“Use it for food, don’t buy drugs with it!”

Mutual aid is a revolutionary act. “I’m sat on the pavement and you’re not” is good enough for us.


urban-poverty-1-1562388Every person who asks me for money on the street has a different story, but they’re all the same. I need money to get into the shelter. It costs £14. Or £16. Or £20. It’s always a different number. I know the next question that’s coming, if I am honest and say I have no money I can really spare. Well, I have £12. Can I swap it for a twenty pound note? I rummage, and produce a crumpled fiver from the bottom of my wallet. I tell her, I have less than ten pence in my bank at the moment. This is all I have. Her face falls. She wanders off, clutching the note, to ask someone else.

Now, there aren’t enough homeless shelters in my city to match up with the number of prices I am ‘quoted’ for how much it will cost the individual in question to get…

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