Urgent Appeal – Our Demands (KNK)

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Du4eCl2X4AgCYDmIssued by KNK Executive Council, 19 December, 2018

The Turkish state’s threats and preparations for a full-scale military attack against and occupation of Rojava (Northern Syria) are intensifying. In January of this year, the Turkish state initiated a campaign of military aggression against the once peaceful region of Afrin in Rojava, and this campaign, conducted in coordination with various jihadist groups, eventually culminated in the occupation of Afrin. The Turkish state’s war on Afrin resulted in a human tragedy of vast proportions – hundreds of defenceless civilians were massacred and thousands more wounded, and the region was burned, looted, and destroyed by the Turkish state and their jihadist allies. Hundreds of thousands were forcibly displaced from their homes, and the war and subsequent occupation and ongoing campaigns of terror by the Turkish state and its jihadist allies in the region have significantly altered the demography of Afrin. The…

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