‘Legitimate concerns?’ Yes, they are legitimate!

This is worth reading, though the people who might gain the most from doing so probably won’t.

Unfortunately through endless repetition these two innocuous words have taken on an Orwellian character, as shorthand for any reactionary perspective, however preposterous. Which is why I don’t use the phrase myself, lest I stoke someone’s legitimate concerns about falling off the edge of the earth!

Nobody is going to have any more control over their lives as the gift of a tory government or through brexit. I have argued elsewhere that leaving the EU, and the political chaos created by the referendum could create opportunities for Working Class self-organisation, both on this island and across borders. To date such opportunities have not been taken – the soap opera of the labour party may be partly to blame for this.

No one is going to control anything unless they get off their arse, and that includes the anarchists.


The South Essex Heckler - Archive

Dave A (the editor)

There are some supposedly radical / anarchist commentators who seem to be able to manage the feat of ascribing racist motives to concerns expressed by working class people about the way their neighbourhoods and communities are changing as a result of the impersonal forces of late capitalism. To these commentators, ‘legitimate concerns’ are seen as a byword for thinly disguised racism. What I want to do in this piece is challenge the notion that expressing concerns about rapid change is ‘racist’ while acknowledging that the far right will exploit legitimate concerns for their own nefarious purposes. A caveat – I’ve written this from my perspective as a community activist which is where I’ve had the bulk of my political experience. This does inform what follows…

I live in Thurrock and in conjunction with a number of other people, operate politically across the south of Essex. Since…

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