The Fall of Afrin and the Wider Context in Syria

Market capitalism = military Keynesianism + primitive accumulation

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

By Plan C London

The fall of Afrin in Rojava in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria has been announced at the hands of Turkish forces and “Free” Syrian Army militias (some documented as allied to ISIS and Al Qaeda).


Although the Kurdish and Democratic forces of the YPG/YPJ have announced their intention to continue the struggle against the invaders through guerrilla warfare – and let this be the Turkish state’s Vietnam and Afghanistan – it does represent a real setback for all those fighting for the principles encompassed by the DFNS, those of democratic autonomy, women’s liberation, secularism, and pluralism.

In the maelstrom of factions and international powers involved in the Syrian conflict, and changing fluid alliances, how can this be put in context?

The fall of Afrin is a tragedy born of cynical international interests for whom the interests of the actual people of Syria are irrelevant, except…

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