Open message to Gabrielle Gifford, motorpoint arena

Subject: The Turkish state killed our mate.
Date: 2018-03-27 11:32

Dear Gabrielle Gifford, Dear motorpointarenacardiff sales,

This is to express our outrage that the motorpoint arena continues to host the annual DPRTE festival of death.

Only last week our Comrade Anna Campbell, a stout opponent of these arms fairs was murdered by the fascist Turkish state using munitions ironically procured through just such an event. There is nothing defensive in the way they are used by these unaccountable regimes.

DPRTE has no place in Wales/Cymru with its proud Working Class traditions, exploited as it was for centuries to provide coal and steel for the British imperial killing machine.

Ask yourselves as Working Class people why you are facilitating the indiscriminate slaughter of your fellow workers, alongside school children and hospital patients. You bring shame upon your city – what would Nye Bevan say?

Have a word with yourselves, will you?

I’ve attached a copy of Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid, for your information.

Cindy Callist

for Wessex Solidarity.

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