World Suicide Prevention Day- Breaking the taboo is everyone’s responsibility.

Bristol Care Workers Network

CW: suicide

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Just over a week ago, the Guardian reported that the male suicide rate in the UK was the highest it had been for two decades, with an overall increase in suicides across all genders.

Suicide is a uniquely complex tragedy, and the stigma, taboo and lack of understanding that surround the issue all contribute to an environment where those who need help most are often unable to get it. Suicidality is deeply personal, and yet there is a body of evidence that social factors and political intersections such as class, race, gender, sexuality and disability all contribute to a person’s suicidality.

Despite the silence, the taboos and the stigma, suicidality is clearly an issue for communities as much as it is an issue that affects individuals. We are interconnected beings, and our suicidality inhabits the spaces created in our relationships with those…

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