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Anti-Fascist Network

Apologies for people who have been checking this blog to find it unattended – Please be assured it is not due to anything other than the current author being tied up with more pressing anti-fascist matters! Anyway this weekend for those in the south-
Posted on June 9, 2013 (re-post from Essex Antifascists) 


UPDATE: for the meeting point email

IMPORTANT: If you are traveling from Colchester or London, please email

On the 15th June, the English Defence League plan to hold a meeting in Southend, The Britannia Pub, SS1 2ER at 1pm. We are not willing to let this happen.

Whether it be a march, gathering or meeting – fascists must be countered at every opportunity. This is why locals are calling on anti-fascists from Essex, London and beyond to join them on the 15th June, in Southend, to say no to the EDL.

And this weekend…

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Patriot or Traitor?…You decide!

This cunt still lives round here, keep an eye on him and let us know what he’s up to.

Portsmouth Anti-Fascists

So the small group of career criminals who run the various Portsmouth EDL pages have gone all out to capitalise on the brutal murder of Lee Rigby, to try and brainwash those upset about what happened into blaming all Muslims for the acts of a couple of extremists. Portsmouth EDL died a death a couple of years back as people woke up to the fact that the organisers are nothing more than extremist hate preachers themselves. So lets have a look at them! Here’s a guy well known to police (one conviction for racially aggravated harassment & one for inciting racial hatred…brave!) Introducing possibly Portsmouth EDL’s biggest traitor Jacob ‘Chubzy’ Hyland..

Shame of Pompey

What most people will find confusing is that Jacob, like the rest of the dimwits heading up Portsmouth EDL calls himself a patriot, maybe he means a German patriot, in 1939. The facts speak for themselves so make up…

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Merseyside Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation votes to include fascists


combatbedroomtaxdirectactionYesterday saw the Merseyside Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation take one more step towards irrelevance when it voted to allow the Knowsley Fight the Bedroom Tax group to affiliate. This group contains and is guided by a number of prominent local fascists, members of the Liverpool “Scouse” Nationalists group. One such member, Kurtis Cawley, was exposed as the vile individual that he is by this story in the Liverpool Echo. He claims to have won damages from the paper over these allegations. However, if this is the case, why is the story still on the Echo website? The filth of the Liverpool “Scouse” Nationalists is available for all to read on their blog, which I won’t be linking to here. This has included the posting of pictures and personal information of people who have been involved in the anti-bedroom tax campaign from the beginning.

All this despite the anti-oppression statement which was…

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They did not pass! BNP did not march in London.

London Antifascists

The horrific incident in Woolwich in the last week has led to a massive spike in fascist activity throughout the country. Yet again London came under threat from the activities of far right extremists looking to politically exploit the murder of Lee Rigby. This time it was the BNP who before the day of their planned march were denied their initial route in South London. This was due from the considerable threat of disorder that might have ensued if the police allowed fascists to march to Lewisham.

So like before we teamed up with the new comrades from the south London antifascist group and mobilised again to get more of an autonomous crowd out to oppose the fascists. Around 200 met at the imperial war museum in Kennington, south of the river. A minimal police presence joined us, along with the usual police surveillance teams. After setting off as a…

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Newcastle 14 Defence Campaign Launched – Full statement

The state is not neutral!

Newcastle 14 Defence Campaign

Sign the petition on 38 Degrees.

At approximately 12:40 on Saturday 25 May 2013, 14 anti-fascists were arrested outside the Haymarket metro station in Newcastle as they were about to join the Newcastle Unites march against the English Defence League (EDL). The youngest of those arrested was just 15. There is substantial evidence that members of Newcastle Unites played a part in the arrests. All those arrested had their homes raided while they were in custody, and police have seized mobile phones, computers, cameras, notebooks and political literature. The protesters were released without charge 10 hours later, in the middle of the night at a police station on the outskirts of Newcastle. They have been bailed until 7 August 2013.

The Newcastle 14 (N14) Defence Campaign has been set up with three aims:

  • to defend the 14 anti-fascists who were arrested on 25 May 2013;
  • to defend anti-fascist activity…

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Stop the BNP! Oppose their march from Woolwich to Lewisham, Saturday 1st June.

Anti-Fascist Network

There’s fascist gatherings all over the bloody place this weekend, if your around London though take note!

A message From London and South London Anti-Fascists –

We are calling on all anti-fascists to oppose the BNP, who are planning to march from Woolwich to Lewisham, on Saturday June 1st.

We must come together to show that their racist ideology will be opposed on our streets and in our neighbourhoods.

More details to follow.

BNP Lewisham – poster

A5 flier – flyer

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