May 7th: Callout for Solidarity with Sam Newey, Paul Newey and Dan Burke

Kurdistan Solidarity Network


On May 7th two of our comrades, Sam and Paul Newey, are due to appear in court again, on ‘terrorism’ charges relating to supporting Dan Newey, a YPG volunteer. They will probably only have to attend by telephone. But we want to send public messages of solidarity with them. 

Meanwhile, Dan Burke, another internationalist who joined the YPG’s fight in the past, remains in prison accused of terrorism

The British state is trying to intimidate those who stand in solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the revolution in Rojava by criminalising us, imprisoning us and harrassing us. But we know that we have friends all over the world, who share our vision and determination to create a truly democratic society that will outgrow states and borders. 

They are trying to separate and divide us because our vision of a new world is a threat to their state mentality.

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