Errico Malatesta: Errors And Remedies.

Anarchy in the Sticks!

Author: Errico Malatesta

Date: 1896 Source: “The method of freedom: An Errico Malatesta Reader”, edited by Davide Turcato

Notes: Translated by Paul Sharkey from “Errori e rimedi,” L’Anarchia (London), August 1896. This was a one-off publication “edited by a socialist-anarchist group,” as the masthead read.

Available in various formats from: The Anarchist Library

There is such a variety of folk calling themselves anarchists these days and peddling such a variety of disparate and contradictory ideas as anarchy, that it really is small wonder that the public, being new to our ideas and unable to make out at a glance the big differences lurking under the blanket of a common name, remains deaf to our propaganda and regards us with suspicion.

Of course we cannot stop others from adopting whatever title they choose; nor would our jettisoning the title of anarchists achieve anything beyond adding to the confusion, since the public…

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