

Anna was an anarchist, antifascist, squatter, hunt sab, prison abolitionist and all round radical revolutionary who had travelled to Rojava to fight with the YPJ for the Kurdish revolution. In Bristol 200 + of Anna’s friends, family and other comrades who had not had the pleasure of meeting her marched in solidarity to honour Anna’s life. The march lasted for two hours taking the main roads and disrupting business as usual throughout the city.

Afrin has been besieged by the Turkish state for the past two months. And from today has been fully occupied by Turkish forces though resistance continues. The YPG and YPJ have been fighting ISIS in Iraqi, Syrian and Turkish Kurdistan. Yet the British state continues to arrest international fighters who return to England under terrorism laws and arming the Turkish state in its offensive against Kurdish-held areas.

We stand in solidarity with Anna’s fight and that of Kurdish revolution.

We send our deepest condolences to Anna’s friends and family.

Anna is with us!
We fight on!

Europa’s Leith Hill oil drilling plans contain “significant errors, inconsistencies and omissions” – review

You can respond to the consultation until midnight tonight. It’s anonymous. If you can’t think of anything else to say, seriously, I’d just tell ’em to frack off.
Leith Hill Public Consultation Link:


leith-hill-tree-house Bury Hill Wood, the site of Europa’s oil exploration site near Leith Hill in Surrey. Photo: DrillOrDrop

An independent review has made “major criticisms” of Europa’s application for an environmental permit for oil drilling plans near Leith Hill in Surrey.

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The Fall of Afrin and the Wider Context in Syria

Market capitalism = military Keynesianism + primitive accumulation

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

By Plan C London

The fall of Afrin in Rojava in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria has been announced at the hands of Turkish forces and “Free” Syrian Army militias (some documented as allied to ISIS and Al Qaeda).


Although the Kurdish and Democratic forces of the YPG/YPJ have announced their intention to continue the struggle against the invaders through guerrilla warfare – and let this be the Turkish state’s Vietnam and Afghanistan – it does represent a real setback for all those fighting for the principles encompassed by the DFNS, those of democratic autonomy, women’s liberation, secularism, and pluralism.

In the maelstrom of factions and international powers involved in the Syrian conflict, and changing fluid alliances, how can this be put in context?

The fall of Afrin is a tragedy born of cynical international interests for whom the interests of the actual people of Syria are irrelevant, except…

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The Nation’s Favourite Poem

Fuck ’em!


This poem was written in 2012 just after the London Olympics, for which I had left the country. As with the similar spectacles of the Queen’s Jubilee and the European Football Cup, I was struck, on my return to London, by how the streets and public spaces which the previous year had been the site of student protests, anti-capitalism marches, the Occupy movement and nation-wide rioting, had been so demonstrably re-appropriated for the stage-managed celebrations of our nation’s manufactured athletic success. It was around this time that I read somewhere that the nation had voted for its ‘favourite poem’, and the winner, unsurprisingly, was Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’, a poem which even the least poetic subject of her Majesty would recognise from its famous opening lines: ‘If you can keep your head when all about you / Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,’ the first of a series…

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“With love and determination,” Anna’s Father Dirk Campbell

Peace in Kurdistan


“Dear friends,

You all know my dear daughter Anna.

She believed in your vision of an ideal society, based on honour of the feminine, inclusion of all ethnicities and respect for nature.

She was willing to defend that ideal with her life, as you also are.

Many hundreds of you have already given your lives defending it from those who are determined to destroy it.

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Open message to Gabrielle Gifford, motorpoint arena

Subject: The Turkish state killed our mate.
Date: 2018-03-27 11:32

Dear Gabrielle Gifford, Dear motorpointarenacardiff sales,

This is to express our outrage that the motorpoint arena continues to host the annual DPRTE festival of death.

Only last week our Comrade Anna Campbell, a stout opponent of these arms fairs was murdered by the fascist Turkish state using munitions ironically procured through just such an event. There is nothing defensive in the way they are used by these unaccountable regimes.

DPRTE has no place in Wales/Cymru with its proud Working Class traditions, exploited as it was for centuries to provide coal and steel for the British imperial killing machine.

Ask yourselves as Working Class people why you are facilitating the indiscriminate slaughter of your fellow workers, alongside school children and hospital patients. You bring shame upon your city – what would Nye Bevan say?

Have a word with yourselves, will you?

I’ve attached a copy of Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid, for your information.

Cindy Callist

for Wessex Solidarity.

Red And Black Telly: 1968 – YEAR OF REVOLUTION, 50 YEARS ON.

Havering Tories and dog whistle politics



Let us be thousands on the 27th of March in Brussels to cry out against NATO to stop the genocide and the slaughter in Afrin!

The fascist Turkish state wages an all in attack on Afrin to occupy the enclave. The occupation of the city will certainly bring large-scale slaughter. Turkey carries out this dirty attack with all the means and weapons NATO supplies and with the knowledge and complicity of the international powers and organisations.

The Turkish army, which is the second biggest army of the NATO, commits a genocide in Afrin with the explicit approval of Russia. NATO is directly complicit in this attack as Turkey uses all the means and weapons provided by the NATO. The dirty war on Kurdish people and occupation of Afrin carries the stamp of NATO.

The heroic resistance of the population of Afrin has surprised and paralyzed the imperialist forces and their local watchdog, the Turkish state. Since the 20th of January, the peoples of the world have been witnesses to a superhuman and honourable resistance that will take its place in the history. It is now our responsibility to strengthen and extend the resistance against the imperialist powers and the international organisations, which remain silent in the face of a genocide against the Kurdish people. The silence of the international powers encourages murderer Erdogan. We have to resist this everywhere.

The responsibility of the imperialist forces for the barbaric and genocidal attack of Turkey on the Kurdish population cannot be denied. Hundreds of civilians, women and children, lost their lives these attacks carried out by a NATO army and bloodthirsty groups of the Al Nusra Front, Daesh and the Free Syrian Army. We, European democratic mass organisations, women’s and youth organisations, Kurdish organisations from all parts of Kurdistan, socialists and revolutionaries from Turkey, Belgian anti-fascist and peace organisations, Assyrians, Armenians, Alevis, Yezidis, Islamic and Christian organisations, all those 94 organisations that came under the umbrella of the European Solidarity Platform for Afrin, want to strengthen the solidarity movement with Afrin and reinforce the protests.

We call on all the Belgian anti-war activists and supporters of peace, the trade-unions, the NGO’s, the antifascists, politicians, the women’s movement and the friends of the Kurdish people to be in solidarity with the peoples of Afrin and to join the protest of Tuesday, the 27th of March in Brussels:

We call on the people to join the protest against the NATO.
Today is the day to show our solidarity with the peoples of Afrin.
Today is the day to shout out against the war organisation NATO.
Today is the day to show our sympathy with the civilian casualties of Afrin.


Tuesday, the 27th of March
Boudewijnlaan 30 (metrostop Ijzer), 1000 Brussels
Assembly: 12h, start of the march: 13h30.
Endpoint with a meeting and speeches: Schuman.

Stop Arming Turkey – Stop Arming Israel – Stop Arming Saudi Arabia – STOP the CARDIFF ARMS FAIR 27th March

Demonstration tomorrow Tuesday 27th of March from 8am – 5pm outside Motorpoint Arena, Mary Ann St. Cardiff, CF10 2EQ

What will be Happening throughout the day:


FOOD NOT BOMBS serving tea/coffee and food



Make tomorrow count – if you can’t make it to Cardiff please get involved in the Communications Blockade.

As Turkey’s assault on the Kurdish people continues, Saudi Arabia’s war on the people of Yemen worsens and we continue to arm Israel, we really need to make our opposition to the arms trade felt.

The Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff needs to know that this ARMS FAIR (disguised by the name DPRTE) is not wanted in Cardiff or anywhere else. The event, proudly advertised on their website as ‘The Defence Procurement Event of The Year’, has BAE Systems as one of its main exhibitors, the same company who supplies Saudi Arabia with all the weapons it needs to bomb the defenceless country of Yemen.

Let’s overwhelm them phone calls, emails, Twitter and Instagram messages telling them this. Keep it polite, just state clearly your opposition to the event. You can also leave a message on their FB page.

Box Office: 029 2022 4488 (Opens 9:30 – 17:30)
Complaints: 02920 234 500
Press Team: 029 2023 4551
Hospitality: 029 2023 4555
Instagram: Mortorpointarenacardiff
Twitter: @MotorpointDiff

Any one who uses FaceBook or Twitter please share / tweet the event link below: